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Hello, experts!
There are two questions for consultation.
Does the admission officer of American high school Applied Middle School have the order of reviewing materials when facing hundreds of applications in China?
If so, what is the arrangement?
Is the submission time based on information?
In addition, after the interview, we and some schools enrollment officers mail contacts are very close, some schools basically do not return, I would like to ask whether the close contact is greater hope, basically do not reply to the letter is less hope?
Thank you Annual Address 7 answers 3 Different schools have different procedures for reviewing application documents.
Generally speaking, schools with clear deadlines for enrollment and admission issuance are basically not affected by the order of materials submitted sooner or later.
After examining all the students'application materials, the school considers them comprehensively and chooses the students that the admission officer thinks are suitable for their school.
In recent years, some schools have introduced third-party interviews.
If the results of third-party interviews fail to meet the school's score requirements and the hardware scores fail to reach the school's desired score line, the possibility of school auditing materials is very low.
As for the e-mail exchanges, because we can not see the specific content, can not reason and judge whether the school is interested in the child, whether the students have greater hope.
If it's Rolling, a school with a rolling application deadline, it's very likely that it will be accepted while auditing.
Miss Li 1. For applicants to complete the application before the deadline, as for the review order will not affect admission, different schools also have different practices, can not be generalized; 2. It has nothing to do with the admission.
This waiting period is very difficult for many families.
Accompaniing the children to do some meaningful activities can help them face the pressure in the right way on the one hand, and also can communicate with the school children's growth.
Good luck!
Teacher Ma First question:
The situation of schools is different from that of schools.
In some schools, all students apply to all admissions officers to see, and then open a committeemeeting to collectively discuss and decide, of course, the admissions officer who interviewed the child has the greatest say.
In some schools, a person or part of the person looks at the application, meets again to present the collective and make a decision.
As for the order of reviewing materials, it is entirely the personal preference of the admission officer, and no one knows.
However, as long as the student's application is in advance, it will be treated equally, you do not have to tangle.
Second question:
Close contacts or not answering letters do not mean that you can't or can't be admitteD.Some admissions officers are naturally kind and enthusiastiC.Anyone who writes an email will return very long.
Some enrollment officers are very busy.
If they receive more emails, they will not have time to return them.
Zhao Even if the audit data are in order, as long as your child can be seen by the school, the results are the same, so don't worry about it.
As for the interaction with the admission officer, there are many exchanges and personalization.
Generally, the admission officer's love for children can be judgeD.The problem is that admissions officers like it and can't guarantee it.
You can see my comments for peddie.
There are also admissions officers, cold-faced judges, and not close to the children, but to 310, or will issue offers.
So, don't lose your common sense because of the recruiters, anything can happen.
1 Most schools begin to evaluate all applications two weeks after the deadline, usually on March 10. A few schools will evaluate first come first, and the admission notice will not necessarily wait until March 10. Close ties are good, but they tell the whole story.
Some schools are very enthusiastic to all students, and some are very official to all students.
The key is to see your child's relative ranking in that application pool.
If you wait for March 10, don't give up.
There's still a chance.
We can strive for corrections through a reputable consultant with a good network.
We hope to be able to come to you at that time.
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