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Excuse me, if your passport is going to expire and you need a new passport, what about the original US signature?
Is the old passport invalid?
Mama Xiaobao 7 answers 4 When applying for a new passport, be careful not to cut out the valid visa page, and then use the new and old passports together.
Teacher Huang As long as the name remains unchanged, the new and old passports can be brought into the country together.
Zhao If the new and old passports are presented together, the U.S. visa page can be kept intact.
Zhang Together, as a passport, the visa on the old passport, together with the new passport, will remain valid.
Teacher Wang The original visa page is reserved and can be used with the old and new passports.
3 The old and new passports are just as good as the new passports.
2 If you sign in your old passport and you have a new one, you will need two passports from now on to the Customs.
No new US signatures are needed.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    The space Museum is located in the california children's children in Pasadena, established in 1979, to provide a development space for creativity and learning ability of the local community for children, so that children can better integrate into the society, learning things around.
    With the characteristics of the Museum for children 2 to 10 years old children to provide relevant education courses, interactive games and activities for children to better explore the surrounding environment, science, art etc.
    The Museum is divided into two parts: indoor and outdoor exhibition, indoor exhibition focused on children studying insects living environment, rock, minerals, fossils and plant species and characteristics, which about the fossil exhibition is the most attractive, so that children can understand the ancient creatures, as well as specialized mining fossil and ore site observation.
    The outdoor exhibition mainly a garden, in the garden planting a variety of native plants, children can learn the knowledge of these plants.
    The most exciting is that children can play a variety of games in the park, both climbing, can play in the water.
    Kidspace children's Museum
    Reason: california, the most famous children's Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    Pasadena city attractions: [Pasadena]

    Leaf Said is located in southern california, is the county seat of Leaf Said county, named for the Santa Ana river.
    The city is the largest city in riverside county and the Inland Empire, california, the fourth largest inland city, second only to Frey, Sacramento and Bakersfield 1, is the United States in recent years is one of the fast growing city.
    Leaf Said is a Mediterranean climate, appropriate temperature, is one of the livable city, because of the many tourist destination, california has become one of the most famous tourist city don't.
    california Museum of photography, Riverside National cemetery, california citrus History Park, entomology research Museum, Riverside National Automobile Museum, Riverside Art Museum, India Museum, Sherman Museum of Malaysia Airlines are compared with the known.
    Leaf Said held a variety of activities, have more than one festival, every year in February will be held in the "Dickens day", held aerobatic held in April March, Leaf Said International Film festival.
    Reason: california, the fourth largest inland city
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    Attractions: Riverside city [Riverside]

    california coast beauty needless to say, the nation's third long coastline on the brilliant sunshine collocation every day, it seems that no one can refuse to leave the coast of california.
    We take Losangeles as the center, via Newport Beach (Newport Beach), Laguna Beach (Laguna Beach), Long Beach (Long Beach) and Santiago, to fully appreciate the south coast of california and moving style.
    Newport Beach is located in the southern california Orange county, once popular teen drama "The O.
    c" ("Oc") the story took place in this yearspring seaside town.
    To the rare confused tourists between the beach in Newport, even the air here is very quiet.
    Night stay in Newport Hyatt resort hotel is located in a quiet bay deep night, the stars can hear the cicadas wind, elegant environment is very quiet.
    Newport beach can be discharged into the city with the largest number of American yacht top, said the yacht is the town's name card is not an exaggeration.
    In the morning sun, we came to Bapoja (Balboa) port, at a glance full of white sails and masts everywhere.
    Wealthy local residents usually have large or small yacht, we were invited to boarding, rafting along in the pan sparkling waves on the sea, along the coast is luxury celebrity star under the name of real estate, a waterfront garden building layout before the beautifully.
    According to reports, during christmas every year, which will be held at bay christmas color boat 1, this four day celebration has been extended for a hundred years of history, in person or organization shall be 1 of his own yacht cloth lights, dressed as magnificent, sliding into the world of fairy tales in the sea.
    compared to the beaches of Newport high-end rich, Laguna Beach with a strong artistic atmosphere and hippie spirit to attract more young tourists.
    The car drove into the town of Laguna, can be seen along the road of big and small art gallery, there are many coastal restaurants and coffee shops with the wind.
    Every summer, from around here full of art young, they are here to attend the intermittent Art Festival, is also keen to experience the fun of swimming surfing.
    But here the shallow Surf Resort enthusiasts.
    We have a pedestrian along the coast slowly after a moment, came to a small restaurant on the promontory, few people have the different tastes of the cocktail, facing the sea, with the new fried calamari not to the point to talk with.
    Near the beach, all kinds of people of East dossi clusters, some people languidly buried themselves in the hot sand in the sun, some people rushed to play in the water and the sky, from time to time over a few big gulls, their dynamic laughter broke the waves crashed to a fall.
    If Newport is more comfortable, Laguna dynamic, then Long Beach is the best of the two compromise.
    The port started in Long Beach is a comprehensive urban fashion, where is a naval base.
    Arrive when it is evening, stay in Hyatt Regency Long Beach, I was lying in a comfortable bed room to watch the sunset port, at the moment the beauty of silence.
    If you look carefully, will find a ship like Titanic cruise in the night flashing lights, as if in the call from afar visitors.
    About that, that is the Titanic's sister ship queen Marie.
    In the end it transported the last batch of immigrants from England, and did not return to the hometown, has been parked turned Museums and restaurants in this land port, for posterity on the paSt. If you love the sea creatures, should drive down, came to the city of california is located in the southernmost tip of Santiago, exciting ocean world (Sea World) in here waiting for you.
    Here is raising a variety of sea lions, seals and penguins, catch up with them in good mood, you still have the opportunity to touch and feed them.
    In addition, the lovely animal who will send you exciting high level performances, the most popular programs by the killer whale, starring Sam, Sam and the killer whale partners dynamic performance.
    If you are unable to part, but also through the advance booking, dining in the pool around the killer whale, I believe this experience will make you very unforgettable.
    Skiing is a popular outdoor recreation projects in the United states.
    In the northern United States, winter snow, ski everywhere.
    For the good snow, mountain, slope, temperature and the length than the degree of luxury is more important.
    Americans apparently have the family parent-child skiing as a leisure activity, often in the snow to see grandchild generations all out scene.
    The Spring Festival travel to the United States when skiing experience definitely will not bring you the same.
    Angel by "Too vast lake" (Lake Tahoe) Mark Twin said: "To obtain the air angels breathe, you must go to Tahoe".
    Too vast lake is surrounded by mountain peaks surrounded by clear blue lake, deep lake mountain is one of the world's largest and most clean.
    She is at an elevation of 6225 feet, 22 miles long and 12 miles wide and 72 miles of shoreline, surrounded by mountain peaks surrounded by clear blue lake, winter snowfall of up to 8 months, the road is often snow Ying chi, but the lake bottom of the deep, maximum depth of 1645 feet, the lake will not freeze.
    She is one of the two mountains between fault movement caused by the fall of the Great Lakes, there are many hills around the lake, so the winter is a great ski resort.
    Lake Tahoe is the "Great Lakes" in the Indian language means, in addition to the magnificent lake and the surrounding mountain skiing activities, here is the most famous is the most important economic source in winter.
    Too vast lake surrounding several 10 ski resorts, Hubei coast's most popular ski area is the North Star (Northstar), the North Star is the most suitable for the whole family skiing, there are a lot of delicacy restaurant.
    Kirk Wu (Kirkwood) is a ski area the biggest snowfall, but the equipment is relatively simple, usually more suitable for high order ski to challenge.
    Wife (Squaw Valley) is the valley area of second large ski resort, california is also considered the best skiing venue, it is located next to Tahoe city, is also the venue to host the 1960 Winter olympics.
    As for the Too vast lake south of the Heaven Hill (Heavenly Mount) ski resort, is the largest ski area in california and Nevada, on the border of the ski.
    Skiing in "Heavenly" In the "paradise" (Heavenly) overlooking the deep blue Too vast lake, here is one of the most distinctive snow sports resort on the earth, there will be the adventurers paradise".
    Heavenly has a diverse and perfect terrain of the mountains and like paradise Too vast lake landscape, is the best ski resort.

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