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Now the exchange rate is falling and tuition fees are rising every year.
May I ask teachers if they can pay tuition fees in advance for several years in private high schools in the United States?
Thank you!
Agam 7 answers Mr.
Zhao Losses can be reduced by other means.
If you want to pay in advance, the school should be willing to communicate.
Miss Li It's almost impossible to pay in advance.
And it's not cost-effective.
If you're worried, you can exchange some dollars in advance and hedge your finances.
Teacher Chen Change the dollar first, save it and pay it later, so there's interest.
Sun teacher Colleges can pay in advance.
Middle schools have not met but think it should be possible.
Ask the school.
But first of all, make sure that the children like the school and there is no problem of transferring.
Teacher Peng No prepayment, only exchange US dollars to cope with exchange rate changes 4 If you deposit your money in Hong Kong, you will solve the risk of exchange rate worries.
Schools should not dare to advance tuition fees in the future.
3 No, it must be paid one year.
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