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When a 14-year-old goes to an American winter camp, can the US Customs allow him to enter the country without accompanying a teenager?
Would it be better to have information about American homes and invitations from schools?
Thank you!
Smile to relieve grief 7 answers Teacher Liu Unaccompanied minor service can be added afterwards even if you bought a ticket earlier.
This unaccompanied service can be booked in advance or processed at the airport airline counter a few hours before boarding on that day.
I heard that because there is a quota limit for Unaccompanied on a flight, it is better to do it earlier.
If you are under 15 years old, you must go through the accompanying procedure smoothly along the way.
In addition, you must keep the invitation of the winter camp, including the letters of instructions from your parents, in reserve.
As long as the documents are well prepared, there is no problem for 14-year-old children to enter and leave customs.
The specific policy process of Unaccompanied minor service depends on the official network of the airline.
The local area of the United States must have the ID card of the receiver you filled in when you registered to take the child.
4 The child is young, so it is recommended that no one be accompanieD.Home information and invitation letters are available for entry.
Teacher Huang Should there be an admission letter?
Let the child bring the address, telephone and other information of the local adult guardian.
It's better to have an F1 visA.Procedure for an unaccompanied child.
Teacher Wang There is a school letter is the beSt.In addition, the name of the receiver is called to the chilD.Sometimes the customs will ask.
Teacher Zhou "Youth without escort" is only related to airline regulations and requirements, and has nothing to do with customs entry.
5 All can enter the country smoothly.
As long as the materials are complete, the students can answer the questions asked by the customs officers.
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