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Is the proportion of American university enrollment in public schools about the same?
In private schools, will there be more admissions than in public schools?
One million ninety-eight thousand one hundred and sixty-eight 7 answers Mr.
Jiang In theory, public universities should have a certain proportion of local students.
Teacher Peng In fact, the answer to this question is very simple.
From another point of view, if a child wants to go to a desired university, no matter what kind of school he wants to go to, there is only one guarantee:
ranking first in the school, which is the basis for a good university.
Another factor is activity and other factors.
Therefore, the proportion of what can only explain the size of the probability.
Zhao I think the most important thing for enrollment is that the student is excellent and suitable for the school.
There is no need to give priority to private or public students.
5 Private schools have a higher proportion of students enrolled in universities, but students in private schools are selected players before entering, which is less diverse than public schools, so it is not necessarily easier for children to enter private schools to go to good universities.
Or look at the individual children, the children are excellent, go to any middle school can do a good university, or even do not come to the United States can achieve success.
Families just have to choose a good school for their children.
Teacher Fang To be specific, it's too complicated to calculate this!
Let's look at the specific school.
Teacher Wang The proportion of public schools depends on the school districts, the admission criteria are the same, but some students in public schools have no plans to go to university, so it is not the admission ratio, but the application ratio.
2 It should be said that the average level of teaching resources in private schools as a whole is higher than that in public schools, and the admission to universities should generally be better.
Otherwise, why do Americans spend a lot of money on private schools instead of free public schools?
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    ABOUT minnesota local customs, tourist attractions
    Minneapolis sculpture garden
    Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota, is also the main artery of the Mississippi River birthplace.
    Minneapolis and St Paul city, across the river, connected by multi bridge, composed of beautiful scenery of the twin cities.
    Minneapolis Walker Art center (Walker Art center) is known as "the first American Museum", a collection of local artists in Europe and the United States many works of the 20 century.
    Across the street art center is the largest American Minneapolis sculpture garden.
    Minneapolis sculpture garden has more than 40 pieces of sculpture, the most eye.
    catching to the number of clay Ouden Berg and Jane Van Brugge (claes Oldenburg and coosje the van Bruggen) and the cherry the couple design "(Spoonbridge and cherry) sculpture fountain.
    The park covers an area of 11 acres, the landscape design master Barbara Solomon (Babara Solomon) evaluation of the Minneapolis sculpture garden is "the division between nature and art is invisible (the boundaries between nature and art is almost invisible)".
    Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
    Necessary to Reason: the largest sculpture garden
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    Minneapolis city attractions: [Minneapolis]

    The Minnesota Science Museum The capital of Minnesota science Museum is located in Minnesota, St Paul, was founded in 1907, is a focus on science and technology, natural history, natural science and mathematics Museum, exhibition, education and research as a whole, is Minnesota's most popular Museum.
    The Minnesota science Museum is the purpose of Open Science - excited policymakers, educators and individual participation and share of the world economy and scientific development.
    The Museum focuses on the scientific aspects of the exhibition, covering archaeology, ethnology, mammology, entomology, ornithology, vertebrate and invertebrate Palaeontology, rivers and streams of ecology, and species diversity, dizzying.
    The collection of 1 million 750 thousand pieces of the Museum, the exhibition is divided into 7 fixed items, namely, human and Dinosaur Fossils Exhibition, exhibition, exhibition, exhibition of the exhibition, the exhibition and the Mississippi River backyard science exhibition, can understand the human body structure, related discipline knowledge etc.
    Science Museum of Minnesota
    Reason: Minnesota's most popular Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    city Attractions: St Paul [Saint Paul]

    Grand Marais Ma Lei, Minnesota (Grand Marais, MN, Population: 1351) The 2015 champions Town -- Ma Lei.
    Haven't heard of it?
    In fact, it is not unknown, National Geographic is the 100 most worthy of exploration of the town.
    Ma Lei is located in the north shore of Lake Superior, is the "million lakes" Boundary Waters canoe Area of the door.
    The Boundary Waters canoe Area was uninhabited, travelers as a pure land on earth, the world's most beautiful one.
    canoes to adventure!
    The broad waters, lush forests, mysterious charm, only beautiful natural scenery is not big enough to let Ma Lei climb the cooleSt. comfortable B&B (Bed & breakfast, a type of hotel and Hostel, similar), vibrant art community activities, the annual fisherman picnic, are the town won the "hero".
    If you want to know more about this charming town, to the restaurant in my spare time!
    Angry Trout caf, crooked Spoon, Sven and Ole's pizza will not let people regret the choice.
    Here, enjoy a delicious sucking, from chic decoration to the guests a warm conversation, not into the town of positive spirit.
    Address: Minnesota county, cook The former residence of James Hill
    St Paul city, the capital of James Hill's former residence is located in the state of Minnesota, near St. Paul's cathedral, the American railroad magnate James Hill (James J.
    Hill) building, built in 1891, has been listed as a national historic landmark.
    James Hill house was a mansion at the time, both in the area and the decoration is very on the grade, still reduced presence.
    This building is ancient Rome style residential area of 3344 square meters, is Minnesota's largest residential building in 1916, before James Hill died, he has been living here, which is about James Hill, an ideal place to live.
    Solid, spacious and comfortable is the best definition of James Hill's former residence, has simple appearance and gorgeous interior, let each of all the visitors who have lamented the railway magnate decorative taste.
    Tourists can visit the building, inside the broad and gorgeous people sigh, music room, library, gallery, studio and other everything, the gallery has a collection of James Hill, his collection of paintings and sculpture.
    James J.
    Hill House
    Reason: Minnesota's largest residential building
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    city Attractions: St Paul [Saint Paul]

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