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How to choose a school?
What are the main indicators for school selection?
Looking at flowers in the fog.
Is it good for a school to have day-to-day study and boarding?
Fly fly the butterfly 7 answers Miss Li Whether the school is good or not has nothing to do with boarding, but also has nothing to do with the proportion of boarding.
1 Summarize the factors:
academic level, activity resources, students, hardware resources, environment, which have different factors, such as academic level, not only SAT average score ranking, so parents should first understand, in each category to find out their most concerned elements, ranking can be.
Almost all boarding schools have day-to-day students, but if the traditional day-to-day schools have dormitories for international students, we should pay attention to them, because the accommodation is almost all Chinese children, which is better than living at home.
Teacher Wu First look at the so-called boarding ranking selection factors?
That's straightforward.
Mainly is the teacher-student ratio, number, campus area, campus facilities, graduation trend, the number of AP and other high-level courses, campus resources and school special courses.
Others will list the number of donations, which is also a key factor!
Teacher Ma Courses and activities are more important, and there is a record of where college students go.
Walk-to-school boarding is not the most important factor, as long as good management and arrangements are determined, most boarding schools have the choice of day-to-school boarding, nothing bad, but the proportion is more important.
Teacher Chen Attention is paid to the accuracy of school data and the two ways to influence it are:
1. Cover up old data 2. Intercept part of the data to cover up.
It's normal for schools to have day-to-day study and boarding.
At least schools have boarding.
Children can avoid the risk of boarding families.
Then boarding proportion is high.
The more students and teachers get along, the more after-school programs.
Teacher Yang There are many factors to refer to whether a school is good or not.
The most important thing is to see whether the school is suitable for their children, such as geographical location, school-building time, teacher-student ratio, class size, international student ratio, courses offered, orientation of other students, etC.It also depends on which factors are in line with their own intentions, and then to measure the school as a whole.
Teacher Wang School selection is a process of matching and two-way selection among children, families and schools.
The key is whether the school is Match or not.
The school selection indicators can be divided into hard indicators and soft indicators.
Hard indicators include objective data such as school start-up time, size, geographical location, proportion of international students, number of Indian students, laboratory equipment, proportion of senior teachers, curriculum setting, general activities, sports, orientation of University entrance, tuition fees, etC.Soft indicators are the school's educational philosophy, mode of education and training objectives.
Under multiple indicators, we will be dazzleD.The core of school selection lies in whether we can clearly understand the children's character, thinking ability, ability to communicate with others, personal expertise and family training concept.
When looking back on the school selection indicators, we can choose the information points matching family needs.
Therefore, school selection is not just about indicators, the key is how to use and analyze indicators.
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