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Excuse me, did you finally get into a better boarding high school in the East through vericant interview or Skype interview last year?
My understanding is that there is almost no chance of admission without a direct interview from an American school, so you can't just go through Vericant or Skype.
Thank you!
Listen to Yu Xuan 7 answers Teacher Zhou It should be the result of SKYPE interview.
Last year, there was such an interview.
It should be rare.
So there is no absolute thing when applying for American high school.
Zhao In fact, the campus interview is two-way, in addition to the school to understand the children, but also the best way for children and parents to understand the school.
Campus interviews are usually two hours.
First, the admissions office arranges a student guide tour guide to guide children and parents to visit the campus for about 45 minutes.
Some tour guides are better than others.
Sometimes they need an hour to introduce more.
Then the interviewer interviews the children and their parents.
The children usually have about 30 minutes and the parents usually have about 10 minutes.
Parent interviews are also opportunities for parents to ask questions and learn more about the school.
Most importantly, the interview on campus is mainly to let the children feel whether the atmosphere and environment of the school are most suitable for him.
Because sometimes I don't know how to choose when there are too many schools, the feeling of children is the most important.
So if you have the conditions, it is suggested to arrange campus interview as far as possible.
Zhang From the past application situation, it is true that most of the good school admissions are direct campus interviews.
If on-campus interviews are more helpful for admission, the main reason is not that schools prefer that form of interviews, but that children are more natural and authentic in face-to-face conversations than in screen conversations, and that Interviewers'guidance to children is more effective.
So campus interview can create conditions for children to play better.
Jiang Hello, in theory, there should be some, maybe very few.
In recent years, it is very hot to apply for high school.
The cost of interviewing in the United States and the tuition fees in the future are very small.
Generally speaking, they go to the United States for interviews.
On the contrary, for various reasons, the applicants who have not strong desire to go to the United States for high school may not go to the United States for interviews.
5 Campus interview has two functions:
one is to let families and children experience the situation of the school first hand, to see whether it is their favorite school or not, so that they can decide which one to choose when they get the admission.
We also arrange the selected schools once again after the campus interview to determine the degree of adaptation.
The other is to communicate with the interviewer face to face, reflecting sincerity and helping to deepen the impression.
Through campus visits, more topics can be exchanged during interviews.
Conditions, of course, are to go to the campus for an interview as the best choice.
However, when applying, some schools do not really accept campus interviews.
They only look at vericant or Shype.
Therefore, there must be some who enter the school through these two interviews.
We applied for an excellent high school and got the admission by video interview.
At that time, because the school was not in the east, our trip was concentrated in the east, and the school arranged the video.
Instead, I think we should pay attention to:
1. Apart from the fact that the school really does not accept campus interviews (some because there are too many applicants and no interviews later, such as this year's situation in Mourburg), it is important to communicate with the school, whether it is DIY or consultants.
From our personal experience, we visited the campus after New Year's Day.
At that time, one school clearly stopped accepting campus visits from mainland students and the other one did not receive interviews on Saturdays.
However, through consultants'communication and careful explanation of the situation of children, we finally succeeded in making an appointment for an interview and getting an admission.
In the past two years, it has been heard that some children can't make an appointment for an interview on campus (among them, the consultant's question can't be said to be too small).
Therefore, it is suggested that the family should plan the interview time in advance and strive for an early interview.
2. Families blindly trust their friends and counselors'recommendation and fail to do their homework well, which leads to unsatisfactory school choices.
Therefore, no matter what counselors' abilities are, parents must do their homework well, so as to effectively communicate with counselors and find suitable schools.
For example, the problem of bottomless schools:
I have seen many parents show me the list of school selection, obviously divided into two categories, one is the family like, want to go, one is "bottom" and very irresponsible, just to ensure admission.
From this point of view, campus visits are even more important.
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    ABOUT indiana local customs, tourist attractions
    Major Industries in Indiana Indiana is dominated by manufacturing and agriculture. Its main products are steel, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, automobiles, chemical products, rubber and petroleum and coal products;

    its main agricultural products are corn and soybeans;
    and its limestone is used to build North Carolina Bimoore Manor. Biltmore Estate, Empire State Building in New York and Pentagon in Virginia.
    Important towns in Indiana
    The urban population of more than 1,000,000 people is as follows:
    Indianapolis, capital, in the central part of the state
    Population over 100,000 (urban population)
    Fort Wayne, in the Northeast
    South Bend, near the Michigan border, the seat of Notre Dame University
    Evansville, on the Ohio River in the Southwest
    Gary, a suburb of Chicago in the Northwest
    The art Museum in Fort Wayne Fort Wayne Museum of art is a contemporary art Museum located in downtown Fort Wayne, established in 1921, because of the rich and colorful art exhibitions and various international exhibitions and well-known artists, popular Pro gaze.
    Including more than 1400 pieces of American painting, sculptures, prints, drawings and photos fixed in Museum collections, mainly in nineteenth century 50 years works of art, these excellent works are written by the famous American artist, very interesting.
    Walk in the paradise of art, enjoying the creation by the well-known master of art, the artist's ability and cleverness and sigh of infinite imagination, it is because of them, to promote the development of culture and art, is left to future generations the precious wealth and heritage.
    Fort Wayne Museum of Art
    Reason: Indiana, one of the most popular art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: [Indiana, Indiana, State]
    [Fort Wayne]

    : Wayne city Attractions Fort Wayne children's Zoo Fort Wayne children's zoo opened in 1965, covers an area of 38 acres, although not large, but only more than 1500 animal homes, over the years has been rated as one of the best American ten big zoo, Indiana has become the most famous and most important, one of the most popular animal park.
    The zoo will be divided into four regions according to the living habits of the zoo, the trip to Africa, Australia, and Indonesia zoo Exploration center of tropical rainforest, a trip to Africa by African village, interactive cultural center, giraffe feeding centre etc, can see a zebra, wildebeest, Mongoose, vultures, hyenas, honey badgers, antelope, dog Otocyon megalotis, pelican, serval etc.
    The main exhibition area of Australia exploration in Australia, 20000 gallon aquarium life with sharks, jellyfish, coral and tropical fish, let the kids excited, in addition, can also see the kangaroo and koala Australia proprietary animal etc.
    The tropical rainforests of Indonesia Park in a variety of tropical rainforest animal features, such as orangutans, tigers, crocodiles, Komodo dragons, butterflies, and birds sing in addition, and a variety of fish.
    Fort Wayne children's Zoo
    Reason: Indiana's most important children's Zoo
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: [Indiana, Indiana, State]
    [Fort Wayne]

    : Wayne city Attractions Gleason Aviation Museum Gleason Aviation Museum near the Indiana Peru city, founded in 1981, named for NASA astronaut Virgil Gleason (Virgil I.
    "Gus" Grissom), is established to protect the Gleason Air Force Base plane.
    At present, the Museum has a collection of 32 aircraft, one of the 24 plane in the exhibition, 7 aircraft is in maintenance.
    The more than 20 plane outdoor reflects the Gleason air force base has a long history and rich cultural heritage and great influence of aviation, aviation industry in Indiana and its important historical position.
    The structure and working principle of tourists can climb to the cockpit 1903 aircraft in the Wright aircraft interior ornamental.
    If you want to view these huge aircraft from a height, you can to the five storey cold viewing tower watch the huge aircraft these age.
    Grissom Air Museum
    Reason: Indiana's most famous Aviation Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: [Indiana, Indiana, State]
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