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Are there any suggestions for children who are very worried about their learning and integration?
Blemish 7 answers Teacher Liu First of all, it is very important that the children's own English situation, if oral English is not good, it is difficult to integrate into campus life.
Secondly, we must actively participate in such school activities and club activities after entering the school.
Don't feel afraid if you are a new student or don't understand.
Teacher Zhou 1. Encourage children to be friends with American students.
Don't be afraid to speak English incorrectly.
Be thick-skinned.
2. Usual tests and assignments are particularly important.
Many subjects usually have a high percentage of achievements.
We should not only focus on mid-term and final examinations.
3. Be sure to take the initiative to look for extracurricular activities after school.
Don't go back to the dormitory.
4. Usually there are problems in the subject, contact the teacher actively, so that the teacher can know that you are working hard, and sometimes will open one side to you.
5 The problem of learning adaptation concerns several points:
1. Children should pass the language teSt.If the language is insufficient, they should choose schools with ESL courses.
2. Choosing schools should be adapted and not blindly pursuing high-ranking schools.
3. In terms of curriculum selection, in order to enable children to have more time to adapt to the study of liberal arts courses such as English and history, they can make more use of vacation time in science learning to maintain the advantages of Chinese children in science learning.
On Integration:
There are not too many skills.
1. Children's open mind and active participation in integration 2. It is a good way for children to be familiar with and integrate into sports teams, orchestras and theatres.
3. Unless special circumstances exist, it is not recommended to accompany the children to read, so that the children have more space to adapt to it, which is much better than parents'accompanying.
Sun teacher 1. Pay attention to and evaluate students'learning ability, understand their learning habits and learning methods, rather than think that children's learning ability is strong only by their learning scores.
In China, the way of teaching is the way of teaching.
The way of evaluation is closely related to the scores.
In the United States, the way of teaching is participatory, and the index of evaluation is pluralistiC.If a child gets high marks by memory and diligence, and is not very confident in his own views and opinions, he will be under great pressure when he begins to integrate.
Before going to Meigao to study, we can let children have more basic materials of thinking by reading various kinds of books, improve the breadth and depth of thinking through written and oral expression, as well as the meticulousness of thinking, and practice the ability of expression and temporary response in public.
2. Pay attention to children's ability of self-care, self-management of time, transposition thinking, communication and coordination with others.
Don't do everything in a big package.
Help your child decide and make decisions for him.
This will only make it more difficult for him to integrate into the beautiful worlD.It is suggested that parents and children read American education, social and cultural books together.
If they understand more, they will understanD.If they understand, they will respect and integrate into the world.
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