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Excuse me, can you find your own boarding family when you go to school?
Nai I 7 answers Mr.
Jiang Look at the school.
If the organization publicizes that the boarding families of this school can only pass through them, don't believe it, there are real and false.
Go directly to the school by letter or telephone.
If the school signs an exclusive agreement, it will tell you.
In other cases, you have the right to find it yourself, but the boarding family you find must be recognized by the school, because after all, you go to this school to study, the school is worried about, afraid of accidents.
4 Look at the schools you apply for, most of them are OK.
Some schools cooperate with institutions to arrange boarding families, while others arrange accommodation for international students themselves.
If you can't accompany the students, it's more convenient to arrange boarding families by a well-known institution or school.
After all, there are many things that children need to be helped to deal with in their local life.
Institutions and schools have more experience and resources.
1 You can do it yourself, but you have to ensure safety and quality.
Teacher Yang First of all, make sure that the boarding school you are looking for is your relative in the United States?
Or introduced by friends?
To ensure quality.
Normally, unless an exclusive agreement has been signed with the residential institution (that is, Chinese students must arrange their residence through the institution), it is possible for them to find their own homes.
But still, make sure the quality (sometimes relatives'homes are big pits).
Teacher Wang Finding a boarding family is one thing.
Problem solving is another matter.
Some schools have to deal with boarding families.
3 If the school does not specify that the school should find or designate a family, it should be able to find a boarding family by itself.
But if you look for it yourself, you may still feel a little uneasy unless you have a lot of field visits.
Teacher Wu As long as the school agrees, of course.
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