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Is TOEFL difficult for junior two students?
Does WMA require high scores?
How many points does it take for TOEFL and SSAT to be accepted?
YCF 7 answers Miss Li Nowadays, many parents begin to prepare for the TOEFL test when their children are still in elementary school, so it is not difficult for them to vary from person to person.
Generally speaking, it is easier for junior high school students to score and score TOEFL than senior high school students.
I have many junior high school children here after a period of training can achieve satisfactory results, more than 100 points are also quite a lot.
Now, if you want to apply for a school that is almost good, it will take at least 90 points for TOEFL.
2 For the present Shengao form, the second grade of junior high school must begin to prepare for TOEFL.
It's not difficult to go all the way up!
When I went to WMA school at the end of 14 years, the admission officer said that it required more than 85 points for TOEFL.
At the beginning of 15 years, another admission officer said about 90 points.
In other words, the hope of getting 90 points for TOEFL would be greater.
SSAT has no rigid requirements, but after all, you are not only applying for this school, so you still have to take the exam, of course, the higher the better.
Zhang TOEFL 90, SSAT1900 Mr.
Jiang Don't get TOEFL and SSAT scores, or schools with low requirements, and it's not worth going.
Good schools have to compete.
The competition between good schools in the United States is only fiercer than that in China.
Teacher Wang Do you want to apply for WMA in Grade 8 or Grade 9?
WMA has enrolled 12 of my students this year, nine of whom are enrolled this autumn.
Applying for Grade 8 is not the same as applying for Grade 9. 3 For those children who have been immersed in English since childhood, they can have TOEFL 110 or more on the first day of junior high school.
TOEFL is easy, but the key is whether you spend time on English.
If it's just in-class English, it's certainly difficult, because that English time is too little investeD.Your homework will be half an hour or an hour after class, and the basic first day of junior high school attaches importance to English, time is absolutely not enough.
Teacher Chen A good command of English is not difficult, it has nothing to do with grade one.
WMA doesn't talk about scores.
As for the required scores, one requirement for one year.
Now I am sure I can go to American boarding high school.
The basic requirements should be:
90 points or more; SSAT:
70% or more.
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    ABOUT mississippi local customs, tourist attractions
    Mississippi Food
    From catfish to comeback sauce sauce, steamed Mexican corn meal to traditional southern candy, from shrimp to slugburgers burger to sweet potatoes, Mississippi cooking traditions can make foods that satisfy every taste.
    Coca-Cola Museum In 1894, Joseph Biedenharn filled a bottle of Coke with a machine.
    Now you can learn about this history at the Biedenharn Coca Cola Museum, and you can also see many exhibitions of major events in the history of Coca-Cola's development.
    1107 Washington Street, Vicksburg, Mississippi
    Medja Evers'Former Residence
    On June 12, 1963, when Evers died, he was Jackson's first conference Secretary for the Association of Colored People.
    This hut is the scene of his assassination, and the community of many similar buildings around him touches people's desire for freedom and the promotion of civil movement.
    As a Museum and house on the historic block, the restored building reminds visitors of many fighters who died in Jackson and Mississippi, and also continues the tradition of telling about the state's history.
    2332 Margaret Walker Alexander Drive, Jackson, Mississippi Natchez Trace Parkway
    The Naches Trail Highway begins at Naches on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River and continues to the green hills around Nashville, Tennessee's capital.
    It is the best place for driving or cycling in the United States.
    She stretches 444 miles (about 715 kilometers) through lowlands covered with Pueraria vines, seasonally blooming wildflowers and cypress and pine forests.
    2680 Natchez Trace Pkwy, Tupelo, Mississippi About the Bruce Highway
    Highway 61, a famous two-lane highway, carried poor country musicians and tenants out of dusty Mississippi cotton fields in the 1930s and 1940s.
    The Bruce Highway took them north to Memphis and St.
    There, this kind of racial discrimination from the South, full of wild and emotional singing style makes the audience crazy.
    The highway starts in Memphis and then goes around Bill Street to the best Blues bar in the country.
    Then down Highway 61 and south to Clarksdale, Mississippi, where the legendary Blues Guitarist Robert Johnson traded with the Devil, stopped for a moment.
    The Delta Blue Museum here is a place where great blues musicians once lived.
    Address: 307 N Broad St, Leland, Mississippi

    The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
    The natural science Museum is located in the state of Mississippi central Jackson, founded in 1932, is the largest Museum in Mississippi, mainly introduces the development history and culture of Mississippi, plants and animals, plants and animals have the most comprehensive exhibition system.
    A research center of this Museum is not only rich and colorful, but also an education center, aimed to collect, research, education and show to introduce biological diversity and enhance the people of Mississippi, respect for nature, protect the natural consciousness.
    The Museum is divided into a total of two indoor and outdoor indoor exhibition exhibition, 1 million kinds of fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, invertebrates, animal, plant samples and fossils, which is most of the freshwater fish and animal software.
    The exhibition design and outdoor exhibition area for tourists to provide a learning living plants in the real environment of opportunity, but also a natural walk and photo opportunities.
    Outdoor pavilion is like a maze, visitors will lead to different areas of learning through the winding path to watch.
    The special exhibition of the Mississippi Museum of natural science is a spectacle, the exhibition area of 2500 square feet, and exhibit a variety of existence from the perspective of the one and only animal, eye.
    opening people.
    Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
    Reason: Mississippi's largest Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Mississippi: [Mississippi State]
    city Attractions: Jackson [Jackson]

    Mississippi Museum of Art The art Museum is located in the state of Mississippi central Jackson, established in 1979, the main collection of Mississippi artists' works of art, more focused on the visual arts, painting, painting, sculpture, photographs, handicrafts and other exhibits, is a sea of art, people can better understand the American Art and culture.
    The Art Museum has a collection of American landscape painter John Innis, 20 century artist Georgia Ou Jifu, American painter and graphic artist Reginald Marsh's paintings, the famous American sculptor Alexander calder and artist Marie cassatt's paintings, in addition, there are American Indian baskets and 170 Pieces of Southeast Asian Art works.
    In 2007, the construction of an artistic garden in the garden outside the Museum, covers an area of 1.2 acres, is a different experience of art, often held in this art exhibition, art exhibitions and concerts etc.
    Mississippi Museum of Art
    Reason: Mississippi's largest art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Mississippi: [Mississippi State]
    city Attractions: Jackson [Jackson]

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