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Hello, teachers and experts.
My child intends to apply for American high school next autumn.
His English foundation is not very gooD.Now he is preparing for TOEFL.
When should he take the TOEFL exam?
How far have you gone I 7 answers Teacher Huang Children are considering whether to apply for day school or boarding school.
They have different orientations and slightly different time plans.
In addition, it is suggested that children test SLEP or simulated questions from language training institutions to assess their language proficiency, and then determine the direction of their efforts, and choose the exam time according to their situation.
Generally speaking, it is still too late to submit relevant achievements and materials by mid-January.
Zhao If it's boarding high school, you'd better have an ideal TOEFL score when you apply in January.
If it is a walking high school, it is relatively flexible.
A good walking high school needs TOEFL.
According to the quota, some applications can be submitted in March and April, and the TOEFL scores should also be submitted at that time.
Teacher Fang Next autumn enrollment will be completed by the end of January next year (most boarding schools are January 31, a few are January 15).
At the same time, some schools are expected to have good results in the interview.
The following experts have given suggestions on the time of the examination.
But the application is a systematic project, besides standardized performance test, we also have to prepare application articles, school selection, appointment interviews, and so on, plus the children's English foundation is not very good, so the time is really too tight.
Families should consider whether they have to enroll next year.
If so, the suggestion is really to consider the goal of studying abroad, because it is not worth it to rush out and enter a better school, and if the children's language foundation is not good enough to attend classes.
Knowledgeable children are good at science because of their poor language foundation, which affects the choice of math and science courses.
Four-year high school academic planning has a great impact on future university applications, and the language is not good, and the integration of students will also have an impact.
Personal suggestions for reference.
Teacher Chen How bad is the English foundation?
My worry is that even if the scores are brushed out through examination and training, the English ability is not enough, in fact, going to the United States has a great impact.
If the child is still young, it is recommended to stay in China for another year and spend more time practicing English (especially listening and speaking).
After all, test scores are just test-taking abilities.
Real language skills are very important for high school performance in the United States.
5 If the English foundation is not very good, you can consider taking a small TOEFL exam.
If you are really not sure, you can consider applying for some schools with English tutoring.
They do not need TOEFL scores.
Teacher Liu Suggestions to you are 1. Ready to take the exam again, because TOEFL is a process of learning reinforcement.
Generally speaking, applying for boarding schools requires more than 80 points to be used, and good walking schools require more than 70 points.
So it's better to go after the training model test process, which will be more effective.
2. According to the current TOEFL registration time, it is mainly concentrated in November and December.
Therefore, in combination with the opinions of teachers in training institutions, we should sign up quickly.
3. Autumn applications are generally available in December, so you can get the results at the end of December or the beginning of January at the lateSt.The first time can be arranged at the end of October and the beginning of November.
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