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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What do F1 students usually ask when they enter the country?
If parents get student visas together, what questions will the customs ask?
Looking forward to the replies from experienced parents and teachers, thank you!
Waning 7 answers 3 Keep in mind the address of the school, the telephone number and the person in charge of enrollment.
This question is most frequently asked.
5 In fact, it is generally possible not to ask, and there are not many questions.
Generally, it is to ask what to do in the United States and which school to attenD.Just answer truthfully.
When they enter the country, they don't really know what your relationship is, so just answer directly and truthfully the information about the school you want to go to.
Zhao What does it mean for parents to get an F1 visa when they enter the country together?
Entry will not ask too many questions, for students, will generally ask, the purpose of coming to the United States, may look at I-20, very simple, entry will not stay at the customs clearance for a long time.
1 In addition to asking some basic questions, such as the name of the school you attended, the basic situation, grade, have you ever been to the United States before, the visa officer mainly inspects two questions:
1. Are you a qualified student?
This question can be explained by your English dialogue, school admission and language achievement.
Second, whether you have enough money can be explained by your parents'occupation, proof of income from work, and proof of deposit.
Sun teacher Students are usually asked:
(1) Which school to study in; (2) Sometimes they ask what schools they are attending.
(3) Have you ever been to the United States before?
How many times have you been to the United States?
Which countries have you been to?
(4) What do parents do?
(5) What university do you want to study in the United States?
(6) Are parents going to accompany them?
Wait Suggestions:
(1) Faithful answers are the most important.
(2) For their basic information, such as the above questions, the child should understand, when answering, be calm.
(3) If the child is not fluent enough in English and does not understand the question of face-to-face officer, he should not pretend to understanD.May I ask the interviewer to repeat that?
(4) When asked how to study in the United States, if I-20 has no requirement for ESL courses, children may say that I can't speak English now, but the school I went to has ESL courses (or IEP courses), I think through my efforts, I can keep up with the progress of school learning.
In short, not humble, not overbearing.
Don't remember the answer.
Like a recitation answer.
However, we should understand and prepare for specific information and basic information.
For example, the name of the school, the name of the school, the occupation of the parents, etc.
I hope it will help.
(2) Anyway, just answer truthfully.
2 What American visa officers really care about is:
Are you really a student?
(I believe many students will ignore these simplest questions.
) Why did you choose this school?
Now that you get an offer, you have to know something about your school major.
What are the future plans?
(Visa officers understand, times change, lifes change, but they want to hear you say, "I'm coming back to China, because.
"“ Can you afford the tuition fee?
Where is the source of tuition fee?
(Reasonable account of the source of your tuition fees, scholarships?
Parental support?
It's better not to recite the same "manuscript" (visa officers face countless applicants every day, so-called classic manuscript).
First, VO feels bored and you don't have your own plan.
Be well prepared, so as to keep constant and changeable Try to speak English in an interview.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
     Brevard Zoo There is a small group of people in the world, although not much, but there is a big dream, that is to build a world.class zoo.
    The zoo is not only a person to watch animal place, it is a ideal place to escape into the nature of the metropolis.
    Brevard zoo in Florida is located in Brevard county of Melbourne, is the world's largest zoo built by volunteers, a world class set up a 16000 through the efforts and popular park in 1994 park.
    The biggest characteristic is to don't have to go to the zoo, Australia, Africa and Seine River, you can enjoy the unique animal in these areas.
    The animal has ground hornbill from Africa, impala, klipspringer, tailed lemurs, lemur, Marabou, from Australia, the black swan, EMUs, cassowaries, siamang muntjac, short tailed parrot, Yuanyang, from Seine River, the pygmy marmoset spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, capybara, cathartes more, from Florida region, North America, sandhill cranes Yuanyang red ibis, white tailed deer, otters and other North america.
    Brevard zoo park opened in time for the 9:30 to 17:00, the latest admission time is 16:15, in addition to christmas and Thanksgiving, open year-round.
    Brevard Zoo
    Reason: the world's largest zoo built by volunteers
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
    Melbourne city attractions: [Melbourne]

    Mary Brogan Museum of Arts and Sciences is also known as the "Mary Brogan Museum", located in Florida, Tallahassee, was founded in 1998, aims to explore and research to stimulate public interest in visual arts, improve understanding, main display and interaction of science and art related exhibits.
    The Museum attaches great importance to the combination of art and science, because it is by the Tallahassee Museum of art and the Odyssey Science center merged, and a two-story main creative interactive art exhibits, top floor as a gallery for the exhibition held in different exhibition scope covers contemporary African American art, pop art, the space age, Florida: Florida art and ecology, as well as the root of the impressionist painter: Normandy exhibition.
    The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science The most important
    Reason: Florida Art Museum of Science
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
    Tallahassee city attractions: [Tallahassee]

    Manatee Springs State Park is located in the Florida State levy county is famous for its hot springs, manatee Park, named manatee springs, because every winter there will be a large number of Western India manatees to this winter.
    Manatee spa daily can shed one hundred million gallons of water, Everfount water into the Suwannee river.
    West India manatee is easier to see in autumn and winter, because not long life manatees in cold water, if it is too cold in winter, the manatee had to leave the residence and find a new habitat environment.
    The water springs at the manatee is maintained at 72 degrees, become the ideal place for the birth of the winter.
    The park in addition to striking the manatees, and other animal live here, the vultures with manatees, winter in the park.
    The park in addition to viewing the West India manatees, there are other kinds of entertainment, such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming, diving, ornamental wild animal, biking, camping, picnic, the park set up a long 8 kilometers of hiking trails, walk along the path, you will find a surprise.
    Note that, in the West India manatees season, part of the entertainment project is prohibited, so as not to disturb the winter.
    Manatee Springs State Park
    Reason: one of Florida's most important state park
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
    The Suwannee River National Wild Animal Protection Area The west coast, Suwannee River National wild animal protection area is located in Florida, founded in 1979, covers an area of 210 square kilometers, is established to protect the United States the largest untapped delta system, Suwannee River, offshore islands and tidal creek provide a good living environment for the animals and plants area.
    The protection of the region has a large area of the mountains, lakes, swamps, wetlands, streams and lush jungles, provides excellent conditions for the survival of plants and breeding, living with tens of thousands of animals and plants, variety, beyond count.
    There is a pine forest, trees and other plants, including bald eagles, animal manatee, Gopher Tortoise, indigo snake, wood stork, sturgeon, deer, Turkey, crocodile etc.
    The protected areas up to 250 kinds of birds, become a good place for summer birding.
    In the Suwannee River downstream of the national wild animal protection area can also carry out a series of entertainment projects, such as canoeing, fishing, birdwatching, photography, wild animal viewing, jungle adventure, fun and surprises.
    Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge
    Reason: one of the most important conservation area in Florida
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
       The United States of Hainan - Key West Island
    Key West is the southeastern United States, is also the southernmost island.
    At the southernmost tip of Florida.
    4,5 is called The Keys in the south of a series of islands is also the largeSt. Key West (Key West) have said to the United States of Florida Island, reef island group (Florida Keys) a 1700 island in.
    If I want to have a leisure life, KeyWest will be my first on the list of TOp3. here is that I love the sea, happy people and beautiful scenery.
    But, hey, it also belongs to the powerful United States.
    A string of islands connected by highway and bridge Key, each island has its own name, some of the islands is really small, so there is no residents and shops.
    All Keys are inherited from the resort of MIami, especially Key WeSt. Understanding in the island's friend told me that the whole world to the Miami sun, the Miami millionaires have come to KeyWeSt. Haha.
    The Key West had a narrow bridge, once there by train.
    But these are gone for ever, leaving a dilapidated plot, some places off the space in the middle of a big cut, most places are seabirds children occupied.
    The islands from the Florida Peninsula southeast corner near Miami, a road south, gradually curved westward to the bottom of the Key West, Key WeSt. to Dry Tortugas is uninhabited.
    These islands in the Florida Strait, the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico is divided into two things, and out of the Gulf of Florida.
    In the south of Key West from the angle nearest point, only 90 miles (145 kilometers).
    It is the distance from the Havana to be closer than Miami.
    The state of Florida to the end of the land, began to enter Florida Keys.
    From the beginning to go into the Keys Key West, to the more than 40 bridge.
    Which is a seven mile bridge.
    Each bridge will have two islands adjacent ably together.
    As a long string of these scattered pearl in the Pacific together.
    Beautiful coastline and subtropical scenery stretches in the breeze.
    Blue sea, the feeling is like a sail, and not in the car.
    Because all Key West seems to be just the path to the thin line in the water spread into.
    The road is not high.
    On both sides of the water almost always diffuse on the pavement like.
    In such a way is like sailing.
    Beautiful coastline and subtropical scenery stretches in the breeze.
    Blue sea, the feeling is like a sail, and not in the car.
    Because all Key West seems to be just the path to the thin line in the water spread into.
    The road is not high.
    On both sides of the water almost always diffuse on the pavement like.
    In such a way is like sailing.
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