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It is very important to apply for school interview training.
Is it really impossible to achieve good interview results without training, as the intermediary said?
Is intermediary training really amazing?
Wake up to know you 6 answers Teacher Huang Interview Principles:
Sincerity, Truthfulness, Activeness, Enthusiasm, Positive Energy, Smile, Be Yourself and Be the Best of Yourself!
4 Teachers who have experience and stories should talk with their children, talk about the shining things of their children, and help them find their unique self.
The content itself is still on the chilD.Admission officers want to see a straightforward applicant!
Help your child to write, interview is to chat with your child!
____________ 3 Interview is very important, interview training must be.
The interview is not only related to the content of the question and answer, but also more importantly, the interviewer can learn from the other aspects that the child can not understand in the application materials, such as the child's self-confidence and personality (cheerful, sunny, steady, introverted.
One-to-one communication ability, listening and speaking ability, self-cultivation, organizational ability to deal with problems, expressive ability, etC.Every year, I not only interview and train American junior high school students, but also train cane schools and other undergraduate applicants.
Before and after the training, the effect is very obvious.
The students'self-confidence increases greatly and they meet the interview calmly.
Nowadays, more and more American universities require international students to interview, such as NYU of New York University, and some international students are required to interview in 2016. If you can help your children, you are welcome to have a private chat.
4 Hello:
Interview is the most important part of the application, which determines your admission results.
Intermediaries mainly contact more applicants and have rich experience, which can give children some targeted guidance and training, but the real success of the interview mainly depends on the children's English level and personal comprehensive ability.
Teacher Fang The professionalism of interview training teachers in professional institutions for overseas students lies in helping students organize interview ideas more skillfully and efficiently and combing the materials of interview answers.
In addition to the improvement of spoken English, the more important thing is the guidance of ideas and the training of skills to help children expand their thinking.
More importantly, the teacher will tell the students what to pay attention to in the interview, such as appearance, interview etiquette guidance, research for the school, find the meeting point with the interviewer, so that students can face the interview more calmly and confidently.
Zhang Schools do not like the kind of hard-backed answer training preparation.
But there are some basic interview skills and precautions that can teach children.
It's like some families are often training their children as they grow up, aren't they?
"Speak politely to adults" and so on.
Interviews are not routine, so it's understandable that some parents ask experienced people to train them.
Our summer camp students are trained by ourselves before they go to the consulate to face-to-face.
Many times, you can see that at the end of the training and at the beginning, the child's mental outlook and self-confidence obviously jump greatly, because not every child can consciously prepare or know how to prepare.
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    ABOUT illinois local customs, tourist attractions
    Lincoln Park Zoo The zoo is located in Lincoln Lincoln Park in chicago, established in 1868, covers an area of 35 acres, as one of the oldest zoo in the United States is one of the last free zoo, by the children's attention.
    Lincoln is one of the five chicago zoo zoo, on the scale of chicago's largest zoo.
    The zoo has an oak tree, can be traced back to 1830, than the establishment of the city of chicago three years earlier, that has a long history.
    The life has more than 1250 mammals, reptiles and birds, of which more than 200 from South America, Africa, Asia and Australia, can see a large feline animal, polar bears, giraffe, crocodiles, monkeys, seals, ostrich, antelope, crane, california sea lion, which Jialapage, lizards, turtles, weasels, fruit bats and the most striking spider.
    Most visitors close to the animal farm area is an area of the park, visitors can feed and pet lambs, calves and other small animal, so children are welcome.
    Lincoln Park Zoo
    Reason: the United States one of the oldest zoo
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Illinois, [Illinois State]
    chicago city attractions: [chicago]

    shedd aquarium Shedd Aquarium is the chicago public aquarium, which opened in May 30, 1930, it is the world's first built in the inland areas and have marine aquarium.
    The aquarium is the retail tycoon John G (John g.
    Shedd) at a gift from chicago, but could not see the aquarium, but only see building plans.
    The aquarium has more than 130 aquarium keeping, including fish, marine mammals, birds, animal snakes, amphibians and reptiles, 1500 species, 32667 marine organisms, which is the Mississippi River big thunder fish.
    Museum of the penguins, turtles, jellyfish, sea anemones, hippocampus, such as the dragon is very unique, eye.
    In the Museum you can see beautiful fish, can also see the big old and ugly, old can not find the fish eyes!
    Shedd Aquarium has five fixed exhibition, with Amazon, the rise of sea water, wild world, caribbean reef reef, each area has its own style, attracted many tourists to visit.
    Shedd Aquarium
    Reason: the world's first built in the inland and have marine aquarium
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Illinois, [Illinois State]
    chicago city attractions: [chicago]

    Eat steak in Springfield
    During a visit to the United States in January, almost all the meals were Chinese and Japanese. When I arrived in St. Louis in the middle of the United States, my friend Li Jun, a local lawyer, asked me, "Have you had any American dinner?"
    I asked, "Is there a big meal in the United States?"
    He laughed: "There's American steak!"

    I admit that I had eaten it only once in Washington, but he was very disapproving: "How can Eastern steak compare with ours?"

    The next day was Saturday, so he decided to take me to Springfield, Illinois, to visit Lincoln's former residence and eat steak on the one hand.
    Springfield, as the state capital, is really frugal. There are neither tall buildings nor busy cars. It's 11:30 to find a more frugal Lincoln's former residence and get the tickets.
    Li Jun asked the staff of the former residence Museum about the local steakhouse. An old lady (who should be a local volunteer) who did not wear the uniform uniform of the national park staff warmly contacted us by telephone, drew a way out on the map, and specially exchanged 1.30 tickets for us, so that we could have enough time. Try steak.
    The store the old lady contacted us was in the centre of the city, but there were few people along the way.
    When we got to the entrance of the store, it was a beer house. Seeing us enter the door, the only waiter in the shop immediately greets us and invites us to sit down. Li Jun ordered the dish quickly and finally said, "We came here specially to eat the steak." Unexpectedly, the documented waiter stopped writing and said to us earnestly, "Sir, we are in a beer house. Although we also serve steak, we only serve 6 ounces for fast lunch. You're going to have your own special steak. You should go to another house.
    There's only 12 ounces of big steak. How do you get the deal out of the door?
    This is not only to push the business out of the boss, but also to push away his tips. This is beyond our comprehension. But looking at his earnest manner, he was not joking. The waiter drew a road map on the order menu and said that it would take only five minutes to walk. Of course, we are "more respectful than obedient".
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