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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to write a good self-introduction?
Can a document be used for different school applications?
Are there any standard formats and specific requirements?
Thank you.
Fang 6 answers Teacher Huang If you apply online through SSAT to do as required, you can send it to different schools.
However, the top schools will have their own personalized paperwork problems, and the treatment of different school papers is also different.
Others apply through Gateway Prep or the official website.
The titles of the papers will vary from school to school.
Although some of the titles are similar, they still need to be prepared separately.
Documents are very important in applications.
First of all, we should understand the school's ideas and characteristics.
Then, we should extract materials from our own experience, from the right entry point, to show the highlights you most want to let the school know.
Besides examples and ideas, there are also English expressions (words, wording, grammar, etc.
Further calls are welcome to inquire about the relevant documents of Xin'an.
Teacher Chen Hello!
A good self-introduction and document can highlight their strengths and highlights to the greatest extent.
1. Introduce yourself:
Be concise and clear, don't be too lengthy.
2. Documents:
First, select the appropriate materials (academic, expertise, awards, personality advantages, etc.
Secondly, go to the official website of the school which is preparing to apply and find out the points and strengths that the school attaches importance to.
Thirdly, combine the strengths of the school with its own advantages, which shows that the school matches itself very well and is very suitable for itself.
According to the different characteristics of each school, the focus of the papers should also be different; the main purpose is to let the school see your strengths and strengths.
Teacher Chen Can a document be used for applications from different schools?
There are two situations:
Firstly, it is an agency school, which only provides one document and distributes it to different schools.
Secondly, the schools that apply directly:
although the nuclear issue is quite similar, they still need to prepare separately according to their needs.
Zhang Successful documents can not only answer questions well, but also vividly reflect the characteristics of a student.
It is suggested that we should conscientiously complete the summary of our years of study, activities and life before drafting the document, so as to dig out the extraordinary entry point of the document in the ordinary.
In this process, parents can join in and explore their children's strengths, characteristics, and even shortcomings in a question-and-answer way.
As long as it can show its unique side well, and be sincere and touching, such an article will certainly be a good document.
Miss Li General instruments have fixed topics and requirements and are suitable for many schools.
Individual schools need independent documents on this basis.
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    ABOUT massachusetts local customs, tourist attractions
    Boston Tourism
           An ancient city into a vibrant atmosphere of young, that is the city of Boston.
    Boston tourism is a town of people obsessed with the scenery of the city, it is also a city life.
    Travel in Boston, you can feel every day from the air to the charming art.
    Or in the city when walking to witness the prosperity of Boston.
    These are the characteristics of Boston tourism in the area cannot do without.
    A look like the big duck tour bus can carry tourists from water to land in Boston, the beautiful sea.
    This is Boston tourism traffic tools can take us through the streets of the city, after the State capitol has been to the east to Newbury street, after the tour guides us to visit Beacon Hill, take the duck tour tour bus can be very convenient to play in Boston, so this is the Boston tourism.
    Boston library has been the "art of kingdom" reputation, this interior decoration exquisite murals, sculpture, are enough to make people forget.
    Here is a picture of Boston tourism.
    Stoere Wigan coast National Marine Protected Areas
    Stoere Wigan National Marine Sanctuary is located on the coast of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Bay, was established in 1992, area of 2190 square kilometers, because the whale is famous, but also other sea creatures home, designed to protect and improve the region's biodiversity and ecological integrity.
    A large industry's Wigan coast national marine sanctuaries is whale watching, the annual May to October, there are about 50 humpback whales will gather in this bull breed, about one million visitors to watch the migrating whales, the scene is very spectacular.
    This is a whale sanctuary resort, is a bird watching destination, rich in plankton and small fish attracted many seabirds 40 coming, the most common silver gull, great black backed gull, common tern, Roseate Tern, laughing gull, northern gannet, petrel, mutton bird, grey Phalarope, stercorariusparasitius etc.
    In addition, visitors can also deep diving submarine, to watch the magical underwater world, the need to pay attention to is not moving, destruction of marine biological resources.
    Stoere Wigan coast National Marine Protected Areas in the leisure fishing is also a popular entertainment, visitors can catch the Atlantic cod, giant perch, blue shark, tuna, mackerel, halibut, mackerel, Mako, flounder, haddock etc.
    Many kinds of fish, so that fishing is also more fun.
    Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
    Reason: the best whale marine protected areas
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Massachusetts: [Massachusetts State]
    Boston Park Boston park is an oasis in the city of Boston, located in the center of Boston, established in 1634, covers an area of 50 acres, is the oldest city in the United States is the most popular park, public park.
    Boston park is surrounded by Raymond street, Park Street, Beacon Street, charles street and Boylston street and beacon hill.
    This is a typical British Garden, is a rare oasis in the city, as a part of the emerald necklace, is the starting point at the southern end of the The Freedom Trail in Boston.
    Before the revolution, Boston Park was once a British army barracks.
    1817 years ago, there's a big oak tree has been used for execution by hanging.
    1660 years, the Quakers Mary Barrett DELL was hanged.
    The central cemetery is located at the side of Boston park on Boylston street, bury Samuel Sprague participated in the Boston tea party and the American War of independence, his son charles Sprague is one of the earliest American poet.
    At present, the Boston park is mainly used as a public park for public recreation in Boston, as the most important leisure venues, see musicians, performers, the wonderful performances in the park can.
    Boston common
    Necessary to Reason: the park is the oldest city in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Massachusetts: [Massachusetts State]
    Boston city attractions: [Boston]

    Boston children's Museum In Massachusetts, the parliament of Boston Street Bridge at the end of a bottle, a huge 40 meters high pier Museum, now is the symbol of Boston.
    This bottle from 1977 was donated to the Boston children's Museum, becoming an outdoor food stalls.
    Behind it is known as the best American children's Museum - Boston children's Museum, fourth floor exhibits can meet the needs of children of all ages, children from toddler to teenage children and older.
    Most of the exhibits are tangible, all exhibitions provide a learning experience to enjoy.
    The Boston children's Museum was established in 1913, is the oldest Museum, suitable for 6 months to 8 year old children.
    In this Museum, the children can go on a huge desk, the table laid five feet long and two feet long pencil clip;
    they can climb a three storey building, the house is a "Anatomy" to open view;
    they study for broadcast TV news;
    take off your shoes into a kitchen and bathroom, including authentic Japanese garden houses;
    they try to use artificial limbs, wheelchair and blind typewriter;
    them in the supermarket at the exit of receivable accounts and so on, the children's dreams can be realized here.
    Boston children 's Museum
    Necessary to Reason: America's best children's Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Massachusetts: [Massachusetts State]
    Boston city attractions: [Boston]

    The world's most able to meet the shopping tour of the Quincy Market
           In a lot of travel to the United States, from the earliest American free to later study, but also did not participate in the United States, from first to last shopping tour, of course you want to participate in the.
    Then in the autumn of this year chose to come to Quincy market shopping, for a successful conclusion of their trip to the United States to draw on.
    To prepare the relevant formalities in advance, with the team embarked on a journey to the United States shopping tour.
    The world's most able to meet the shopping tour of the Quincy Market Quincy market is a huge free market, there are shops here, also set up a stall, every place has its own choice of goods.
    I love sports, so went to the mall to buy a lot of sports equipment.
    Money is not much, much less than in the counter to buy a lot of money, this is really value ah!
    Quincy crazy shopping tour market
           If I say love where you have to say to Quincy market, that they are here to a shopping spree.
    Because at the time of their business to earn some money, so while still ticking, and quickly bring enough money to buy Quincy market some of their favorite goods already.
    So we booked tickets to Boston, a lock on the plane to Quincy market.
    Quincy crazy shopping tour market Buy a lot of things, but also for their own specially bought a watch, to tell the truth, if not in the market to buy back after Quincy, really regret, because really caught up here for sales activities, so also to Quincy crazy shopping tour market, they will be loaded to the.
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