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How many international students are there in the 10th grade of Meigao?
Zhang Shangming, Hershey, 6 answers Teacher Wu According to the size of the school, the number of international students in each school is different.
Grade 10 students are promoted to Grade 9 in our school.
According to the school's Grade Number Plan, they will be recruited if they are absent.
If you apply for Grade 10, you need to check with the school to see if there are any places.
Sun teacher A lot of them don't.
When you make an appointment for an interview, you tell them not to apply directly.
Moreover, the quota of CA downstairs does not reflect the situation of Chinese students'admission.
CA has not enrolled Chinese students in 10 years for three years.
The last 10-year students have graduated this year.
3 There is no fixed number.
Not only are different schools different, but also different years in the same school.
Last year, for example, St Anne's-Belfield School had no place in the tenth grade, while Concord Academy had seven in the tenth grade.
Before applying for the tenth grade, we must determine the number of places before applying.
Teacher Xia Each school will have different quotas in different situations.
There may be only two of them.
It's better to confirm with the school after school starts.
Teacher Huang Each school has a different quota, and its annual quota will also be affected by the last application season.
It is better to check the number of places with the desired school in advance.
Teacher Wang American boarding high school 10th grade quota will generally be affected by the last application season, the 9th grade enrolled more, the 10th grade of next year will not be or very few places, because American high school 9th-12th grade, 10th grade is quite insertion, so there is no absolute quota, you can check the quota with your favorite school before applying, in order to avoid futility.
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