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When applying for Grade 10 in Grade 9, are the domestic achievements recognized abroad?
Is GPA going to suffer?
Jessie 6 answers Teacher Wu Approval.
But when applying for college, good American universities will treat students differently according to their situation.
Teacher Chen Objectively speaking, the acceptance of achievement in domestic high schools is not particularly high, unless it is a relatively hot secondary school, foreign admissions officers know the difficulty of the curriculum.
Teacher Xia Hello, GPA in China is recognized abroad, but in recent years, many schools have found that Chinese students'transcripts are fake, and they will have some doubts about the domestic transcripts.
If we calculate GPA, we will not lose.
On the contrary, the GPA of domestic students is very high, but the credibility is not necessarily.
Sun teacher Hello, the admissions officers of foreign universities will refer to the domestic achievements, but it is not a very important factor in the application process.
Teacher Yang Accreditation is not very high, but grades are only a small part of the application, so it doesn't matter much.
Teacher Huang The application requires the transcripts of the past 2-3 years.
If you are studying in China, you must provide the transcripts of domestic schools.
However, some schools have more water on their transcripts, so their acceptance is not very high.
It's only 10% for American high school.
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