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Meigao students, how to pay tuition fees, how to lower procedures and more cost-effective, please answer in detail.
For example, using visa card or Bank of China's foreign exchange card, such as debit card, the handling fee is 2.8. Consult experienced parents or experts for guidance, as detailed as possible.
Thank you.
6 answers Miss Li Bank card remittance, online banking operations, handling fees are relatively cheap, about 250 yuan.
Please don't pay by credit carD.The handling fee is relatively high.
Teacher Yang Hello, you can pay through the internet.
The handling fee is about 200 RMB.
1 There are more bank wire transfers for tuition fees in US and higher education.
The general handling fee is 100-300 RMB.
Teacher Zhou General wire transfer is the most cost-effective.
There are also some online payment platforms, such as peertransfer, which have different payment methods, and the cost is not very high.
Teacher Huang With the exchange rate of EOS, 200 yuan is cappeD.2-3 days.
Zhang Hello, there is only a dividend for paying tuition fees!
Take Minsheng Bank as an example (June 23).
Take the Acceptance Letter and the contract signed with the school (with the tuition fees specified on it and the electronic version printed on it).
First go to the counter to purchase foreign exchange.
Note that the amount of foreign exchange purchase does not occupy your annual exchange quota!
And there is no telegraphic transfer fee at the counter, but American intermediaries charge less than $30 fee (each intermediary bank is not the same, so add this fee to the tuition fee to avoid the inadequacy of the school account; in fact, if it is not too bad, it can be made up in other fees after the start of school, and need to communicate with the school finance department).
The situation of other banks is not clear.
I hope it will help you!
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