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What are the requirements for graduation from high school in the United States?
How can I get the qualifications recommended for a four-year university?
Bead 6 answers Teacher Fang A high school diploma can be obtained by completing the required credits.
Some subjects require 3 to 4 credits.
Failure should be repaireD.High school 11 grade can apply for university, poor grades, but also can apply for a four-year university.
Teacher Ma If you have completed your credits, you can graduate if you are qualifieD.In the 11th grade, if you want to apply for university, you can be recommended.
2 High school graduation course requirements are slightly different from the high school course requirements of college admission for applicants, such as:
UC University of California system, mathematics requirements for three years, and some high school graduation only requires two years.
If there is a target university, high school elections need to be carefully considered.
Zhang Every school has slightly different graduation requirements.
But the educational system in the United States is very similar, and the graduation requirements of high school and university are very imaginative.
For example, to meet the requirements of humanity courses, English courses, and so on.
Overall, there are two requirements:
1. Credit to 2. GPA clearance Sun teacher The graduation requirements of each high school are different, and the academic requirements of some universities are different.
You can visit the website of the target university.
Teacher Xia Or study the graduation requirements (course selection requirements) of your high school, and then compare the admission requirements of those who want to apply for university.
Note that if you study in Meigao, it depends on the requirements of American students, not on the requirements of international students.
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