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How long does an American visa usually take?
For example, when is the latest time to start school at the end of August?
In addition, the child's illumination year will expire, is it necessary to return to China before the expiration of the passport?
Blemish 6 answers Teacher Peng We can go by the end of May.
We suggest not to put it off until August.
Next year, if it expires at the end of the year, it's OK.
If it's better to renew it in the first half of the year, the passport will not work for six months.
Teacher Wang At the latest one month in advance is more secure, afraid of administrative verification.
It's better to replace it at home, or we won't be able to board the plane when we return home next year.
It is valid for less than half a year and can only apply for a new passport in the United States.
5 Because the student visa is a five-year period, it is suggested to change the passport first, and then visa, if there is no need to go out during this period, you can start. complete as early as possible Teacher Zhou The time limit for applying for a U.S. visa is partly due to the date of the visa appointment after the materials are ready.
In the off-season, the visa application can be made within one week or two weeks, and in the peak season, the visa application can be made after one month.
Usually between May and August is the peak period for studying abroad and tourist visas.
School starts at the end of August, and it's best to make an appointment for an interview at the latest in July.
The passport can be renewed half a year in advance under normal circumstances.
If it expires after next summer vacation, you can renew it next summer vacation.
If it expires before next year's summer vacation, you'd better update it now, because the American high school-Alpine winter vacation is only two to three weeks, and it may be too late to change your passport.
If your child's school is not far from a consular or ambassador's office, you may also choose to change your passport in the United States.
4 There is no question of when to apply for a visa at the lateSt.Normally, how long does it take for a visa to be processed at the latest does not constitute a timetable for the visa to be processed at the lateSt.Maybe you will encounter unusual situations.
Be as early as possible 1 Visas can be processed as soon as one week, admission at the end of August, insurance at the latest, visas can be processed at the beginning of August, or now.
When your passport expires, you'd better renew it firSt.In the United States, it is inconvenient to change your passport at the Chinese Consulate.
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