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How can pupils apply for summer camp?
Thank you.
Nian Rui 6 answers Teacher Liu It depends on whether it's accommodation or the summer camp that you pick up every day.
Generally, the official website can apply directly.
Zhao If parents come to accompany them, they can choose some good private schools, enter the school website, usually have a web page summer program, and then choose their favorite project courses, step by step registration would be good.
Zhang Find the official website of the target school -- find the summer school page -- fill in the application form -- wait for confirmation mail -- pay.
Teacher Fang Primary school students'summer camps are basically crazy.
Many parents in China don't like to waste time.
Besides, most of them are going to school.
Parents have to make arrangements.
Boarding younger students have explo and several boarding junior middle schools.
Teacher Chen The registration of primary school students'summer camp is very simple.
Just fill out the form and pay according to the rules of summer camp.
It's better to have a local address for communication.
If you don't have an online registration form, call or send an email to the summer camp so they can send you the spreadsheet.
Children need a complete vaccine record and a doctor's health certificate.
It should be noted that the summer camp with good reputation needs to be registered as soon as possible.
Generally speaking, Americans will start to register after New Year's Day, and early registration will end in February.
Domestic children can come to summer camp with a tourist visa.
Miss Li Primary school students had better go to play and take part in some sports camps during summer vacation.
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    ABOUT massachusetts local customs, tourist attractions
    The Eastern cape cod, Massachusetts, is a depth of the Atlantic peninsula area up to 1033 square kilometers, because once rich in cOD and named cape cod.
    The beautiful environment, the endless sand, can not only feel the breath of the sea, can also enjoy the scenery along the road to travel on foot.
    cape cod is a good place for summer summer, in July of each year for the tourist season.
    Most of the peninsula by sand, a wrist shape, interspersed with patches of grass sand and flood after leaving the sea, white sand green grass, absolutely is a rare scenic cape cod is the earth ice age glaciers hit a sea gorge, from the land into the ocean, from west to East, go back to the northwest, forming a crescent shaped.
    Some people say that she is like a sickle in the harvest waves, some people say she is like an elephant nose to the sea water, some people say that the tiny ripples like a mother's arms cape bay.
    Every 4 months to 10 months, the cape cod turned to the world's best whale of the main fin and humpback whales, naughty them from time to time out of the sea to breathe the fresh air.
    came to the cape cod, nine in ten are lucky enough to see the huge monster.
    cape cod
    Reason: one of the world's best whale
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Massachusetts: [Massachusetts State]
    The library of Harvard University The Harvard University library system consists of about 90 library, more than 1500 million copies.
    It is the earliest American Library, is the world's largest private library.
    Take the calculation, it is a large library of fifth in the world, after the United States Library of congress, the British Library, the National Library of France and the United States of New York public library.
    Harvard University library is the oldest library in the United States, is the largest collection in the world, one of the largest university library.
    5 American presidents and over 30 Nobel prize winners have been studied here.
    In 1638, school commissioner John Harvard died, half his heritage and private collection donated to the school.
    The school is named to Harvard, Harvard's donation has become the main property at the time of the library and information.
    After years of development 300, Harvard University library has a collection of over 1000 million, with 90 branch.
    Not only the school each college has its own library, and there are all kinds of professional library.
    Most of the branch located on the campus of Harvard University, some in Washington, Italy and even Florence.
    The Yanjing library has a collection of precious books chinese;
    Lamont library is the world's first for undergraduate students of special library;
    Harvard University library is Wydler most books in the social sciences and Humanities Research library.
    There is a goal of the Harvard University library, is to enable the school to achieve "education of Mount Qomolangma", occupies the world first class position.
    The computer database at home and abroad 100 more than the established contact, warm and thoughtful to provide a variety of information for teachers and students.
    Harvard University Library
    Reason: the oldest library in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Massachusetts: [Massachusetts State]
    cambridge city attractions: [cambridge]

    Arnold Arboretum Arnold botanical garden is located in the Harvard University, founded in 1872, covers an area of 265 acres, is a specialized research for trees in the botanical garden, aimed at improving people's knowledge about the biology and evolution of woody plants.
    The design follows the Arnold arboretum tenet, both scientific research and public display, show the rich collection of shrubs and vines varieties, and create delicate and charming natural landscape.
    At present, there are 4000 kinds of garden, more than 15000 plants, mainly concentrated in the north and East Asian species, although most of the trees, but the trees are colorful, there are a variety of different colors, there are a lot of flowering trees, the botanical garden colorful dress.
    Many people love in the garden with strange trees for a photo, has also become a painter and art lovers painting site.
    The next Saturday 5 months each year as "Lilac Saturday", this is the botanical garden in a year only day for a picnic, around the visitors are converging gathered here to enjoy the delicious picnic Arnold botanical garden free open from sunrise to sunset, a 365 open day.
    Arnold Arboretum
    Reason: the best trees of Botanical Garden
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Massachusetts: [Massachusetts State]
    Boston city attractions: [Boston]

    The ancient Boston behind the young face
    銆銆銆 銆銆 In the American mind, Boston is a young and decadent sincere.
    The high-rise buildings in the city, to see a few about the United States alone often built.
    New and old in Boston was wonderful and harmonious integration.
    Boston port from Europe than any other city near the east coast, maritime trade gradually abundant, contributed to the growth of the city.
    In mid eighteenth century, has always been the largest city under the jurisdiction of the British North American and colonial focus There are relations between Boston and the development of many historical events, such as the 1770 the British people have shot frontier "Boston Massacre", 1773 showed anti British tea tax "".
    April 1775 fired the first shot of the American War of independence here.
    After independence, the further development of city economy and maritime trade.
    A city in 1822. 19 30 at the beginning of century, the railway opened, trade and cultural work has great development.
    At the end of nineteenth century, in the "Back Bay road" project, adjacent suburbs and towns have been included, the city control multiplied.
    1958 years, the implementation of large city boundaries for innovation.
    But the development of West hills by control, and a shortage of New York near the Hudson Mohawk Valley in the local - that channel, in the world the position is still relatively depressed.
    Harvard University Boston Tour
    銆銆銆 銆銆 Before a weekend sitting at home with nothing to do, received a call from a friend told me to take him to Boston to play, so I took a friend came to Harvard University, in general, at the time of the Harvard University tour to harvest a lot of joy, still faintly echoed in my head.
    Harvard University Boston Tour We first came to Boston, the The Freedom Trail along the walk to the subway station, subway here came to the Harvard University, on the way to see all the old buildings, the room revealed a classical atmosphere.
    Harvard University Boston Tour Harvard University in my eyes is more like a model in the university campus, this is not only a famous educational achievement in Harvard University school, and there are a lot of internal called building model in historical buildings.
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