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Would you like to know if the summer school of American high school only has language requirements for foreigners and no requirement for native students?
Sylvia 6 answers Teacher Ma It mainly depends on what project you study, and if it is academic, it depends on whether your level meets the requirements of the school.
If it's something else, you don't need language.
Specific Project View Teacher Wu There is no language requirement for native speakers, but there is also an application procedure.
Zhang If English is not good enough, for summer school projects taught in English, you can't learn anything when you go.
So like applying for American high school, English has to pass, but summer school has low requirements and little competition.
Of course, you can also choose projects that do not require English as the purpose of similar tourism to learn about the United States.
Teacher Peng Every school has specific application requirements.
If you look at them carefully, you will see.
Teacher Fang Each summer school has its own requirements, including the number of places, not "just sign up if you want to".
4 Locals also have to go through the application process.
But not many of them go to boarding summer school.
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