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If you apply for autumn school now, can you make up for your TOEFL scores?
The TOEFL scores will not come out until mid-April.
Fu Min Yu 6 answers Teacher Fang Of course, if the school is willing to wait.
It would be too late if the quota was not available.
Teacher Wu April results, can only wait for supplements, not not not, but hope is slim, to take chances.
Jiang It is impossible to apply regularly without TOEFL scores.
Normal schools have already closed their applications by February 1 at the latest.
The only chance is the supplement season after the results on March 10, when we get the results in April.
If we are lucky enough to have a place in school, we will have the chance, but the initiative is no longer in our hands.
Suggestions to prepare for more than one, first, after April, take chances to find a supplement opportunities.
Second, consider going to school.
There will still be more opportunities after April.
Thirdly, to strengthen children's English ability and start looking for the opportunity of enrollment in the spring of January next year in October.
Fourth, strengthen standardized training, strive to apply for 17-18 autumn admission to ideal schools.
Sun teacher It's more difficult.
Because there is no TOEFL score, it belongs to the lack of materials.
No trial.
Unless you communicate well during the interview, it is possible to exempt from submitting TOEFL scores.
April is too late 3 Different schools have different requirements.
Teacher Wang Better boarding schools are more difficult.
However, day-to-day schools generally apply more flexibly, communicate with schools, schools will respond according to the actual situation of registration.
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