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Is it a direct email link for teachers to write recommendation letters when applying for SAO?
What if the math teacher doesn't know Chinese?
Principal recommendation letters can be written by head teachers?
Yang Bei Jun 6 answers Teacher Liu If you don't know Chinese, please translate it.
Principal can ask the head teacher to write.
5 If the electronic version is sent directly to the teacher's mailbox, if the teacher does not understand the English suggestions, you can tell the teacher about this situation, and then print the electronic version so that the teacher can fill in and translate it into English teacher's signature, then let the teacher upload, or send the cardboard directly.
Principal can be a head teacher.
1 To submit a recommendation letter in English, you can send it by mail, but it must be in accordance with the requirements of the application school, such as sealed envelopes, signatures, etc. communicate well with the teacher beforehand.
Zhang I agree with the two teachers.
That is to say, all the materials you submit to the school should be made clear to them.
If the original is in Chinese, the translation must be provided.
Teacher Fang Recommendation letters should be in English.
Can be written by the head teacher Sun teacher 1. If SAO fills in the recommendation letter, it does send an email to the teacher.
The teacher operates step by step according to the English operation in the mail.
This can be done for teachers in international schools, but it is not realistic for most public schools, because many teachers do not use e-mail, and most of them do not know English (including English teachers).
2. If the teacher does not understand Chinese, don't fill in the teacher's mailbox in the application system.
Instead, download and print the template so that the teacher can fill in Chinese (template you need to translate to the teacher in advance), then find someone to translate the teacher's imperial approval into English, edit and print it, and finally find the teacher's signature (name and date must be signed).
Then it is delivered to the corresponding schools by FedEx, UPS, DHL, which is operated in China (every school that applies for it must send it).
Generally, express delivery can be delivered to the school within one week.
Online documents can be found when they arrive at the school, which means that the fee is a little expensive (more than 100 yuan per share, price in 2014).
3. Principal can be written by a head teacher.
It can also be written by the grade director.
Principals can also write, but for the same purpose, they are no different from head teachers.
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    ABOUT kansas local customs, tourist attractions
    Levin worth Levin worth is located in Levin of Kansas, worth county, Missouri to the west of the river, west of Kansas, north of 40 km, is the largest city and the county seat Levin worth.
    This is a sense of history while losing the quaint city, looking forward to your visit and discovery, exploration and experience.
    Levin Wirth has 25 public parks, park recreation and sports facilities, provide a good place for public recreation.
    Allen and Richard cultural center Museum has items related to African American pioneer and soldier, and photos of 1870 years to 1920 years.
    This city is a good place for shopping, a special shopping district, shopping district has many antique shops, boutiques, restaurants, pubs, provide a good place for shopping and enjoy the taste of delicacy.
    Said the city restaurant is all kinds of flavor, variety, including Thailand, Mexico, Italy and the United States is the experience of national flavor, delicacy and ideal place.
    Reason: Kansas's biggest city of Levin worth county
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Kansas: [Kansas State]
    Scenic city: Levin worth [Leavenworth]

    Kansas Underground Salt Museum Kansas Underground Salt Museum was established in 5 and 1 for 2007 years, is located in the world's largest salt, provides a view of 198 meters below the surface of the earth and rock salt structure give people the opportunity to.
    This is a very unique tourist attractions, here, you can visit the amazing salt formed 275 million years ago.
    The Museum is located in Kansas underground salt began operations in 1923 of the Hutchinson Salt company salt mine, the company formerly known as Kaili Salt company (carey Salt company).
    The United States and the other 14 salt, but they are not open to visitors, the Kansas Underground Salt Museum is the United States only open to visitors of the Underground Salt Museum, which is a mystery.
    Want to enter the Kansas Underground Salt Museum, visitors need to take on a per layer to accommodate 15 people double elevator, 70 seconds can arrive at the underground salt Museum.
    Although the weather in Kansas is unstable and unpredictable, but the temperature is constant underground mines unchanged, usually maintained at 68 degrees, the relative humidity was 45%.
    The underground salt cave particularly large, generally around 1400 square meters, and a height of 5.2 meters.
    Since the beginning of 1954, any visitors who enter here - and salt workers have to wear helmets and rescue breathing tube, to ensure adequate safety.
    It is well worth the risk, only here, you can see the natural masterpiece magic like sparkling crystal salt, hanging in every corner of the grotto.
    Kansas Underground Salt Museum
    Reason: the world's largest salt
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Kansas: [Kansas State]
    city Attractions: Hutchinson [Hutchinson]

    The central American agricultural state.
    called the sunflower state.
    An area of 213 thousand square kilometers.
    The population of 2 million 485 thousand and 600 (1990).
    The city accounted for 66.7% of the population.
    The capital of Topeka.
    In eighteenth century 17, after the Spanish and French occupation.
    In 1803 part of the United states.
    1861 years to become the 34 member of the federal state of the United states.
    Located in the central United States, large areas for the plain topography from west to East tilt, with an average altitude of 610 meters.
    A temperate continental climate, temperature changes.
    In January the average temperature of 3 ~ 1 degrees, the average temperature of 24~27 degrees in July.
    The annual precipitation is 1000 mm, the West was reduced to 400. Xia Yu, often with drought and sandstorm weather.
    Agriculture and manufacturing are the two pillars of the economy.
    The farm area accounted for 80% of the state, wheat, wheat yield was the highest in the nation, the United States granary called;
    sorghum ranks second;
    hay, beef accounted for fourth;
    pork accounts for eighth.
    Flour processing manufacturing industry occupies an important position in the industry, canned meat processing industry developed rapidly.
    Other manufacturing products include transportation equipment, non electrical machinery, mobile homes, trailers, tire etc.
    Victor is Kansas's largest city and manufacturing center, food processing, oil refining and small aircraft manufacturing known;
    second is the Northeast Kansas city, commercial city, livestock and meat processing distribution center.
    Transcontinental railway and highway through the state, the state of internal and external links and convenient.
    With University of Kansas, Kansas State University and several universities.
    The state of Kansas (Kansas) is a state in the central United States, center is located in the United States, the state from the Sioux Indian language, on behalf of the "south wind man" (People of the south wind) post number is KS.
    The state is the first African American to vote.
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