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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Recently, parents of Shengao students have received the I20 form of American high school University, and started to process the F1 visA.The following is a summary of the visa processing process and common questions, hoping to help you pass the visa application smoothly.
Formula 1 visa instructions The most common type of student visA.If you are attending a school recognized by the U.S. government (including an accredited American university or college, a private secondary school or an approved English learning program, etc.
), you should apply for an F1 visA.In addition, if you study more than 18 hours a week, you should also apply for an F1 visa (for example, some American summer schools, CTY summer schools).
F1 visa application After receiving the I20 form issued by American schools and confirming that the personal information and SEVIS number are correct, visa reservation can be started.
1. Online submission of non-immigrant visa electronic application form (DS-160).
Get the online DS160 form and click here:
gov/genniv/ The embassy/consulate appointed for the interview must be in accordance with the embassy/consulate selected at the beginning of the DS-160 form.
All questions are answered in English except for the full name in English (Pinyin) and Chinese (Chinese characters are marked as "native languages" in the form).
When filling out the DS-160 form, you need to upload a photo of the last six months.
The photo should meet the following requirements:
Head size (from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin) should account for 50% to 70% of the total photo height.
The height from the bottom of the photo to the horizontal line of the eye should account for 55% to 70% of the whole photo height (about 2/3).
Photos should be square, i.
equal in height and width.
The minimum size of the photo is 600x600 pixels (high x width).
Maximum size is 1200 x 1200 pixels (high x width).
The background should be neat white or grey.
Maintain sitting posture, make facial area full of light, ensure that there are no excessive shadows in the face and background.
There is a time limit for filling in the application form (some parents have 5 minutes to flip back), you can record the application number shown in the upper right corner of the page and log in again to continue the application.
When the DS-160 table is completed, a bar code confirmation page marked with letters and numbers is generateD.After printing the confirmation page marked with barcode, click the Back button on the browser and save the copy of DS-160 form in PDF format.
2. Pay visa application fee.
Visa application fees can be paid by CITIC Bank's counter, self-service teller machine and online banking.
These methods will be transferred to the online application system for payment.
So you have to register in advance on the application website and choose "Arrange interview time" to enter the payment process.
Detailed steps are as follows:
Step 1:
Log on to the online application system and create personal data.
ustraveldocs.com Step 2:
Click on the Schedule My Appointment option. complete the following steps in turn:
selecting immigrant/non-immigrant visas, embassies/consulates, classification of visa applications and visa categories.
Step 3:
After entering the payment interface, click Payment Options to choose one of the three options:
Online payment Cash Payment at CITIC Bank Counter ATM Payment Step 4:
Choose the payment method according to the need, pay the visa application fee and keep the receipt number.
Note that the amount of RMB corresponding to the visa application fee depends on the consular exchange rate issued by the US State Department.
No matter the result of the application, the visa application fee paid can not be refunded.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    Where Orlando, Universal Studios Ocean Park to buy tickets
    1. Universal Studio Universal Studios tickets can be purchased online.
    Like I was on the official website to buy two day single park tickets (that is, one day I can go to the Island of Adventure, another day to go to the Universal Studio Florida), $126 excluding tax.
    Select print at Home own tickets to print directly to the ticket, than at the door to buy cheap 20 dollars, also do not have to queue up for tickets.
    2. SeaWorld Buy a day ticket in the Ocean Park official website (82) than at the door to buy cheap $10, SouthWest airlines and SeaWorld have cooperation, direct Google "SouthWest SeaWorld Orlando" can be found in his home cooperative website, the address is http://www.southwest.com/html/travel-extras/promotions/seaworld.html You can buy a $79 one day ticket on top of $3 cheaper than in Ocean Park.
    Buy online tickets will be printed directly with their past ticket.
    To the door to see so many people lined up to buy tickets to say is really a waste of time.
    5 Miami restaurant delicacy have to move
    Mobile dining car, the concept of Food Truck originated from Texas, originally just to meet the needs of the people on their way.
    But in recent years, the employment rate is not stable and the needs of the development of the city, seemingly unremarkable dining culture in the United States is quietly breeding.
    In a sense the dining car is part of street culture, is a good way to quickly integrate into the new tourist destination, through these streets, taste the delicacy observation contacts crowd behavior or is the dining car decoration can understand a city development path.
    Miami dining culture started late, just opened in the subprime crisis swept the nation for second years, now has ramped up the popularity of a new name card this hot city.
    When later just to neighbor survey taste preferences, success has been deeply rooted in every corner of the city.
    The main scenic spots in Miami and cBD, even around the main road can easily find a bright dining group, they often lined up neatly parked, with a variety of posters, characters, lights or figures highlight their out of the ordinary.
    Here is the most famous tourist chinese recommended five dining car, if you try a unique food culture it happened to be passing by.
    Dim Ssam a Go-Go will be the traditional dining car with Asian flavor combination Pickled cabbage, chinese cabbage, egg roll ginger soft shell crab package is Dim Ssam a Go-Go a popular food Ms.
    cheezious Ms.
    cheezious everyone in childhood dream soul entangles the object - grilled cheese adult.
    Adding goat cheese and Italy Smoked Ham, tomato, arugula or Italy ricotta cheese and marmalade with chocolate silk, that tasted diners can not help but sigh, the original simple a grilled cheese that is so complicated.
    In addition the dining car also sell all kinds of sandwiches wrapped with strong cheeses.
    cheezious is the dining car with naughty acne comic, blue body often covered with some spots of mud.
    A charming young lady dressed in 50's dot bikinis at Miami highlight the "rich playground" temperament.
    Entity Restaurant Address: 7418 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33138 Telephone: 305.989.4019 Website: Http://mscheezious.com/ Dim Ssam a Go-Go Asian flavor delicacy storm is rising trend in Miami, a number of Asian or Asian fusion restaurant in Miami rise.
    Dim Ssam a Go-Go is more like a dining culture revolution, combine the traditional dining with the Asian flavor, eat a delicious chowhound who.
    The boss of Richard Hales Sakaya Kitchen is the original owner, not satisfied with the status of the dining culture he followed in the development of Miami in the 2010 year opened its own dining Dim Ssam a Go-Go, most of the time he appeared more back in the dining car instead of restaurant.
    Here the pickled cabbage cabbage, egg roll, ginger soft shell crab package are popular food, of course, always is their Korean dry roasted ribs, fresh gravy and fat, black pepper with just perfect.
    Restaurant Address: Miami on Buena entity Vista Ave 3401 N.
    Miami Avenue, #125, Miami, FL 33127 Telephone: 305.576.8096 Website: Http://www.sakayakitchen.com/#eat-together Latin Burger & Taco Writer Ingrid Hoffman in Miami cuisine known to every family dining Latin Burger & Taco, his black powder as the main colors, style and modern extreme wave patterns when driving it, like lightning duorenyanqiu.
    Latin Burger & Taco in the traditional Latin American style is known for improved flavor collocation.
    Latin Macho Hamburg is one of the most popular models, and different is their common hamburger, hamburger with Spanish chorizo sausage and cattle meat, meat and the West cold shoulder wrapped caramel onion, Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico pepper cheese.
    In addition to the Latin Burger & Taco section of columbia is worth a try.
    Entity address: coral Gables Florida restaurant, Miracle Mile 232, FL 33134 Website: Http://latinburger.com/ Jefe 's Original It is usually difficult to imagine 500 seafood tacos and fly out from the seaside dining scene, perhaps only to make the movie stunt.
    But in the season, "Jefe s Original a day to sell more than 500 copies of tacos, super popular is the consequence of long queues patiently arranged along the Miami Beach, the formation of landscape become an independent school.
    Fish with pickled full elastic beer, wrapped in a circle in the cream Polenta cake crisp.
    Sprinkle some cabbage, Gallo and sago, makes the wine more rich.
    Entity Restaurant Address: 12581 Biscayne Boulevard, FL Telephone: 305.989.5811 Website: Http://jefesoriginal.com/ Pincho Man Pincho Man in the past 10 years has always been the midnight workers and their favorite coffee club energy supply station, and the general dining car, his Business Hours for every night 10 points to four points in the morning.
    Pincho Man in Miami, the first batch of car itself, if the day did not eat dinner, as well as the night breeze a taste of Miami snack, steak and chicken skewers popular.
    Also worthy of recommendation is the Off The chain Hamburg, thick boneless beef juicy, collocation fries and unique barbecue sauce, lose weight or leave tomorrow?.
    Entity Restaurant Address: Palmetto & 58th St, Miami FL, 33143
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