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I just started to understand American high school.
My son is 14 years old and wants him to go to high school near CaliforniA.How should I start preparing?
Thank you!
tea 6 answers Sun teacher The following steps:
1. Learning TOEFL begins with vocabulary and reading, then with listening, speaking and writing.
2. Learn SSAT.
SSAT vocabulary is higher than TOEFL vocabulary 3. Understanding, Choosing and Visiting American High Schools 4. Preparing application materials, including documents, grades, etc.
5. Preparing for an interview and waiting for the school email notification At the same time, the development of extracurricular activities, it is best to have 1-2 flash points Teacher Chen If children are not prepared for language, they begin to learn it immediately, which is the basis.
Then find a consultant, communicate in detail, get professional advice and do your homework on your own, and don't neglect your child's school performance.
This is part of the application material.
5 There are many high schools near CaliforniA.If it's convenient, you can take your children to visit some comparable schools to make a decision.
But 14 years old is already nervous.
Teacher Wang It can be prepared from TOEFL, ssat, school performance, extracurricular activities, interviews and other aspects.
At that time, you can apply for summer courses in the target school, read English books, organize talents, sports, activities and so on.
It depends on the child's personal situation.
~ Mr.
Zhang Strengthen English learning, improve English ability, start to do TOEFL and SSAT test training, the first important thing to apply for American high school is English ability, others are added points.
In addition, it would be very helpful for parents to accompany their children to the United States last summer school or to make a field trip to various types of high schools in the United States if conditions permit.
Teacher Fang Give you some information:
1. American high schools generally start in autumn, and some high schools start in spring.
From the point of view of your current situation, it is suggested that you consider entering next autumn.
Better residential private high schools require students to prepare for TOEFL, SSAT standardized test scores, good extracurricular activities and junior high school scores.
2. Now 14-year-old students, should be junior three, can go to the United States to read grade 9 or 10, such as students'English ability is generally recommended from grade 9, after all, American high school is 9-124 years, different grades, school courses also have different subjects.
3. The most important thing for the students who are going to study Meigao is to learn English well.
From now on, children should learn English quickly.
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