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    ABOUT puerto-rico local customs, tourist attractions

    The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (English: the Commonwealth of Estado Libre De, Puerto Rico: Spanish asociado in the Caribbean in the Greater Antilles. Including the eastern Puerto Rico and the Buick Si, Cu Laib La island. North the Atlantic south to the Caribbean, East and the American, the British Virgin Islands across the water, Puerto Rico, west across the Mona passage with the Republic of Dominica our neighbors. The capital is Sheng Huan).
    Puerto Rico area of 13790 sq km, population 3674000. The Spanish and Portuguese descent make up 76.2%.

    Puerto Rico has the world's largest radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory [1].
    The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Institute
    Referred to as Puerto Rico
    Belongs to delta North America
    The capital San Juan
    The main city of Mayaguez, Ponce
    National Day in July 4th
    "The Puerto Rico National Anthem song"
    Pur country code
    The official language is Spanish, English
    The dollar
    The population of 4000000
    The population density of 438 people / sq km
    The main ethnic whites, blacks
    The main religious Catholic
    The land area of 9104 square kilometers
    International telephone area code + 1 + 1 - 787939
    International domain name abbreviation of.Pr
    A country of America

    Rico Puerto is located in the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic island, from the United States, Miami, Florida City, about 1600 km. Land area of 9104 square kilometers, about 180 kilometers east, about 65 kilometers north and south. The coastline is 501 kilometers. In addition to off the main island of Puerto Rico, and Mona island and monito Island, the island of Desecheo, Caja de Muertos Island, guanica Island, Punta guayanilla Island, Guayama island and the Playa de Ponce island and numerous coral reefs. Puerto Rico is a volcanic tropical volcanic island, has a variety of landforms, tropical rain forest, desert, caves and underground rivers. Puerto Rico is a modern, rapidly changing and very civilized resort, and she has managed to keep her charm and hospitality.
    In San Juan
    Capital, economic and cultural center of Puerto Rico. It is located in the northeastern coast of the island of Puerto Rico, San Juan, is the largest port on the island. Important maritime transport hub for the Atlantic and the caribbean. Capital area of 445 square kilometers. Petroleum refining, sugar, tobacco, metal processing, electronics, chemical, medicine, clothing and textile industry. Fine port, about half of the foreign trade through the port, the main output of sugar, tobacco, fruit, cocoa, coffee etc.. East International Airport is one of the most important international airport in the West indies. Many old buildings in San Jose, Church (1532), Morro Castle (1539), Lafuerta Leza Palace (1533), San Juan Cathedral (1540) is most famous. University of Puerto Rico, and other colleges and universities, more than a museum. Travel industry is very prosperous. The city is divided into new and old two. The old city area is small, is located in the entrance to the bay of San Juan Island, with the remains of the Spanish colonial period, streets are narrow and steep around Plaza de Armas trellised layout. The new city on the north shore of the island of Puerto Rico island. The soaring skyscrapers everywhere.

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