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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Green card immigrants can rent houses temporarily.
Can they attend public high schools in school districts?
If it is a popular public high school, will it be required to buy a house for more than two years?
If the high school is full, what should we do?
Jingyang 6 answers Mr.
Jiang Rental can be enrolled in public high schools, consulting schools need to provide what information can be.
In fact, there are many schools in the United States, mainly because you have to consider the areas where you work and live, and then find the right school districts within the boundaries.
There should be no purchasing for more than two years, and so many good high schools, the East is not bright, the West is bright, will not be full, right?
3 It should be different from place to place, but theoretically, if you are a green card holder, your local public school can be accessed.
Teacher Fang California is strange.
Some people have to draw lots and pay thousands of dollars in sponsorship fees.
Some schools are full.
Answer the above questions Renting a house can go to a public high school.
But you also have to have an identity, not a tourist visa.
The house time limit has never been heard of.
Individual high schools will be full, and the Education Bureau of the school district will be assigned to a nearby school with less than full members.
Although it is generally not too bad, parents must be upset.
Fortunately, this phenomenon is extremely rare.
But another thing to consider is that the new children have to take an English teSt.If the test scores are low, they will be arranged in ESL schools.
Many schools do not have esl, so this may also lead to the fact that school is not the corresponding school district.
4 Most school districts have no time limit.
As long as you are a local resident, you can learn.
Some of the hottest schools in New York's Manhattan Center or Boston may need entrance examinations, but this is a very small part of the country.
5 As long as the address on your tax form is the school district.
When you are full, you will be assigned to other schools.
1 Almost all public schools have no barriers, except for a few, such as Boston Latin, Boston's first public high school in Boston, which requires a year's residence.
The other 99.9% of the public do not have this requirement, and do not require to buy a house, just rent it.
There is no such thing as a full high school.
The School Committee in the town will deploy it, and they will solve the problem even if they are temporarily interrupteD.But it's impossible for parents to get a tourist visa.
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