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Hello, everyone.
If you choose the application system, do you choose SAO or Gateway to prep?
Many schools say there is no big difference on the website, but I still want to know which school is prefer.
For example, would schools prefer Gateway because their titles are independent?
Mao Mao 6 answers Teacher Huang Both systems have separate papers.
School officials can say that, but you have to observe the system for yourself.
You are better at answering the questions.
Zhao Some schools only have Gateway.
Miss Li As long as the school website does not write prefer, there will be no difference.
Otherwise, there is a risk of lawsuit, the school can not commit.
If you think you want to write more articles, and think that this can better reflect your level, of course you can choose gatewy, but for school selection, see your SAO enough.
There is no difference between a child and ten compositions.
3 Schools are not inclineD.Choose SAO, simple!
Teacher Ma If the school accepts two systems at the same time, it means that the school will not be more inclined to which system, the weight of the two systems is the same.
Although the title of Gateway seems a bit special, it can not be freely used because of the word number restriction, but the SAO system has a relatively wide limit on word number and can play its role freely in the document.
For example, Gateway's parent statement, which is about 1,000 characters in English, has very little room to write, but SAO has no such restrictions.
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