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What boarding schools in the United States can accommodate international students and native Americans?
tea 6 answers Teacher Wu Boarding school accommodation arrangements are generally for international students to live with American students, unless it is a school with a low boarding ratio and a large number of Chinese students.
Teacher Xia As long as the proportion of students is adequate, all schools encourage American and international students to live together.
Teacher Fang Since it is a boarding school, the main time is to live in professional dormitories on campus, American children live in it, and some teachers.
As for going to live in local families, it's time for a small holiday, especially Thanksgiving Day (because it's too hard for Chinese children to return home twice in less than a month after Christmas).
Schools in place will arrange for international students to stay in local families, because schools are usually closed at this time and you have to go outside.
Jiang Usually.
4 Private high schools in the United States are all staying together, not separated.
Zhao Generally speaking, since it is already a boarding school, living in school is a better choice besides going to school.
But if you want, any school can find its own boarding family and go to school on weekdays just like other American students.
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    The United States has a green card, how to keep effective?

    The permanent resident card (United States Permanent Resident card), also known as green card (green card), is used to prove an identity card for foreigners with permanent resident status in the United States of america.
    The "green card" is used to refer to the immigration process to become permanent residents.
    The United States lawful permanent residency green card holders are officially granted immigration benefits, including the conditions of residence in the United States and obtain permission to work.
    The holder must keep his permanent resident status, if certain conditions are no longer required to meet the identity, the holder will likely lose the identity.
       As the name suggests is to reside in the United States residents, rather than those who apparently live abroad, but only to the United States visit.
    The immigration officer is a permanent resident to judge whether they intend to live in the United States to maintain the permanent, whether the United States continued to intention, or actually is abandoning its permanent resident qualification.
         For less than half of the departure card, immigration is not that the parties break the period of residence, immigration review will not be too strict.
    Unless special circumstances show that the cardholder may have given up residence, or regularly departure, constitute a pattern caused by the immigration officer suspected.
         For more than six months of the departure card, will doubt whether the holder has moved up the right of abode.
    A large extent, the subjective judgment by the immigration officer to decide.
    consider whether or not to approve the immigration, the immigration officer will consider the following factors:      1.: family ties have family or relatives settled in the United states.
         2. work or business conditions: is there any development in the United States, there is no tax, or whether to apply for exemption from foreign income.
         3. in the United States economic and living conditions, whether real estate or long.
    term lease in the us House, bank deposits, credit cards, membership cards, car insurance, there is no tax certificate, etc.
         The purpose and motivation of the departure time of departure, length 4.: if the departure of more than half a year, if there is a card back to the United states.
    Is there any special reason for evidence that the long.
    term departure.
    For example, who have the disease, take care of the sick relatives, real estate etc.
    As mentioned above, exit six months card people, back to the United States license is required, but if no thousand million repeatedly contact the parties with the United States, alone back to the United States immigration card and the green card is not enough to maintain a green card.
    The immigration officer will according to the above several factors to determine whether a person has to abandon the us green card of identity.
         For some every six months on immigration to the United States to report a green card holder.
    Although the entry is not a big problem, but the six months of the first to enter the United States record, as it can keep the green card status, or by an immigration officer judge.
    Therefore, people should be fully prepared for the green card entry before leaving the United States, should put all that he did not attempt to give evidence of identity in a convenient place to carry in order to show the immigration officer.
         The evidence includes:      The tax information: tax is a very favorable evidence that people have the intention of keeping green card permanent residents, return on time can prove he is the obligation to the American society in the United States permanent resident status Working overseas permanent residents of the United States, also should fill in the 1040 and 1116 forms, should consult the accountant, prorated tax reporting.
    Provisions of the tax law, permanent residents of the United States if working overseas, the annual income of $seventy thousand can be exempt.
         The relatives and family members address, nature of work and work location etc.
    If you leave the United States on the grounds that was sent to overseas, the nature of the letter that the work time and work is necessary.
         The real estate ownership certificates, bank accounts, credit cards, driver's license to prove effective, car insurance, medical insurance and so on.
         The U. S.card (green card if people need to leave the United States for more than half a year).
         We have contact with the United States that the local community in various social groups and alliances, clubs and other certificates, all kinds of membership cards etc.
    Often return to the United States, even a short stay that.
    A green card to caution must be taken as much as possible, to prove that he did not give up the identity while keeping the green card.
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