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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
I am applying for immigration.
Now I want to visit the school.
Will the visa have any effect?
What about the visa when I go to school in the future?
Stroll 6 answers 5 It depends on when your immigration can be completed and whether it conflicts with the time of student visA.It would be better to ask for an invitation letter from the school if you sign a trip for an interview.
Teacher Fang The application for investment immigration will not affect student visas in the process of acceptance.
We have seen many cases and successfully obtained student visas.
Teacher Ma Hello, if an immigration application has been submitted, the current application for a non-immigrant visa will be affecteD.Because your non-immigrant visa (should be a B-type visa for tourist visits) has two aspects to prove that you do not have immigration tendencies.
If the visa officer thinks that your reasons are enough to overcome his suspicions about your migration tendencies during this trip, you can get the tourist visit visa.
Teacher Yang It won't matter.
Just tell the truth.
Many similar cases have been handled before!
Don't worry!
Miss Li Basically not, but when you fill out the form, when I ask you in an interview, you must answer honestly about immigration.
Before I-526, there was a period of time when it was more sensitive.
Generally, at that time, try not to enter or leave the United States.
Sun teacher It doesn't seem to have any effect.
It depends on whether your green card has come down in the future.
But it's better to consult a lawyer who can help you with immigration.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Yellowstone National Park -- beyond the human art geothermal landscape
    This year in August second on the territory of the United States, the choice of the car to the famous Yellowstone National Park, drive in the car, I think, is very convenient, the driving habits and the country, road signs are very clear, of course, there is a chinese navigation, will increase your driving pleasure.
    We are flying to Yellowstone National Park from Washington Jackson airport, then drove from the north gate.
    North gate, west gate, South Gate, the three gate we went.
    The ticket is very cost-effective, by car calculation, $25 per car, like 7 days to buy a ticket on the car, every time out of gate check.
    People say that the traffic is really very polite, inside the mountain is two lane, but never jam, even the roads were all open, according to the rules.
    But we should pay attention to the speed limit, the road inside many places will limit the 25\35 code, the road is good, it is easy to speeding, the US car was fined $130 for speeding.
    Oh, or introduce the focus of this paper, the Yellowstone National Park geothermal landscape.
    Yellowstone National Park hot springs in 3000, including 300 geysers, many spray height more than 100 feet, "the lion fountain" by 4 fountain, water column ejected out before the sound like roar, then the water into the air;
    "Sapphire fountain" color blue;
    the most famous "old faithful" because it has law of water named.
    It was found that twenty-first century of more than 100 years, every 33 - 93 minutes of an eruption, each eruption lasted four or five minutes, the water column more than 40 meters high, and never give up.
    The original landscape of Yellowstone National Park by water and fire its temper the people called "on the surface of the earth the most exciting and spectacular scenery, has been described as" beyond the limit of human art can achieve".
    Yellowstone National Park is the world's most famous geothermal landscape.
    It is true that you can't see the spectacle for the shock.
    The Great Lakes deep pools of thousands of pots roaring waves and water blue mountain, lively, like a flame burning furnace.
    Hundreds of geysers, boiling water jet, braving the billowing steam, like inverted waterfall, from hot and dark underground spewing out from time to time.
    The water column some geysers of great momentum, like a towering tree, the diameter from 1.5 meters to 18 meters, the height of 45 meters to 90 meters.
    Great power can make it at such a high altitude for several minutes and some sustainable for nearly an hour.
    Looking for cheap textbooks Australia university textbooks are very expensive and regularly revised, many textbooks have no way to buy second.
    hand books from the school.
    My approach is to go to the school bookstore, will be required to buy new books like all shot down, in general, the revision of the textbook will be reflected on the cover, the cover design is not the same, the version number will be different.
    Take the textbook.
    After that, go to the market to collect second.
    hand book those without revision of cheap second.
    hand textbooks, this will save a lot of textbooks.
    Rental My experience is rental: 1. don't try to avoid the landlord and live life inconvenient and small friction.
    2. suggestions for rental rental intermediary directly, and then live with roommates sharing rent utilities.
    Because Australia is not the intermediary agency fees charged.
    3. a roommate of the need to be cautious, do not do not know each other as people living habits and situations on the basis of first impression with the rent.
    4. should be roommates collocation of men and women, girls like boys will urge the health, can also avoid the check-out room because some unnecessary disputes.
    5. in addition to Australia on Friday Saturday, usually not allowed after 22 party or loud, otherwise it will cause nuisance, neighbors are likely to alarm.
    On weekends, PARTY must advance and neighbors greet.
    60 million don't put the roadside passing birds caught eating wild duck pheasant!
    Australia animal protection very seriously, and all citizens have a sense of responsibility.
    Because I have a friend caught a roadside bird to eat, eat the bird feathers in the garbage, neighbors report, direct repatriation, never entry.
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