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Hello, teacher.
The child goes to the United States to study in Grade 9. What preparations do you need to make in advance to apply for a scholarship there?
How can I apply for a scholarship?
Wang Yu of Oriental Securities 6 answers 2 Hello, it is difficult for American high schools to apply for scholarships.
We can consider applying for scholarships at university.
The amount of scholarships is relatively large.
If children have very special skills or excellent inventions, they may have individual scholarships at high school.
If you have to apply for a scholarship, you'd better ask the school what the requirements are and if there is any hope, apply again.
Teacher Yang The plan to apply for a scholarship is unrealistic and it is suggested to give up.
If there are economic problems, it is recommended that universities or graduate students study in the United States.
Teacher Huang In the current situation, good schools, especially boarding high schools, do not apply for scholarships unless you are particularly top-notch, which will reduce the chance of admission.
Zhang Like the universities here, the main purpose of the school is to increase its income by recruiting more international students.
So there are very few schools that offer scholarships to international students, and even if they do, the amount is negligible.
For Chinese students, the chances of getting scholarships are very small, because there are too many applicants, many of whom have special talents.
And grants are usually offered only by wealthy schools.
Students who can enter these schools must be highly competitive.
Teacher Chen Hello.
Scholarship is to encourage children to study in our school.
If the level of children reaches the level of a good school, they will be able to win scholarship.
But American high school scholarships are still hard to get.
If your child does have special skills, you should consolidate them before applying.
Teacher Liu It is very difficult for international students to apply for American high school Scholarship.
American school scholarships are mainly used to recruit sports arts students and specialty students.
If your child has talent in this area, try to cultivate his talent to the level that makes the school heartbeat.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Rare animal and plant resources of Yellowstone National Park
    Introduction Yellowstone National Park is the largest wild animal shelter and famous wild zoo, there are 300 kinds of wild animal (including 60 kinds of mammals, 18 species of fish and 225 species of birds).
    Grizzly bear, cougar, wolf, Jin Ying, elk, white tailed deer, elk, bison, antelope and other 2000 kinds of animal breeding here.
    Animal resources: Yellowstone National Park is the largest wild animal shelter and famous wild zoo, there are a variety of wild animal (including 300 60 18, a variety of mammals) fish and bird 225. Grizzly bear, cougar, wolf, Jin Ying, elk, white tailed deer, elk, bison, antelope and other 2000 kinds of animal breeding here.
    The park has records of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles have hundreds of species, including many endangered or threatened species, the Yellowstone National Park is the largest and most famous giant animal residence.
    Grizzlies, wolves, bison and elk habitat in the park.
    Yellowstone National Park bison herd is the oldest and largest American bison.
    As the nation's largest wild animal protection area, Yellowstone National Park is home to a large number of wild animal, most herds of bison see in Yellowstone National Park, often can see deer and antelope.
    You even have the opportunity to see the solid horn fight reindeer, little bear playing on the prairie, from time to time to see the eagle flew from the sky.
    black bear To bear as a symbol of Yellowstone National Park.
    The park is about 200 long 100 long black bear, grizzly bears, saw a big bear with two cubs can often stand in the way of the car on the roadside, visitors reached out begging, that funny, very funny love.
    Yellowstone National Park within the scope of the 21 century about nearly a thousand bear.
    Most of the brown bear (grizzly bear), is a small part of the black bear (blackbear).
    Distinguish between black and brown bear is not completely by the coat color of judgment, because nearly half of black hair color is brown.
    Although the Huangshi bears, but scattered in the vast mountains, is not easy to see.
    Unfortunately, the bear population decline, the government had to take measures to protect them strictly.
    buffalo The buffalo had spread throughout the continent.
    In 1541, when coronado the conqueror in America ashore and entered the North American prairie, bison had so many, and he believes that "it was not possible to count them".
    Even more than 100 years ago, pioneers from the East witnessed a spectacular buffalo movement, and recorded: "when the buffalo moves, like the earth covered with a piece of black carpet, three days and nights, endless.
    " At that time, the migration of bison, there are thousands of head.
    However, a field of human hunting, the bison is almost extinct.
    19 at the end of the century, the National Bison district and Yellowstone National Park and a few live in the United States only protect bison in Montana, a total of not more than 100 head.
    Yellowstone National Park is the only wild bison 21 century residence.
    Wolf The wolf is the buffalo predators, but most of the buffalo heavy and strong, or even a pack of wolves nor their uniforms.
    The wolf will wait patiently for the lonely, young or old, was behind the buffalo.
    They are from the rib attack bison, it overturned on the ground, and snapped his leg tendon.
    60 years ago, the Yellowstone National Park plateau and hilly areas, the habitat of many wolves.
    Humans in order to protect endangered bison, and the wolf's reputation was not good, so a large number of wolves were expelled or killed: it is said that between 1884 and 1918, only Montana shot and killed 80 thousand wolves, few surviving.
    Wolf of Yellowstone National Park during this period completely disappeared.
    Forest resources Yellowstone National Park is 85% of the total area is covered with foreSt. Most of the trees are twisted Ye Song, this is a tree with strong vitality.
    The plant grows in the Yellowstone National Park, the biggest disaster is forest fire.
    It is because of wildfires, many species have more sparse distribution Ye Song twisted growth is very close, like sugar cane.
    For example, the forest: every tree diameter of 1.2 ~ 2.4 meters, height 30 meters, the average age of 175 years.
    Due to lack of sunlight, the following branches just long dead drop.
    These trees are thick, their growth is a fight for more sunshine, sunshine of the race.
    So they went straight through the rooF- If we put the entire forest from below the top 3 meters cut off, you will find the forest into a dense wire rod.
    Only the sun to grow leaves.
    Lack of sunlight to make them more neither spreading about nor branching out-concise one punch.
    A tree grows in the sun 10 years old trees whose leaves and clustered together in the age of one hundred or two hundred years, as many trees.
    As the fire is more and more big, the mountain becomes increasingly dry, this wonderful twist Ye Song with its strong competitiveness occupy almost the entire western region of the United states.
    Gentian pine is another widely distributed species.
    This tree has a strong ability to adapt and grow fast, can grow in the soil under various climate conditions.
    In the most dangerous fires often occur on the hillside, they are in different poses and with different expressions, a wild profusion of vegetation.
    In the Rocky Mountains almost every summer, there are thousands of square kilometers of gentian pine by the fire engulfed, but wild fire, in spring, the rapid rise of new life in the ashes.
    America spruce and subalpine fir beautiful scene, remarkable.
    They have high tower shaped trunk, lush vibrant and radiant crown.
    The two trees are widely distributed in the western region of the United States, with every mountain climbing.
    However, the two trees have a common weakness, they are very afraid of fire.
    Because their bark is very thin, and every year once the seed mature were immediately spread out, so once the fire, either trees or their seeds have been mercilessly swallowed.
    For this reason, they were soon out of the wildfires area.
    After twenty-first century, we can only in the higher elevations of the mountains or moist places to see them, those places most likely to resist the invasion of fire.
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