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Excuse me, does the performance of the national senior high school entrance examination affect the application for University in the end?
Qian Qian 5 answers Sun teacher If it's a university going abroad, the GPA will explain the problem.
If it's a primary school, it's not necessarily.
Teacher Fang If you apply for the United States, it should have little impact.
The school requires high school transcripts, but generally the results of the examination are better than usual.
If you apply for Canada, you will need to use the CEE results.
Zhao Every year the situation is changing, so Chinese parents have to slowly accept the American-style selection method, which is not a lifelong teSt.There's pressure on a beautiful child to score on every teSt.It is the best way for children to do well every time, and to keep unchanged.
Teacher Wu American universities do not look at the results of the CET, but at the three years of high school.
Some Canadians depend on their college entrance examination results.
Teacher Wang Schools applying for the United States generally do not look at the results of the CET, but provide three-year high school grades.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    The United States capitol called the capitol, the congress of the United States is located in Washington on capitol Hill, located across the National Mall in Washington, West (National Mall).
    Geographically, the The United States capitol in Washington East, but is often regarded as the center of downtown washington.
    Washington building address is in the Houses of Parliament as a benchmark for the four corners of the world. Because the TV reports Washington decided the Houses of Parliament, and often with the White House "announced" the words, and the style of towering, lead to people who do not know for a long time, will think that the White House is the Houses of Parliament.
    Houses of Parliament was originally developed by Dr.
    William Salton design, the building with a circular hall on the dome and his wings as a marker.
    Each wing as a parliament seat, the north wing is the Senate, and the south is the house of representatives.
    It is a typical neoclassical architecture.
    Now the Houses of Parliament is actually the Fourth United States Houses of Parliament.
    During the period from 1783 to 1784, the United States congress meeting in Annapolis is located in the Maryland state assembly building.
    1789 to 1790, the use of New York's Federal Hall (Federal Hall) as the place for the meeting.
    1790 to 1800, the meeting place is Philadelphia independence memorial.
    Now the Houses of Parliament was built in September 18, 1793. George Washington laid the cornerstone for it, but the exact setting now has been unable to verify.
    The early built by Benjamin Henry Rathrop and charles Bulfinch, producer.
    When the government in 1800 the temporary headquarters from Philadelphia to Washington d.c, masonry structure for their Houses of Parliament is still not completed.
    The upper side of the house is completed in 1800, completed in 1811. In the war of 1812, the building was destroyed after repair.
    But with the increased number and the number of members of the United States, Houses of Parliament is a big expansion, and the construction of central giant dome.
    Houses of Parliament is a symbol of American democracy, since 1800 is a meeting of the congress.
    Members of congress gathered in this law, the president of the United States, and was sworn in this year's state of the union propaganda.
    Library of congress is one of the four official national library, is one of the world's important library.
    The collection of 30 million books, covering 470 languages, more than 5800 million manuscripts, is the largest collection of rare books, including "Gutenberg Bible", more than one million copies of the us government publications, one million copies across three centuries from all over the world newspaper, 33 thousand newspapers and 500 thousand magazines microfilm reel, 6000 comic books.
    It is the world's largest collections, save a lot of legal documents, movies, 4 million 800 thousand maps, 2 million 700 thousand music Library of congress was founded in 24, 1800 years 4 months.
    The first is when the United States congress service of academic libraries, bibliographic library first are provided for president Thomas Jefferson.
    Later, the Library of congress has been given a statutory role to protect the copyright of library.
    For all of us copyright authors must put two copies of their works on the Library of congress.
    Now is not compulsory, published in the United States or in accordance with the copy of the books used to be sent to Library of congress.
    Library has many important books and collectibles, such as "Gutenberg Bible".
    The Library of congress is logical evolution for the National Library of the United States today.
    The name of Teton National: Grand Park Location: northern Wyoming Area: 1256 square kilometers Open time: open year-round, christmas.
    Ticket price: $25 Famous attractions: Jenny lake, Grand Teton mountains The establishment of the time: 1929 The country: the United States The city: Wyoming Recommended play time: 1 days Grand Teton National Park is located in the northwest Wyoming mountains spectacular glaciers, founded in 1929, covers an area of 1256 square kilometers.
    The highest mountain in the park is the Grand Teton peak, elevation of 4198 meters, there still remain the glacier.
    The distribution in the ice lake to Jenny lake is the most famous The Snake River with a dam blocking the formation of Jackson lake is the largest local waters.
    Touch the sky mountain, covered with thousands of glaciers, mountains, peaks and peaks, like entering wonderland.
    The park has herds of bison, elk and antelope, and many other mammals.
    Geographical location: Grand Teton National Park (Grand Teton National Park), located in the northern Wyoming, south of Yellowstone National Park, alpine terrain.
    With the continuous snow capped mountain peaks along the famous Grand Teton Mountains stretches over 200 miles Long, accompanied by the Snake River (Snake River) through the national park.
    Touch the Sky Park towering snow capped mountains, vast grasslands, pure water and wild animal rich together constitute a beautiful picture.
    Remember the famous Paramount Pictures (Paramount) that the snow capped mountain encircled by a star?
    The background is the Grand Teton National Park mountains.
    The main attractions: Grand Teton National Park is a famous tourist attraction in the United states.
    Park in the mountains 3048 meters above sea level more than twenty seats, is a climber's paradise, also dedicated to climbing school.
    The mountains stand in the sea like this jagged Island, from afar, I saw a few with white clouds, approached, and pressing, Qianshan wind from Jackson pass up extraordinarily high towering tall and straight, takehide.
    The peak of Grand Teton peak 4198 meters above sea level.
    In full of small red green grassland, is a piece of the strongly fragrant Lin Qun, which stands the mountains changing peak from gray to blue, from blue to purple, sometimes almost white clouds and foil all blend into one harmonious whole.
    Park East has a series of glacier lakes, Lake Jackson, the largeSt. There are several roads throughout the north and south, along the way can enjoy ice clung to the canyon, reflecting the blue sky lakes, waterfalls pouring, the river flows scenery.
    Tourism information: Usually enter from the south to the visitor center (Visitor center) - craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor center (Mosse Visitor center).
    Address: Teton Park Road, Moose, WY 83012, Jackson (Jackson) is located 12 miles north of Mosse.
    The visitor center is open: May 1st - June 2nd: 8am - 5pm June 3rd - September 2nd: 8am - 7pm September 3rd - October 31st: 8am - 5pm November 1st - April 30th: 9am - 5pm November 28th, December 24th: 9am - 2pm;
    closed in December 25th Jackson township is located in Wyoming, 400 km from Salt Lake city.
    Town is a typical town in the western United States, which is famous for the cowboy culture.
    The United States Wyoming is an American cowboy town, area of 25 square kilometers, more than china Guangxi a little bigger, but because the area is more desert, the state's population is only 50 million, the average 2 per square kilometer, less than the population density of Tibet.
    In contrast, Jackson town is densely populated areas.
    In fact, a small town Main Street, on both sides of the street are shops and art galleries, sell all kinds of Arts and crafts.
    Although it looks unremarkable, but this price is the most expensive crafts all over the United states.
    Small town style from the external decoration to interior decoration everywhere embodies the American cowboy.
    A cowboy riding the image of the image of the best portrayal of Marlboro cigarettes here.
    Best Tour season
    Throughout the year for tourism.
    The summer season is the best scenery, skiing in winter, but the weather is very cold.
    characteristic aspect
    The American cowboy culture show Jackson town inlaid in the rocky mountain deep, is a very lovely, exquisite, the traditional western town.
    The experience of American cowboy life, the rural tourism resort;
    The first-class ski America's longest continuous vertical slopes;
    The largest American elk arch angle;
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