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What are the suggestions for choosing courses in various disciplines of American high school?
I love unless 4 answers Teacher Yang Mathematics and English entrance tests, according to the results of the test to give advice, grade 9 choice will not be too many, basically no degree of freedom.
After a year's adaptation to the 10th grade, children's strength and level will gradually be seen, and there will be room for choice.
As for AP courses, many schools require 11 grades to study.
So don't think so much, no matter how you choose, to get a good GPA is the premise, and then on this basis to deepen the difficulty.
Good luck!
Teacher Fang Hello, I think this link is mainly based on the recommendation of the school teachers, and then self-adjustment is better.
Teacher Wu Hello, parents had better not take part in this problem.
Aren't we studying in China and don't care about this kind of thing?
In American schools, too, children listen to their elders'opinions and exchange information and opinions with their peers.
Then they have their own draft.
The most important thing is teachers' opinions.
After the initial decision, parents will inform their parents that they have doubts and can confirm with their children and teachers, and finally decide on the curriculum.
So at the beginning, parents don't need to participate.
You can be a superior leader to examine and approve.
There are two points you must know.
1. No matter which one you want to choose or which one you want to choose, you can choose just a few.
Teachers will give their children a best plan according to their learning conditions and abilities.
2. The specific operation and methods of each school are different.
You can't change the reality even if you think it's unreasonable.
They can only obey the school's arrangement.
For example, if you choose three APs for your better children, you may not be able to choose four.
I'm talking about an example.
Where do our parents help their children?
Grasp the following points.
1. It's not very important to choose a course.
The key is to get an A.
2. We should consider choosing high-difficulty courses, which is conducive to applying for university.
At the same time, we should not neglect getting grade A.
3. If the future direction of University Majors is clear, for example, students majoring in medicine, bioengineering and chemical engineering should consider chemistry and biology, as well as AP and honor courses.
On the contrary, try not to choose such courses.
If you can avoid them, you can avoid them and make time for other more meaningful things.
Of course, compulsory courses are required.
4. Note that it is good for children to communicate and promote each other in school, so as to form a good competitive environment.
Never have a single muscle.
People read 7 AP, and I also want to read 7 AP.
We should also consider our own time and ability, especially for University majors.
People are going to study bioengineering.
You are going to study business, chemical AP and biological AP.
Have you read them yet?
Use ah.
You should take courses in economics.
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    Students looking for work in the United States what.
    Looking for work is a lot of students after graduation problems for the students, how to find a suitable job in America?
    The following Xiaobian take you to understand the characteristics of American job.
    What the United States does not have special restrictions on foreign students' employment, but more sensitive in aerospace, nuclear physics, weapons research laboratory, biochemical industry and sector, generally do not employ china students.
    Looking for work in the United States to see the development of the economy.
    During the recession, certainly hard to find.
    Under normal conditions, difficulty of finding a job in terms of area, professional, the level of education is different, which shows the characteristics of: First, the economically developed regions, the work is easy to find.
    Such as the east coast of the United States, New Jersey and other places in the Midwest;
    chicago area;
    the west coast region of california, such as Silicon Valley, Losangeles;
    and the South Florida area.
    The university tuition is highest in these areas have the highest wages.
    Secondly, popular professional haozhaogongzuo.
    Business, computer engineering, medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, and law are very good choice.
    Third, the influence of educational level on inverted growth.
    The undergraduate is relatively easy to find a job;
    followed by graduate students;
    the most difficult is dr.
    Because their starting salary is not the same, a company can't hire doctor, but paid his master's salary.
    Must wait for the work of Dr.
    vacancy, to hiring.
    Fourth, famous university graduates, undergraduate, master and doctoral degree, if the social needs of the professional work is not a problem, and wages will be very high.
    In the us $40 thousand starting salary averages General chinese students employment in the most common professional business, engineering (such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biological engineering, computer Science), Natural Science (Mathematics, biology, chemistry, etc) as well as part of education sociology, objectively speaking, if not the elite or professional famous university students, china you want to get the name of the company is high, very not easy.
    Want to find a good job, a relationship with the professional ability of students, the college level and character language;
    conversely, china students want to get a job in the United States, it is not difficult.
    According to the National Association of colleges and employers in the United States survey, in recent years the United States to find the best work of professional graduates is the accounting profession, students just graduated from the average starting salary of up to $45 thousand / year, other popular professional business management, are management, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.
    The survey also shows that for international students, the nursing professional help employment;
    the study of electronic engineering, mechanical and electrical, mathematics and other professional chinese students, also have a certain advantage in employment, average annual salary can reach 4.5 million dollars.
    In contrast, read the business or the humanities of international students, their employment competitiveness was weak, the general starting salary of 3.4 million dollars, more than the annual salary of the general does not refer to American graduate schools, because the ranking in the beauty of the graduates of the elite, its work after starting salary can reach 7.8 million dollars or more.
    More than 4 students choose the final home business Now, more and more students choose to return to employment or business, at least six% of the students have said, or return home after graduation, or work for a few years back again.
    In the current undergraduate students in the United States, they will choose the proportion of returned too.
    The reason, first, many of them have a good family or family business background;
    secondly, the most important point, is the rapid development of china and many American or international well-known enterprises to invest in china, let students have the background chinese degree and become a very sought after talent.
    2 models of part-time employment For each china students, want to get to work visa after graduation to find a satisfactory job, while studying in the United States to work off campus is very important, it will directly determine the success or failure of the former.
    chinese students in America during the period of school part-time usually has two modes: 1. for reading in the cPT (Internship), engaged in professional and related work.
    2. more students china is engaged in OPT in a year after graduating from university last year or in (Internship), it is important that if their outstanding performance, it is possible to obtain a work visa.
    3 step working in exchange for a work visa How can a student visa to a work visa?
    Most of the students are through OPT internship opportunities and successfully converted into legitimate work visas.
    In short, the student visa to work visa to apply first step: OPT internship work permit;
    internship in the company;
    the company or the employer for its application to a work visa.
    7.25 dollars / hour minimum wage
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