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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What changes will you bring to your life after immigrating to the United States?
High-quality and diversified education system In the United States, every child can go to college if he wants to.
The admission criteria of ordinary universities are so low that it is impossible to shut anyone out.
Only private universities and foreign students have higher tuition fees.
If you go to a state university, everyone can afford it, and there are various names of student loans, financial aiD.Many famous schools, such as Harvard and Yale, offer prizes and grants of up to tens of thousands of yuan a year to poor students with outstanding achievements and special skills in order to attract talents.
In the United States, there are only people who don't want to go to college, and there are no people who can't go to college.
Perfect Social Welfare The social welfare system in the United States is quite perfect.
Although it is not like the welfare of the whole people in some European countries, it has taken good care of all aspects of nationals and immigrants.
Those who are incapacitated to work and the poor, in any case, can also get government relief and basic life is guaranteed, which makes everyone feel stable.
3. Free access to at least 160 countries from visa burdens Many new mainland immigrants who emigrate to the United States only to have green cards to travel freely between the United States and China naturally want to apply for American citizenship several years later.
One of the important reasons is that American passports enjoy the highest global courtesy - mdash; & mdash; visa-free travel to more than 160 countries in the world.
A Good and Complete Guarantee System The United States has a good security system, everyone's safety, life and property are guaranteed - mdash; & mdash; automobile insurance, housing insurance, life insurance, fire, flood insurance, etc.
, many of which are insurance types that beneficiaries must insure, which can avoid personal bankruptcy, but also protect the interests of victims in accidents.
5. Knowledge Management in the Leading World From the earliest scientific management to today's knowledge management, the United States has become the world's largest accumulation of management concepts, management knowledge, management technology and the most widely used country.
The World's First Economic Power The United States is not only the largest industrialized country in the world, but also the largest agricultural developed country in the worlD.The national competitiveness of the United States ranks first in the world for many years.
Under the highly developed modern market economy and the perfect macro-control system of the national economy, its labor productivity, GDP and foreign trade rank first in the world.
Ideal and Superior Business Environment Entrepreneurship is a channel for many immigrants to realize the American Dream, and the United States is the most perfect country for all kinds of business activities, is the location of the global business center, and is also one of the most ideal places for small businesses to grow rapidly.
A Free World of Democracy and Equality In the United States, the Constitution establishes a democratic system.
The first ten amendments to the Constitution, commonly referred to as the Bill of Rights, guarantee that the most basic rights of every "individual" in the United States are not violateD.Americans believe that if a person's most basic rights can be guaranteed, he is free.
9. Harmonious and pluralistic ethnic integration The United States is the world's most racially diverse country, with 40 million immigrants in 2010, an increase of 28% over 2000.
Immigrants from all over the world live and work in harmony here.
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    ABOUT utah local customs, tourist attractions
    Introduction to University of Utah
    The University of Utah, founded in 1850, is a national university surrounded by the National Park of the United States. The University of Utah offers 75 University degrees, 90 graduate degrees and 38 education diplomas. About 26,000 students are enrolled in schools from 50 states in the United States and 109 countries around the world.
    The University of Utah is the first type of research university in the United States.
    Its business school, law school and public management disciplines enjoy high reputation in the United States. Sports management specialty has become one of the most popular specialties after the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games.
    The opening and closing ceremonies of the 2002 International Winter Olympics were held at the University of Utah Stadium. The Olympic Village is also located in the newly built student dormitory area of the University of Utah.
    Located on campus, the Science Park has 58 high-tech companies, most of which are founded and developed by professors and students at the University of Utah. Utah University, with its unique geographical location and experienced teaching and research team, provides first-class learning, research conditions and employment guarantee for students from all over the United States and even all over the world.
    University of Utah is located in Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah. Salt Lake City is located in the southeastern part of the Great Salt Lake.
    Its population is about 170,000. The University of Utah's main geographical environments are basins, mountain areas, Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plains, and the Great Salt Lake (the world's second largest salt lake, the first largest Dead Sea) situated in the western Utah basin and mountain areas.
    There are many Museums in Salt Lake City, such as Salt Lake City Art Center, Utah Art Museum, Natural History Museum, Mormon Church History and Art Museum, and so on. In addition, there are five national parks, two national recreational areas, 48 state parks and six national memorial buildings in Utah.

    Salt Lake city is an important city in the western mountains, the capital of the state of Utah.
    Located in the southeast of Saline Lake, near the Jordan River, 1295 meters above sea level, the population of 160 thousand (1990), more than half of the residents Mormon;
    large urban areas including Saline Lake county, the population accounts for the state's 2 / 3, material supply center to the early western pioneers and miners, which was built in 1847 and 1870 and the rise of the Mormon church.
    With the arrival of the railway in 1896 to become the capital.
    Since the Second World War, with the industry boom, the city has also been rapid development.
    The mountain west mining center, metal smelting and processing industry developed.
    In the East and west sides of the mountain is the most important copper, lead, cobalt and other metal ores;
    Southwest of the city of Bingham is one of the famous copper mine in the world, and Garfield's in the west of the ore smelting process;
    based on suburban irrigation agriculture, established a larger food industry, with sugar, canned food dairy products, meat processing, etc.
    The electronic industry is developing very fast, has become a major industrial sector;
    other mining machinery, oil refining, etc;
    when the mainland shipping line across the hub, there are areas around the number of Railways and roads to, and is an important air station, contact with all parts of the country said it, long as the main commercial center in the western mountainous areas.
    The city has several streams across the lateral, some raised terrace.
    In Temple square as the center, there are a series of religious buildings, such as the Mormon church (built in 1853.1893), temple, modern saints Museum and the new city's tallest building, the 28 layer of the Mormon church office building, shows the American Mormon center city features;
    downtown buildings outside the business district and the State capitol, Salt Palace, exhibition center, bank building;
    the west is the state of trade market, the annual State Fair held here;
    there are many factories near the East;
    University of Utah (founded in 1850) and the residential area, the city and Westminster School and 200th anniversary Art center and other cultural facilities.
    The wolf hill is located in Utah, South central, north central Arizona, known as the "mysterious stone wave", "wave rock", is composed of sand dunes 190 million years ago and the evolution of the Jurassic, sacred and spectacular, let a person as the acme of perfection.
    The wolf hill is composed of two parts, namely the north and South Hill wolf wolf hill, in less than 200 square meters of the mountain gap, red sandstone as waves and billows, just a wonderful combination of soft, is as the acme of perfection.
    The wolf hill has a long history, beautiful scenery of desert plants, making it one of the most mysterious, the most exotic area.
    Look, here is a natural park, a wave of blood red sandstone is regarded as one of the geological landscape of the world's most beautiful, welcomed by tourists.
    Along the lines of sandstone touch delicate wave traces, as if also can feel the carefully designed and carved millions of years ago sandstorm, the people were all impressed by the extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature.
    The wolf hill because the ecological environment is fragile, under strict protection, every day only issued 20 license to 10, a site for 10 online application.
    coyote Buttes
    Reason: the world's most beautiful geological landscape
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state: Utah and Arizona [Utah and Arizona States]

    Saline Lake (Great Salt Lake) is one of the world's largest saltwater lake, is the Western Hemisphere's largest inland saltwater lake, one of the inland lake is the world's largest salinity.
    Saline Lake is located in the northwest of Utah, surrounded by desert and arid mountain.
    Saline Lake is a backwater lake, lake water loss mainly depends on the natural evaporation of lake water mainly by rainwater and river water recharge area, changes in the larger, 1873 area of 6200 square kilometers, 1963 only 2460 square kilometers, the early 70 is about 4000 square kilometers, the area of 3525 square kilometers.
    Saline Lake near the habitat of pelicans, herons, cormorants and terns and other precious wild, wild animal protection area will be established for the protection of the wild animal, the Saline Lake will gradually become a tour for tourists and leisure resort.
    76 containing minerals and trace elements in lake water, and the content of these elements and the human body fluid is consistent, very beneficial to the body.
    Due to the large Saline Lake high salinity lake, almost no survival of the fish, but rich in a large number of Artemia, the amount of goods of the Artemia eggs accounted for about 80% of the world production of Artemia eggs.
    Great Salt Lake
    Necessary to Reason: the Western Hemisphere's largest inland saltwater lake
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Utah: [Utah State]
    Brice canyon National Park is located in the southwest Utah National Park, established in 1928 years, the area of 145 square kilometers.
    The name has a canyon word, but it is not actually a canyon, but along the Paunsaugunt plateau east of great natural amphitheatre formed by erosion.
    Its unique geographical structure called the rock column, composed of sedimentary rocks, rivers of water and wind erosion and the ice lake.
    Is in the red, orange and white rock formed a unique natural landscape, so it is known as natural stone figurines.
    Brice canyon is not by water erosion and the central, so it is not technically a canyon, for erosion will Pang chagant plateau in cenozoic strata dug.
    This erosion was prepared cylindrical rock many exquisite and sharp colorful, called rock column, up to sixty meters.
    In the rock pillar, containing various metal elements in rocks, add color to a strange rock tower.
    The largest rock column for the Brice amphitheatre, nineteen km long, five km wide, two hundred and forty meters deep, very spectacular.
    This is a suitable ride resort, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful landscape in the canyon and hoofs.
    Bryce canyon National Park
    Reason: the park's most spectacular rock column
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Utah: [Utah State]
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