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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
In recent years, there has been a global shortage of nurses, and the United States is no exception.
Nurses with high salaries, especially male nurses, are in great demanD.In order to solve this problem, the United States has relaxed its immigration policy for nurses, which is more advantageous than other professional immigrants.
Therefore, how to improve the English level is the biggest obstacle for Chinese nurses who intend to emigrate to the United States. compared with other professional immigrants, the advantage of nurses'immigration is that they do not need to apply for a labor permit or schedule.
As long as there are hospital employers willing to hire nurses, the immigration process is much faster than most professional immigrants, almost as fast as the emigration of outstanding foreign talents.
Of course, this does not mean that anyone who wants to emigrate can follow this path.
The most important condition is that they should be trained in nursing and have a professional certificate.
Second, we should have good English proficiency, pass the TOEFL or IELTS English exam, such as the TOEFL online exam at least 83 points, oral 26 points.
Before applying for immigration, foreign nurses should pass the examination of the Graduates Committee of American Foreign Nursing School, including educational background analysis, certification of nurses'licenses, assessment of English proficiency and professional examinations of nurses.
After these, they can apply for green cards for nurses.
In recent years, many nurses from big cities in China have emigrated to the United States, and the more they will be in the future.
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    ABOUT south-carolina local customs, tourist attractions
    South carolina introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 80432 square kilometers.
    In fifty states, ranked fortieth.
    Population: 2876000 In fifty states, ranked twenty-sixth.
    capital: columbia columbia
    The main city: charleston NOrthcharleston
    Greenwell Greenville
    State flower: Yellow Jasmine
    Shu: carolina Wren
    銆銆 The South carolina Department of its name to commemorate king charlie I and charles, and North carolina for a year is divided into two states, 銆銆 The 167 2001 began to colonize.
    In May 23, 1788 as the eighth state of the United States in thirteen states.
    1868 returned to federal.
    The state motto is "mind and resources;
    while I breathe, I have confidence in" PreparedinMindandResources;
    WhileIBreathe, IHope.
    Yellow Jasmine jessamine state flower.
    銆銆 columbia is the capital of columbia, located in the central part of the state.
    Population 120000. charleston charleston, a population of sixty thousand, is located in the coast of the Atlantic, the state's first port.
    Saifun the Georgia and the boundary of the river, rich in water, a dry to the north of Aiken, has built a large reservoir.
    The agriculture of South carolina, a change for the industrialization of South carolina.
    The coast of sandbank and multi Island, beautiful scenery.
    The beauty of Teersha bin MyrtleBeach most attract tourists.
    銆銆 The state institutions have forty-five.
    Which is the most famous University of South carolina, founded in 18, a year, is located in the state capital of columbia.
    The second is Karen sun University clemsonUniversity, Karen in the sun, founded in 1889 years.
    The former has more than 19000 students;
    the latter is about seven thousand.
    銆銆 The state has two: first, it first began operations in the north and South delta War (April 12, 1861).
    At the same time, is also the first to exit the 0 state (December 1860 20).
    Because it has the independence period and 0 period of both civil war, many historical sites, has now become a tourist destination.
    Secondly, it is a low latitude, the United States has a warm climate, can grow large fan-shaped leaves of the palm trees.
    Therefore, it is an alias called "the Palmetto State PalmettoState.
    銆銆 This industry is developed.
    The main industry is cotton industry.
    The second is the paper and tobacco industry.
    As the main mineral vermiculite Vermiculite.
    The yield for the state crown.
    Vermiculite is a very light clay mineral.
    After heating, the volume expansion, like a leech, can increase 6 times to 20 times, in the construction of sound insulation and heat resistant.
    South carolina (map) (South carolina Sc), a 7 in the southeaSt. North and northeast of North carolina, Southeast the Atlantic, a coastline of 4200 km, is very complicated, the southwest border of Saji Ayushu.
    The outline of a triangle.
    The area of 80432 square kilometers, column 40 in the 50 state.
    The population of 4321249 (2006).
    The capital city of columbia (columbia).
    According to historical records, in 1526 the first exploration of the South carolina Vasquez de Ayllon is a Spanish explorer.
    In 1629 and 1670, King charlie and charlie S has put the land in this region is given to several lords charter.
    1719 outbreak of armed struggle against immigration lords overturned the ruling Lords.
    This area became the king of the duchy.
    Later, the local immigrant elected delegates to the continental congress in 1775, the British governor.
    The Legislative council in 1776 by the interim constitution, announced in 1778 from the British Empire, joined the Union in 1788, became the original 13 states in eighth states.
    The American civil War, South carolina in December 20, 1860 from the federal government in 1868, and return to the federal.

    South Carolina State Capital: Columbia, Colombia
    Columbia is the capital and largest city of South Carolina. The estimated number of residents in the city in 2006 is 122,819.
    Colombia's metropolitan areas are growing rapidly, with a total population of more than 700,000.
    The name of the city comes from the elegant name of the Americas led by Christopher Columbus. It is said that the first person to use this name was the poet Phyllis Whitley.
    Located just 13 miles northwest of the geographic center of South Carolina, Colombia is the most important city in central South Carolina. Colombia was founded in 1786 as the new state capital of South Carolina.
    It was the earliest design and construction city in the United States. Many cultural facilities, parks and recreational facilities in the city make it often used as an example of high quality of life. Colombia is located at the confluence of two important rivers, so many kayakers and kayakers come here.
    Colombia is also known for many independent theatre troupes. In recent years, it has been selected as one of the 30 cities with the highest quality of life in the United States.
    According to the 2006 U.S. Census Bureau, the total population of Colombia's metropolitan areas is 703,771.
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