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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Visas for high-tech talents in the United States have increaseD.Recently, the Senate Immigration Reform Act of the United States Congress has introduced a series of preferential policies for "high-tech talents" immigrants.
In addition to significantly increasing the number of H1-B work visas, some new visa categories will also be introduced, which means it will be easier for students studying in the United States to stay in the United States.
According to the existing immigration law in the United States, there are several ways to obtain the U.S. Green Card, such as family immigration, investment immigration, professional immigration, talent immigration and so on.
For Chinese studying in the United States, professional and talent immigration is the main way.
If you want to stay in the United States, H1-B visa is one of the most convenient ways.
The visa is a kind of work visa applied for by American employers for foreign senior technicians.
It is valid for three years and can be extended for another six years after its expiration.
The new quota is 65,000 a year, and another 20,000 are reserved for professionals with master's degrees or above in the United States.
Both H1-B visas have been in short supply over the past two years.
However, the United States Immigration Act stipulates that the number of green cards granted to applicants in a country cannot exceed 7% of the total number of green cards issued annually.
This means that applicants from populous countries like China and India get the same number of green cards every year as applicants from hundreds of thousands of European countries.
That is to say, many Chinese have to "queue up for many years" even if they apply for green card approval through normal channels.
According to the latest data released by the U.S. State Department on February 11, 2013, applications for skilled immigrants born in mainland China have just been processed until February 2008, while applications for Indian immigrants have only been processed until 2004. Immigration experts say that because the U.S. government does not want to increase the number of immigrants each year, this new type of visa will squeeze out some other categories of immigrants.
In terms of work visas, 65,000 H1-B visas will be increased to 110,000 and 20,000 exemptions will be increased to 25,000.
According to the plan, the increased work visas will be issued to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) graduates from American schools.
There are no quota restrictions on immigration applications for special talents, distinguished professors and researchers, senior executives and managers of multinational corporations, doctorates and certain doctors in any field, and their spouses and children.
This means that the number of immigrants with advanced degrees and master's degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at American universities will increase.
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    ABOUT virginia local customs, tourist attractions
    Virginia introduction
    Summary Virginia (Virginia) is a state in the eastern United States along the coast of the Atlantic One of the original 13 states.
    The Atlantic to the East and south of chesapeake Bay, North carolina and Tennessee, west of Kentucky, north of West Virginia and Maryland, across the Potomac River and across washington.
    From the shape, Virginia, like a triangle, the east side of the Atlantic ocean, esaSt. The west is a steep gully mountain and the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains, there is a fertile valley, Rodgers mountain 1746 meters above sea level, the highest point in the state.
    central to the Piedmont plateau, west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, east of the fall line.
    The fall line east of the coastal plain, many rapids.
    The Potomac, Rappahannock River, York River and the James River four tidal river into chesapeake bay to the East, will be divided into the northern plains nieke Peninsula, Meader and Virginia three Peninsula peninsula.
    Across the sea to the south of Delaware Peninsula belongs to the state.
    It is the sea road connected with the city of Norfolk between.
    This passage consists of four man-made island, two Long bridge and two tunnel connection, also called tunnel bridge, a total length of 28 km.
    A magnificent project, such as distant changhong lying wave, extended to the end of the Haitian, very spectacular.
    The history of the founding of the United States, including Virginia, now the state of Kentucky and West Virginia.
    The state of Kentucky in 1792 to become independent states.
    The state of West Virginia in the civil war 0. The best time to travel to Virginia mild and pleasant climate.
    The eastern coastal area in winter the temperature rarely below 9 degrees, little summer temperature higher than 38 DEG c The mountain in winter and cool in summer, winter and low temperature to 18 DEG c, summer is generally lower than 32 DEG c The average annual precipitation in 813~1219 mm.
    The best time to travel the best time to travel A temperate continental climate, in July the average temperature of 18~27 degrees, the average winter temperature in addition to the southwest, slightly lower than the freezing point.
    Traffic guide traffic Denver International Airport Airport (DEN) - United Airlines and vanguard Airlines (Frontier Airlines) I-70 I-25 I-76 highway transit center The United States food delicacy snacks diversified, there are restaurants around the world are generally in the big city.
    European restaurant with French and Italian restaurants, where the environment is good, the price is higher, to the restaurant, best to look down on the front of the store menu, so as not to sit down after the discovery of vegetable prices are too high to leave the embarrassment;
    in restaurants all over the country, in Guangdong restaurants, many sales of seafood dishes.
    The price is moderate;
    there are other Japan, India, Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia restaurant.
    compared with the local characteristics of the United States is fast, with McDonald's as a representative of the hamburger restaurants, KFc is the representative of the fried chicken restaurant, in addition to selling pizza, sandwiches and hot dogs fast-food restaurant.
    In the formal dining room after dinner to pay the total amount of consumption of 15 - 20% of the tip, and in fast food restaurants do not have to pay the tip.
    Tourists traveling in the United States, if you want to save money, you can often eat fast food;
    also may wish to establish a budget control in less than $5, breakfast, lunch and dinner at less than $10, $20 less than in the control.
    Shopping guide shopping may wish to visit several shops, large shopping malls, there will always be a regular sale, the store will hang out "on sale" brand, at this time, only a fraction of the original price can get what they want.
    the airport personnel handling and tips the hotel waiter service for passengers, tourists due to some general tips, according to each piece of luggage is a dollar.
    Etiquette: accidentally collision with people, to say "Sorry";
    please make way for others, to say "Excuse me";
    no smoking in public places, in other places before smoking to people around for "May I smoke?"
    "Lady first" to follow the Western habit, let the lady first greeting;
    when people say "Hi".
    Security: whether it is to live in the hotel or economy hotel, a chain lock to the door inside, if someone knocked on the door, first to ask a question: "Who is it?"
    And then the door opened a crack to look at;
    try not to go to lots of pedestrian less at night.
    In case of robbery, to call alarm call 911. Time: the east coast is 4500 km, the country is divided into eastern, central and mountain time time time, Pacific time, Alaska time and Hawaii time, followed by an hour earlier.
    Please tourists travel in and call attention.
    Arched bridges located in the us state of Virginia, near the card Winton, for the United States is one of the few arched bridges.
    The bridge was built in 1857, is the oldest bridge in Virginia, one of America's most beautiful bridges.
    The construction of bridges arch made of hard wood, the middle has unusual arch radian, the middle to higher than about 1.2 meters at both ends, rondure make it more photogenic The bridges from 1857 to 1929, due to the high-speed truss bridge built and gradually abandoned, in 1950s, by the local farmers to use.
    After the bridge around 5 acres of land was opened up to a small park, open to visitors in 1954, 1969 by the ancient bridges are included in the national register of historic places, now it has become a popular resort and held the wedding photos.
    Humpback covered Bridge
    Reason: the oldest bridge in the state of Virginia
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Virginia, [Virginia, State]
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