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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
According to the Immigration Act, citizens applying for American citizenship must reside in the United States for at least two and a half years and at least six months a year in the United States within the first five years before the application for American citizenship is fileD.If you leave the United States for more than six months in a year, the rest of the months can not be calculated in the two and a half years of residence.
If you leave the United States for more than one year, the calculation of residence time will be interrupteD.Once the application is successful, what are the types of immigrants in the United States?
The categories of immigrants in the United States include:
Category F - descendant relatives, such as parents, brothers and sisters, are characterized by a long processing cycle, which requires more than 10 years of application cycle; Category D - adoption, asylum, etc.
Class EB, which includes EB-1 outstanding class; EB-2 professional class; EB-3 technical class; EB-4 special immigrants; EB-5 investors.
The main applicants of the EB-5 category of American investment immigrants only need to be 21 years old and have no educational background, English proficiency and management experience.
However, the applicants are required to reasonably explain the source of $500,000 invested in the United States, which can be obtained from business operation, stock speculation, lottery buying, gift or inheritance.
After the immigration application is approved, a conditional green card for two years can be issueD.Generally, three months before the expiration of the green card, lawyers will help the applicant to remove the conditions.
Whether the conditions can be lifted depends on whether the investor meets two requirements:
whether the investment funds are still in operation and whether they meet the requirements of 10 jobs.
The University of Bridgeport (University of Bridgeport)

In Colleges and Universities Brief introduction The University of Bridgeport University of Bridgeport Ranking (USNEWS) Located in the national ranking No.221 (US NEWS 2007) founding year 1927 The school web site.
銆銆 Http://www.bridgeport.edu The geographical location of the school An hour away from the urban area of New York, near the beach, beautiful environment learn school Almost condition
Founded in 1927, USNEWS was named the most international students of the University, a private school, 3200 students enrolled; four doctoral level belongs to the State University, and 249 similar universities only 87 private university.
Small class teaching, pay attention to individual education, the number of class 75% is less than 20, the ratio of students to 11:1; the latest survey shows that 96% of the students were satisfied with the UB education.
At the same time is the optimal cost of private schools.
Cooperation internship opportunities, and fortune 500 companies such as IBM, EMC, General, Motors and so on.
College of Naturopathic Medicine is the only east coast such college, is one of the nation's 4 Naturopathic Medicine offers one of the doctoral school.
Kangnai Bridgeport is the largest city in the state, known as the garden city; UB 55 kilometers from the New York, located between the Bridgeport and the Long Island Strait and the waterfront park.
Campus is very safe.
Every student is sent to a Personal Alarm Device, UB is also the first use of this system in the University.
Undergraduate fees Tuition Living accommodation Total $21150/ 12400/ $33550/ Study on the cost of living
Tuition Living accommodation Total $10800/ 10590/ $21390/ Application time Professional settings and Admission requirements Start time: 8 months in late autumn; spring 1 month Application deadline: July 1st autumn, spring December 1st Undergraduate: College of engineering, computer engineering, computer science School of business: clothing marketing, accounting, business management, computer applications and information systems, international finance, international business, international market College of Arts and Sciences: art design, biology, mathematics, music, literature and culture Other professional human resources, international political economy and diplomacy, mass media, world religion, social sciences, oral hygiene Graduate: College of Engineering: Computer Engineering / science and technology management, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, Business Administration Undergraduate admission requirements: TOEFL>500 (not to the school after the ELAB examination, unqualified ESL courses).
ESL (ELI): the latest 3 months prior to the application.
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