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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
American skilled immigrants are also easy to identify.
Here, the American skilled immigration means the emigrant of outstanding talents in the United States.
This kind of American professional immigrants get green card status very quickly, which can be said to be the shortest processing cycle in the professional immigration category.
American skilled immigrants are also easy to get their status - the shortest migration cycle and the quickest way to get a green card.
The fastest "Outstanding Talents" I-140 application is approved by the U.S. Immigration Service within 10 days.
"Outstanding talent" is a priority, much faster than the two or three types of occupational migrants who need to be scheduled for many years.
It can be said that the processing cycle is the shortest in the occupational immigration category.
[American skilled immigrants are also easy to identify -- the overall cost is low] Excellent talented immigrants do not need to invest in immigrants or multinational corporation L1 visas.
They need to invest in starting companies and employing staff.
They only need to entrust trusted professional lawyers to pay lawyers'fees.
Skilled immigrants in the U.S. are also easy to identify -- they don't need to look for an American employer beforehand.
Most categories of professional immigrants need to be applied by employers, such as labor permit immigrants, transnational public L1 immigrants, investment immigrants, outstanding researchers, national interest exemptions, etC.However, outstanding talents need neither produce labor paper nor obtain employment certificates from American employers, which is the absolute advantage of such immigrants.
That is to say, once the application is successful, you can work, live and own your own business anywhere in the United States.
[American skilled immigrants are also very easy to obtain status - they can apply directly abroad] Applicants for emigration with outstanding talents can apply directly abroad or change their status in the United States.
After obtaining the approval of the Immigration Bureau, overseas applicants can obtain the immigration visa directly at the Chinese Embassy and Consulate, and lead the green card and travel freely when entering the United States. compared with immigrants from Canada and other countries, there is no need for a long "immigration prison".
American skilled immigrants are also very easy to obtain status - applicants have no age, educational background, or industry restrictions.
The scope of "outstanding talents" includes science, art, education, commerce and sports, including scientists, researchers, senior engineers, inventors, computer experts, physicians and medical experts, painters, calligraphers, dancers, musicians, music conductors, singers, singers, movie stars, models, TV hosts, film and television directors, etC.Families, outstanding entrepreneurs, business talents, advertising planning experts, famous athletes, coaches and so on.
In fact, the U.S. Immigration Service does not have any hard and fast rules for those who apply for such immigration, "360 lines, travel first prize" - Yangchun Baixue, Xialiba people, as long as they are skilled, can be called "outstanding talent".
Whichever major, as long as it has a certain contribution to the industry or is more outstanding than other people's achievements, it is eligible to apply for emigration of outstanding talents.
[American skilled immigrants are easy to get an identity -- one person applies, the whole family gets a green card] Excellent applicants can apply for green cards for their spouses and children under 21 years of age at the same time.
The family enjoys the rights and interests of permanent residents in the United States, such as low tuition fees for state students, medical care programs, legal part-time jobs during study, eligibility to apply for medical school, etC.They can enter and leave the United States freely at any time without fear of visa rejection at the embassy.
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