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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The new regulations raise the minimum investment standard for immigrant visas from $1 million to $1.8 million, and the minimum investment standard for the target employment area (TEA) from $500,000 to $1.35 million.
In the forthcoming document, the Department of Homeland Security said that an increase in the amount of investment would ensure that the current amount of investment required for the project was equivalent to the value of the 1990 Congress enacted the provision.
According to the Department of Homeland Security, the standard minimum investment rose from $1 million to $1.8 million, a change based on the consumer price index (inflation) from 1990 to 2015. According to the document, the minimum investment in new businesses, mainly in target employment areas, increased from $500,000 to $1.35 million.
The minimum investment amount in the target employment area is equivalent to 75% of the standard minimum investment, instead of the past 50%.
In addition, the Ministry of National Security also recommends that the minimum investment standard be adjusted every five years according to the inflation rate after the new regulations come into effect.
For the target employment area, the Ministry of National Security proposes to revise its definition to ensure that it better reflects the intentions of Congress.
The Ministry of National Security recommends that any town with a population of more than 20,000 and an unemployment rate equal to 150% of the national average should be allowed to become a target employment areA.Currently, only cities and towns designated by state governments and required to submit I-526 forms to provide evidence to protect EB-5 investors can become target employment areas.
The Ministry of National Security proposes to abolish the power of the state to designate certain geographical or political areas as areas with high unemployment, which shall be directly delimited by the Ministry of National Security.
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    ABOUT michigan local customs, tourist attractions
    The Tuskegee airmen in National Museum, known as the "Tuskegee airmen National History Museum, is located in Detroit city, west of Jefferson Avenue, is not only a memorial of the Tuskegee airmen, is one of all young people seeking inspiration, courage and help.
    The Tuskegee airmen refers to flight training at Tuskegee and then participated in World War II African American pilots, although they have suffered racial discrimination and segregation in the army, but they still insist on training, and graduate with excellent grades.
    The Museum is divided into four exhibition hall, exhibition hall, exhibition hall, the history of modern video hall and expanded exhibition hall, exhibition hall main exhibition history of the Tuskegee airmen old photos, tells the story of their hard training and made great contribution to the country.
    The Museum has a collection of the Tuskegee airmen use aircraft model, equipment, materials, uniforms, the video hall let visitors from the video about the Tuskegee airmen in World War II and the contribution to the United states.
    Tuskegee Airmen National Museum
    Reason: the best understanding of the Tuskegee airmen Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Michigan: [Michigan State]
    Detroit city attractions: [Detroit]

    Radish rock is located in the coastal of Michigan, Lake Huron, is a radish shape of the Rock Island, erosion of its shape from the one and only on the thousands of years of wind waves, the United States is one of the most bizarre rock, attracting many tourists witnessed its style.
    The magic of nature is that it can let you enjoy the exotic landscape, radish rock is one of the most unbelievable, there are trees and vegetables growing on rocks, some trees and even up to 20 feet.
    Located on the lake, so the only way to appreciate is by boat or Eskimo boat around rocks careful watch.
    When it comes to the winter, the lake freezes, but the charm ofcontinue.
    Turnip Rock
    Reason: the most unbelievable radish rock
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Michigan: [Michigan State]
    Michigan is the time to chase the aurora
    Jing chun Michigan has a more than 200 magnificent waterfalls, more than 320 km of wild diameter and more than 11000 inland lakes, vast natural Michigan tourism name card.
    In addition, Michigan has a little.
    known side - a good place to watch the aurora.
    High-energy charged particles produced in the earth's magnetosphere and Aurora solar solar wind flow to the upper atmosphere molecules or atoms.
    Aurora A variety of shapes, a riot of colours, very beautiful in nature, few can match the phenomenon.
    銆 Any crayons are difficult to draw it in the cold polar air play impermanence, change unpredictably glare.
    Located in the high latitude region of Michigan is a great place to watch the aurora, Michigan, but not all can run an easy job to do the aurora, the following three places is to watch Europe if the best choice to pull the face of the goddess.
    The Mackinaw city haidelan International Park (The Headlands International Dark the Sky Park) International night park by the international dark sky Association (International Dark-Sky Association) some dark conditions selection in the global scope especially good park, in such a night in the park, people can not only enjoy the sunny day consists of dozens or even hundreds of stars in the night sky map, also can capture the meteor across the sky.
    銆銆銆銆 In 2011 sixth, the United States heidland park to become the world's ninth seat to become a member of the international dark sky park.
    covers an area of 6 square kilometers of the original Forest Park is located in the shore of Lake Michigan, Emmett county and county government for permanent protection, stretches about 3.2 kilometers.
    The park has a whole haidelan international Michigan's dark sky, the harm from light pollution.
    銆銆銆銆 Monthly lake and beach cottage will hold special activities, then astronomy and Aurora photography enthusiasts will gather together, share their experiences and experience.
    The park will participate in or watch the aurora viewing visitors that led them to watch the special area.
    銆銆銆銆 The park does not provide haidelan international night camping, but the park is open year-round.
    8 km trail provides outdoor and close contacts.
    When everything around is quiet, you need to do is breath waiting for the aurora goddess and timely press the shutter.
    銆銆銆銆 The new moon Fort State Park in Fort Austen (Port crescent State Park) The state of Michigan Peninsula, the position of the thumb of Fort Austen is located west of Fort State Park, the beautiful new moon.
    Facing the Lake Huron, the designated area shall not turn on the lights lighting and viewing the park, Aurora photography enthusiasts in the dark sky to see the most beautiful Aurora figure.
    銆銆銆銆 This area is not set up a special ornamental park place, here is the daytime pay parking area at night is transformed into a gathering area for tourists.
    It is usually crescent Fort State Park Day is this: while the sun is shining in radish rock canoe, in the quiet night park to watch the aurora, with nature to breathe.
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