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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Do you think your income of $50,000 a year will make you and your family comfortable?
Maybe in most places, that's not enough money.
But it's really the middle-income of the American middle class.
In other words, 50% of Americans earn less than that.
But the situation is different in each state and the standard of living is different.
The biggest gap between states can reach about $30,000.
Here's the average median income for each state.
(The annual income of each household is usually calculated by the U.S. government or private sector.
Every family, whether or not they have blood relatives, as long as they are over 18 years old with income, or take government benefits into account, government benefits include unemployment insurance, disability allowance, child allowance and so on.
Although average income grew at a steady rate every year in the 20th century, it is not growing so fast in the 21st century.
But America's super-rich have increased from 2% to 25%.
That's about twice what it was 30 years ago.
But the bottom 10% of the U.S. economy earns only 1% of its income.
This proves that Americans are now poor and rich.
Where on earth can you rank your family income?
If you earn about $12,000 a year, that's only the last 10% of U.S. income.
Twenty thousand dollars is the last twenty percent.
That's 50,000 dollars.
If it reaches $100,000, it will be more than 80% of the population in the United States.
If annual income reaches 180,000, it will be among the top 5% of the country.
Studying in the United States to receive more scholarships to explain the strategy

Originally, the poorer families are more likely to get grants.
In the United States, the middle class children to university than the poor children a lot easier.
All regulations are void can be drilled, FAFSA federal grants website to teach people legally poor strategy, in order to receive more grants: First, reduce the "adjusted gross income" The more revenue grants less.
So the amount of student you get with the adjusted gross income (Adjusted Gross Imcome; AGI) "is inversely proportional to.
In the report to the tax authorities on tax refund, total income after adjustment is you in one year after the statutory standard deduction of total income after taxes and adjustment.
The more your total income, grants less.
So if you reduce your total income helps to obtain more grants.
Total income by way of good and bad.
The worst way to include unemployment and reduced income.
A good way to include: 1, most of the money in the account in IRA; 2, the most in 410K money in retirement plans; 3, make charitable donations; 4, restructuring your federal student loans.
Pay federal student loan interest can be lost from AGI.
Others such as moving expenses can all be lost; 5, the use of health savings account (Health Saving Accounts); 6, if the child is in college or within 3 years of going to college, can consider occupation tax experts such as H&R Block as you return.
Although the way to spend money, but you can discuss various ways to reduce AGI with tax experts, let the students more eligible for federal grants.
Two, reduce the cash on hand Cash, savings, checking accounts are the enemy.
More cash, less grants.
The way is to reduce the cash in hand: 1, the children go to college students, is to buy computer, books and other supplies, reduce the time for cash on hand, but before you fill out form FAFSA to buy.
At the same time, this is also the time to repair the house.
2, with more money at a time.
If the financial situation permits you, try to pay their bills at the beginning of the year.
For example, the insurance company allows you to pay a full year costs (perhaps the insurance company will give you 5% discount, then) annual insurance premiums are paid, so your checking account, the remaining co.
If your financial situation permits, other bills can also be paid at the beginning of the year, so you can fill in the FAFSA form to embarrassingly short of money.
If you have a mortgage, can put large sums of cash to repay the principal.
3, the transfer of assets.
Fill in the FAFSA before, to find a reliable cash for delivery to their relatives and friends.
This way there is a risk, because relatives may not be as you believe you can trust.
Put the cash to the grandparents also.
Grandparents savings does not appear in the FAFSA form, unless they give your child as education fee, then will be counted as the parents out of money.
The better way is to get a subsidy of student loans such as Perkins Loan, Stafford Loan, and in the students after graduation to grandparents to pay off the debts.
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