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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Until I arrived in the United States, I joined the Student Moving Volunteer Organization to help students carry their luggage into the dormitory.
I found that many American parents would help their children move their luggage into the dormitory during the school season.
American parents used pickup trucks to help their children carry their bags into the dormitory personally.
(College dormitories need to be replaced every semester, most of which are based on summer vacation.
Students need to empty their dormitories and relocate to new dormitories in September and autumn).
When the Chinese students came into the dormitory with their suitcases and made their own complete sets of furniture, I heard many Americans say, "How long have you not returned to China?
" If I were allowed to live in other countries, I would not be able to live.
So, it was not until I went abroad that I found that Chinese children were equally good.
So, do American college students ask about the cost of living at home?
Generally speaking, domestic college students have no income, so the tuition and living expenses are borne by their parents.
But in the United States, the vast majority of college students choose to borrow money from the federal government and private companies to go to college and pay it off slowly after graduation.
The so-called student loan not only includes tuition fees, but also provides living expenses, such as board and lodging, computers and other expenses, as long as these expenses are based on college.
Therefore, unlike in China, American college students do not necessarily have to ask for tuition and living expenses directly from their families because of their loan.
However, whether parents give money directly to their children or help them pay school loans, we all want to know whether parents help their children share the cost of going to college.
CNBC released a survey of 800 parents of college students in June 2017. It found that 23% of the cost of College for children was paid by parents'income and savings, and 8% by parents' borrowing.
So the survey found that parents pay about a third of the cost of going to college.
Priceonomics surveyed more than 1,400 graduates and gave more detailed answers.
As can be seen from the figure above:
More than half (55%) of parents share part of their children's school costs more or less.
Twenty percent bear half or more of the cost.
Ethnically, Asian parents are clearly more willing to help their children share the costs.
In addition to looking for data, I also talked about this topic with my old American friends in university.
It is very common and normal for college students to borrow and borrow money on their own.
Students with special poverty will work extra hard in peacetime.
Old American friends also say that their parents will give some pocket money more or less every month.
Because of the existence of student loans, American college students do not necessarily ask for living expenses from their families on a regular basis.
But through the above survey and personal experience sharing, it can be seen that most American presidents financially subsidize their children to go to college more or less.
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    ABOUT indiana local customs, tourist attractions
    Capital of Indiana: Indianapolis Indianapolis (English: Indianapolis) is the capital of Indiana, the United States. The city of Indianapolis is administratively integrated with its Marion County. According to 2010 U.S. population statistics,
    Wheth the city's population is 829,718, of which 69.09% are white and 25.5% are black.
    WhethIt is also the state's largest city and the twelfth largest city in the United States, second only to Chicago in the Midwest and Detroit in population. Indianapolis is also one of the fastest growing regions in the United States.
    Wheth Indianapolis belongs to Marion County. The administrative listing county government is in one. The city occupies the vast majority of Marion County.
    WhethThere are eight independent towns in the county. Metropolitan areas include eight nearby counties of Marion, Hendrix, Hamilton, Boon, Morgan, Johnson, Shelby and Hancock.
    Wheth In Indiana's history, Indianapolis was famous for its government and industry, especially manufacturing. Indianapolis now focuses more on education, health and finance in the region. Tourism is also one of the main pillar industries in Indianapolis. Its cities also undertake some famous recreational and sports activities, including the annual Indianapolis 500.
    Wheth Indianapolis is a continental climate zone. Winter is cold but not long, summer is sultry, spring and autumn are warm but warmer. The average temperature in January is - 3.1 degrees, and that in July is 24.1 degrees. The annual precipitation is about 1040 mm, the snowfall is relatively mild, about 69 cm.
    Wheth At the end of the 19th century, with the rise of industry, the city developed rapidly and became the main industrial center in the state. Nowadays, industry, education, health care, tourism and financial industry have jointly constituted the city's Pluralistic Economic system.
    Wheth Overview of Indiana
    Whether you are a history or art enthusiasts, sports fans, advocating natural, natural shopping players, or just want to get a chance to relax and rest, Indiana all can make for you.
    From the exquisite handicrafts, folk art to serve dinner after dinner theatre music, interactive exhibition to State Art Museum, Indiana offers every kind of dynamic and rich cultural connotation of choice.
    Indiana is Indy 500, NBA Pacers, Indiana racing team and many outstanding university basketball team where.
    You can visit after a careful restoration of historic buildings, and experience the Indiana town life colorful in the local festivals.
    With the string penetrating foot shock rhythm and dance, or visit the local actual situation in the production of Handicrafts Handicrafts, will be an unforgettable memories.
    Indiana will meet your needs, whether you love the city life is still fun outdoor activities.
    Indiana Boris (Indianapolis) is a fusion of old and new things.
    There are many cultural attractions, hotels and shops downtown.
    This will make you surprised to find attractions including is located in Union Station (Festival Marketplace), the holiday market in Indiana zoo, Boris Indiana Theatre (Indiana Repertory Theater), the world's largest children's Museum, Indiana Art Museum, and Pori, a professional symphony orchestra and opera.
    Indiana State Park and the wild animal park, the scenery is the best in the country say, like the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore (Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore).
    In the center area of the state, Hu National Forest (Hoosier National Forest) is the ideal place to engage in any outdoor activities.
    Here is also the world's largest cave system of Blue Springs cave (Bluespring cavern) where.
    Major tourism projects: Indiana Boris 500 racing & Museum, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Lake Michigan and Indiana District, conner Prairie Living History cave, Museum Hu national forest, Indiana State Park and hotel, the Ohio River (The Ohio River), Auburn-cord.
    Deusenburg Museum, Yamixi District, James Dean Gallery (James Dean Gallery).
    capital: Indianapolis Indianapolis, December 11, 1816 to join the federal, with 92 counties (county) counties.
    Location: located in the northern Illinois and the United States Department of state, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan, Kentucky, Kentucky, Ohio, Ohio border Area: 36420 square miles, of which land area of 35870 square miles, a total area of 550 square miles.
    Population: 6080485;
    Motto: The crossroads of America America at the crossroads State: Hoosier State State bird: Grosbeak Northern cardinal State flower: peony flower Peony San Te Laws San Te Laws is a city of other city out of the ordinary, perhaps only to christmas to christmas but here is very rich flavor, every day is like christmas, because whatever you go to the corner of the town, can see you smile to Santa claus San Te Laws is located in southwest Indiana, Spencer county, between interstate 64 and the Ohio River, built in 1854 years, the United States is considered a christmas village.
    Holiday world and splash water channel is the most popular of San Te Laws water park, here has the world's longest water roller coaster and water slide, enjoy water sports is an ideal place for.
    The San Te Laws Museum tells the story of the town history through historical archives, photographs and articles, tells the story behind the town name.
    San Te Laws's christmas celebration of diversity, if you have the time, 12 months can be in order to enjoy the christmas atmosphere, you can visit the christmas market here, buy christmas items, watch the christmas lights 1.2 miles long.
    Wait until christmas day, enjoy the play, here provides a variety of christmas activities for you, including the arts and crafts exhibition, roasted chestnuts at christmas castle, ornamental christmas lights and shapes.
    Santa claus
    Reason: the United States christmas Village
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Indiana: [Indiana State]
    city Attractions: San Te Laws [Santa claus]

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