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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Until I arrived in the United States, I joined the Student Moving Volunteer Organization to help students carry their luggage into the dormitory.
I found that many American parents would help their children move their luggage into the dormitory during the school season.
American parents used pickup trucks to help their children carry their bags into the dormitory personally.
(College dormitories need to be replaced every semester, most of which are based on summer vacation.
Students need to empty their dormitories and relocate to new dormitories in September and autumn).
When the Chinese students came into the dormitory with their suitcases and made their own complete sets of furniture, I heard many Americans say, "How long have you not returned to China?
" If I were allowed to live in other countries, I would not be able to live.
So, it was not until I went abroad that I found that Chinese children were equally good.
So, do American college students ask about the cost of living at home?
Generally speaking, domestic college students have no income, so the tuition and living expenses are borne by their parents.
But in the United States, the vast majority of college students choose to borrow money from the federal government and private companies to go to college and pay it off slowly after graduation.
The so-called student loan not only includes tuition fees, but also provides living expenses, such as board and lodging, computers and other expenses, as long as these expenses are based on college.
Therefore, unlike in China, American college students do not necessarily have to ask for tuition and living expenses directly from their families because of their loan.
However, whether parents give money directly to their children or help them pay school loans, we all want to know whether parents help their children share the cost of going to college.
CNBC released a survey of 800 parents of college students in June 2017. It found that 23% of the cost of College for children was paid by parents'income and savings, and 8% by parents' borrowing.
So the survey found that parents pay about a third of the cost of going to college.
Priceonomics surveyed more than 1,400 graduates and gave more detailed answers.
As can be seen from the figure above:
More than half (55%) of parents share part of their children's school costs more or less.
Twenty percent bear half or more of the cost.
Ethnically, Asian parents are clearly more willing to help their children share the costs.
In addition to looking for data, I also talked about this topic with my old American friends in university.
It is very common and normal for college students to borrow and borrow money on their own.
Students with special poverty will work extra hard in peacetime.
Old American friends also say that their parents will give some pocket money more or less every month.
Because of the existence of student loans, American college students do not necessarily ask for living expenses from their families on a regular basis.
But through the above survey and personal experience sharing, it can be seen that most American presidents financially subsidize their children to go to college more or less.
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    ABOUT indiana local customs, tourist attractions
    Overview of Indiana Indiana
    Whether you are a history or art enthusiasts, sports fans, advocating natural, natural shopping players, or just want to get a chance to relax and rest, Indiana all can make for you.
    From the exquisite handicrafts, folk art to serve dinner after dinner theatre music, interactive exhibition to State Art Museum, Indiana offers every kind of dynamic and rich cultural connotation of choice.
    Indiana is Indy 500, NBA Pacers, Indiana racing team and many outstanding university basketball team where.
    You can visit after a careful restoration of historic buildings, and experience the Indiana town life colorful in the local festivals.
    With the string penetrating foot shock rhythm and dance, or visit the local actual situation in the production of Handicrafts Handicrafts, will be an unforgettable memories.
    Indiana will meet your needs, whether you love the city life is still fun outdoor activities.
    Indiana Boris (Indianapolis) is a fusion of old and new things.
    There are many cultural attractions, hotels and shops downtown.
    This will make you surprised to find attractions including is located in Union Station (Festival Marketplace), the holiday market in Indiana zoo, Boris Indiana Theatre (Indiana Repertory Theater), the world's largest children's Museum, Indiana Art Museum, and Pori, a professional symphony orchestra and opera.
    Indiana State Park and the wild animal park, the scenery is the best in the country say, like the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore (Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore).
    In the center area of the state, Hu National Forest (Hoosier National Forest) is the ideal place to engage in any outdoor activities.
    Here is also the world's largest cave system of Blue Springs cave (Bluespring cavern) where.
    Major tourism projects: Indiana Boris 500 racing & Museum, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Lake Michigan and Indiana District, conner Prairie Living History cave, Museum Hu national forest, Indiana State Park and hotel, the Ohio River (The Ohio River), Auburn-cord.
    Deusenburg Museum, Yamixi District, James Dean Gallery (James Dean Gallery).
    capital: Indianapolis Indianapolis, December 11, 1816 to join the federal, with 92 counties (county) counties.
    Location: located in the northern Illinois and the United States Department of state, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan, Kentucky, Kentucky, Ohio, Ohio border Area: 36420 square miles, of which land area of 35870 square miles, a total area of 550 square miles.
    Population: 6080485; Motto: The crossroads of America America at the crossroads State: Hoosier State State bird: Grosbeak Northern cardinal State flower: peony flower Peony San Te Laws San Te Laws is a city of other city out of the ordinary, perhaps only to christmas to christmas but here is very rich flavor, every day is like christmas, because whatever you go to the corner of the town, can see you smile to Santa claus San Te Laws is located in southwest Indiana, Spencer county, between interstate 64 and the Ohio River, built in 1854 years, the United States is considered a christmas village.
    Holiday world and splash water channel is the most popular of San Te Laws water park, here has the world's longest water roller coaster and water slide, enjoy water sports is an ideal place for.
    The San Te Laws museum tells the story of the town history through historical archives, photographs and articles, tells the story behind the town name.
    San Te Laws's christmas celebration of diversity, if you have the time, 12 months can be in order to enjoy the christmas atmosphere, you can visit the christmas market here, buy christmas items, watch the christmas lights 1.2 miles long.
    Wait until christmas day, enjoy the play, here provides a variety of christmas activities for you, including the arts and crafts exhibition, roasted chestnuts at christmas castle, ornamental christmas lights and shapes.
    Santa claus
    Reason: the United States christmas Village
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Indiana: [Indiana State]
    city Attractions: San Te Laws [Santa claus]

    Mullen Ge Dong Mullen Ge Dong is a cave in the American state of Indiana Mullen Ge, Indiana, four to visit one of the cave, discovered in 1883 and open to visitors in 1984 was listed as a national natural landmark.
    Mullen Ge Dong for the state of Indiana is one of the largest cave, is also the longest cave, usually takes 60 to 70 minutes of time to visit.
    The natural formation of the columns, stalagmites and stalactites to become the biggest surprise, people have to change in their thousands of amazing shapes and.
    Shot in the cave or film, such as the 2001 of "Madison", "2008 years" doomsday fire etc.
    Marengo cave
    Reason: the most amazing cave in Indiana
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Indiana: [Indiana State]
    city Attractions: Mullen Ge [Marengo]

    Indianapolis Zoo The Indianapolis zoo is located in Indiana, Indianapolis, opened in 1964, since its opening has become a world.class tourist destination, but also enjoy a reputation in the world, has an important role in the research and animal protection, there are millions of visitors each year about.
    Indianapolis zoo is a zoo, and an aquarium, is also a botanical garden, is the first to be recognized by the zoo and Aquarium Association and the American Association of museums has three functions in the zoo.
    Living in the zoo has 320 species, more than 1500 animal, to live comfortably in the park for the construction of the natural environment.
    Here visitors can play with dolphins, bathing an elephant, elephant, dolphin watching for tourists to paint and other fantastic project.
    The Indianapolis zoo is planting a large number of plant, animal, plants and people together, lush trees, tall plants and colorful flowers add a lot of natural atmosphere to the zoo.
    Indianapolis Zoo
    Reason: the biggest zoo in Indiana
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Indiana: [Indiana State]
    Indianapolis city attractions: [Indianapolis]

    Hayes Arboretum The Hayes Arboretum is located in Indiana, Richmond, established in 1915, covers an area of 335 acres, is not only an educational base, is also a natural reserve, there are all kinds of wild plants in Wayne county Local growth.
    The arboretum is designed to provide a place for tourists to enjoy the natural, let visitors in the hustle and bustle of the city can also enjoy a pleasant green.
    The growth of 172 kinds of trees, plants and shrubs, where they grow lush, became the object of people to watch, let visitors in nature also can enjoy the visual beauty.
    The park is 60 acres of beech, the oldest more than 450 years old, is the most ancient tree garden plants.
    For the convenience of tourists to visit and study researchers, the park opens a number of trails, along the path to walk, there will be unexpected harveSt. For couples, the most romantic tour is together with the beloved person riding a bicycle to watch the entire garden, can enjoy the flowers, but also to shoot two hawks with one arrow.
    Hayes Arboretum
    Necessary to Reason: the most comfortable Indiana Arboretum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: [Indiana, Indiana, State]
    Richmond city attractions: [Richmond]

    The Richmond Museum of Art Richmond art museum was established in 1898, mainly a collection of important art works of American Impressionist painters, especially at the end of nineteenth century early twentieth century in Indiana, John Elwood, impressionist painter Bondi (John Elwood Bundy) and the Richmond Institute of art works.
    The Richmond Museum of art collection, though not many, but by the artist's Pro gaze, many pottery was placed in the Richmond high school hall, is the only public high school has a relationship with the United States public art museum.
    The most striking is the museum's collection of American impressionist painter William Merit Zeiss (William Merritt chase) of the self portrait, which he dedicated to the Museum of painting, completed in 1915 to 1916. In addition to the museum's collection, the museum also held a variety of excellent works of art exhibition, exhibition area of the Impressionist painters, for the tourists to learn.
    Richmond Art Museum The most important
    Reason: Indiana Impressionist Art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: [Indiana, Indiana, State]
    Richmond city attractions: [Richmond]

    Fort Wayne Wayne is the second largest city, Indiana after Indianapolis's seventy-fourth largest city in the United States, as the Alan county seat.
    This is a result of festivals and events and famous entertainment city, year after year, barbecue Festival, Japanese cherry Blossom Festival, Greek Festival, National Football Festival is popular.
    As the Indiana northeast cultural center, Fort Wayne has 12 the size of the museum and art gallery, in addition, there is the zoo, botanical gardens and public parks 86. Because of the rich and colorful Wayne Museum of art art exhibitions and various international exhibitions and well-known artists, popular Pro gaze, promoted the exchange and development of art.
    Wayne is only more than 1500 children's Zoo Animal Homes, over the years has been rated as one of the best American ten big zoo, has become the most popular zoo in indiana.
    In addition, also cannot miss the historic center of Fire Museum, Fort wayne.
    Fort Wayne
    Reason: Indiana, the second largest city in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Indiana: [Indiana State]
    [Fort Wayne]

    : Wayne city Attractions.
    The United States: the United States National Student Loan System
    The American student loan system is successful, a very important reason is, assume the risk of loans is the government, not the banks.
    The most important American student loan has two kinds: one kind is called "Perkins scholarships".
    The loans directly from the government.
    The other one is called "Standford grant", this is the most popular national student loan.
    "Standford loan" two forms: one form is money directly from the government, the government risk; another form of loans by banks or other financial institutions, the state government guarantee, 0 guarantee.
    If the student did not repay the loan default, or the cause of death and disease can not repay, the state government and the 0 will be paid 95% of delinquent loans to banks.
    The lifting of the bank's menace from the rear.
    Students after graduation, can the monthly fixed amount; can also start less, then gradually increase; can also increase or decrease according to personal income, take flexible repayment methods.
    Any loan default, the bank will take default account to the body after special.
    The personal credit system in the United States, with a record of tax evasion records and student loan default records, will accompany life, a life with this stain will be difficult to turn over.
    Experts give some recommendations for the United States to study
    In view of the current chinese students studying in the United States, senior experts to provide practical suggestions for the china students apply to study in the United states.
    Don't look beyond famous universities in the United States.
    In fact, many American university teaching level, teaching conditions are very good, top ranking university and later the University in all aspects of hardware conditions are similar, each university has its own characteristics, is a good school, but is a different network academic atmosphere and students relationship famous university.
    For example, "Harvard University pay more attention to the elite culture political leaders or enterprise personnel training, while the Princeton University is more focused on other talents in the field of academic research.
    " china students can apply for the beauty of ordinary university.
    In fact, the University in the United States, the first two years of the undergraduate learning is not professional, the United States advocated humanistic education (Liberal Arts), all the students after school courses are similar, students are generally to the second half of the semester sophomore, junior half of the semester to choose their majors.
    Therefore, not satisfied with the school students can take some credit, apply to other "more suitable for their own development of the University, the first university in the school repair credits will be accepted and become the new university students in the new university graduates as part of total credits.
    Therefore, chinese students can apply for more ordinary university, in the school after a period of time, and then transferred to other top universities through good credit, and the student degree is later to university degree.
    Famous brand can only apply for one, otherwise it will be removed from the University It is worth noting that American universities generally admitted ahead, and request the applicant can only apply for a school, but not at the same time to several universities to submit the application, otherwise it will be removed from all of the university.
    Some universities "financial aid" is not available to international students For the United States to study the china students attention, some university official website posted on the "financial aids" (financial aid), only for national students, not international students, such as the United States students generally apply FAF-SA (federal student aid program) refers to a set of student students in the United States, through the study of work and the form of low interest loans to provide funds to their student students.
    If you want to apply for the graduate school to apply for prestigious universities In the top 20 of the University, is a comprehensive university with graduate education.
    Study on the famous university graduate education level top, but not necessarily the undergraduate education than other Liberal Artscollege (college of Arts and Sciences) strong.
    Therefore, Zhourong chinese student teacher said, if you want to apply for graduate school, or should try to apply for top universities.
    Long wood garden, private garden and share the beauty of the public
    In the eastern state of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) is one of the top private garden with fame spreading far and wide - long wood garden (Longwood Gardens), which is known as the nation's most distinctive botanical garden, the most beautiful private garden, the gardener and the cradle of gardeners paradise.
    Long wood garden also called DuPont garden, because the garden owner Pierre DuPont (Pierre Du Pont) is the head of the third generation of Imperial chemical Enterprises dupont.
    In 1906, Pennsylvania has a long history and ancient wood forest botanical garden are felled for the protection of these rare trees, DuPont to bought the botanical garden and the surrounding land, then he continued expansion, carefully creating a world.class garden.
    Now, covering more than 1050 acres (425 hectares) of the long wooden garden has 20 outdoor gardens, 20 large indoor garden and Lin Yuan.
    DuPont will leave when she died in 1954: a long wooden garden fully open to the public, most of the garden heritage for the development and maintenance of fund.
    So far, the long wooden garden still operating expenses all from DuPont and Heritage Park tickets.
    Long wood garden (Longwood Gardens) is located in the southeast corner of the state of Pennsylvania highway, next to No. 1, from Philadelphia (Philadelphia) about 33 miles (53 kilometers) from New York, 130 miles (209 kilometers).
    The park at the entrance of the parking lot is said to have thousands of parking spaces The visitor center has chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Spanish map.
    Barrier free channel long wood garden is perfect, the wheelchair and stroller can smoothly access to every garden.
    Named after Pearce (Peirce s Woods) in the main plant is local oak, maple, Rhododendron etc.
    Pearce Lin Yuan is a man named Pearce (Peirce) family from 1700 began to collect and manage, was once the eastern premier botanical garden.
    Unfortunately, the Pearce family gardening Houjifaren, this piece of barren land along with the botanical garden changed hands again, almost become the sawmill, it attracted DuPont acquisition, then personally design, planning, and gradually expanded, and ultimately create a compelling long wood garden.
    Now the long wooden garden all year round huazhizhaozhan, January in mid to late March thousands of orchids; at the beginning of April to the end of May, tulip, dogwood, wisteria, Narcissus blooming Dou Li; from May to August, is the most bright and colorful seasonal outdoor garden; in mid September to the end of November, is the world's chrysanthemum; the end of November to a month earlier to hit the christmas flower.
    cornus officinalis is chinese traditional medicine more familiar, I did not expect it so stylish, is one of the most common Eastern garden flowers The fountain is a major feature of long wood garden.
    In addition to the three large fountain Park, there are many small fountain dance before the tree, become part of the outdoor garden inseparable.
    According to reports, the fountain of long wood garden are DuPont personally selecting, design.
    The main fountain garden was built in 1931, has 380 fountains, the highest water up to 130 feet (about 40 meters), is the largest water fountain group spit in the garden.
    To the point of view, presumably very shocking.
    Now, the main fountain show has to keep pace with the times, in the computer under the control of lights and music, rhythm, integrated coordination.
    1913 construction of the amphitheater: The open-air theater program will be phased adjustment, there will be performances and the visitor center program introduced.
    If the charm from the fountain of rhythm and line, then the charm is quiet pond and color.
    Smart fountain and melody, harmony is always silent, the lake itself is a beautiful song.
    Poolside weeping, green lawn, if the water had the orange tree reflection, will spring is just illusion? Three of the Eastern long wood looks like a natural lake, is a large pond in my eyes.
    Here, in April July Ling Bo daffodil dance, with lilies swaying in the wind.
    Built in 1907 by Du Bangguan (Pierre Du Pont House), a long wooden garden history exhibition.
    The trees in the fort like building was built in 1929 years of the tower.
    Inside with only 62 can be used to play the set of bells.
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