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Los Angeles ranks No.
2 in Uncle Lemmy's favorite city, perhaps because of his good travel experience with friends before.
Now, when you open the old photographs of traveling, you can still feel the numbness of the sunset on your back; even when you meet a stranger who is chatting with you, you are not afraid to talk like you are thinking too much now.
From a tourist's point of view, the whole city has an inexplicable preference.
If you live in Los Angeles for a long time, what's your feeling?
What is the approximate cost?
This is the latest price level of LaLa LanD.Let's take a look at it.
On the whole:
Four families spend about $3,500 a month (excluding rent) Single people spend about $940 a month (excluding rent) Price expenditure index was 18.78%, lower than New York.
Global cost of living ranked 71/517 cities (in the ranking cities)
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    Florida sports every day
    Maybe this world is only one place to Florida is also in the leisure vacation in the ascension movement skills.
    Endlessly the sunshine with clean air, there is a sudden bar suitable for outdoor sports in physical fitness and enjoy all the beauty.
    A vacation is undoubtedly great, it gives you some time to relax and get rid of the working week.
    This is a perfect opportunity to improve your motor skills or learn new movement.
    Whether you want to improve your serve, remove some short board or finally learn how to play the curveball, in these world.class sports center in any home training, a few days later, they will get a healthy complexion and higher skills.
    Golf As the golf lovers paradise, Florida every kind of stadium can satisfy the different level of technology and experience of golf enthusiasts demand.
    Whether you want to perfect swing or a push rod, a hole in Florida, challenging the stadium is definitely a rare opportunity.
    A total of 67 Florida counties, including 61 counties have a golf course, a total of more than 1200, the United States has the most state golf course.
    PGA, LPGA and PGA tour's headquarters are located in Florida, is the world golf enthusiasts temple shrine.
    Spend the holidays on the golf course and not what happens, but the reality may be better than expected.
    Hollywood resort Wenstin diplomat and Orlando Ritz carlton golf school (The Golf Digest Schools) is an ideal choice, here we can use four or six hours to enjoy the sport, while the rest of the time to enjoy a life of luxury.
    One of the best golf hosted by female players Annika Sorenstam, central Florida Annika Sorenstam Golf Academy provides high quality teaching.
    Or in Jacksonville feel the latest Edwin watts Golf academies, indoor training.
    Tennis If the family visitors came together the sunshine state, not Be Bly Denton (Bradenton) IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy better choice.
    Teaching is incomparable, first-class facilities, school is not only the goal of improving students' tennis skills, including their life skills.
    Baseball Occupation Baseball League fantasy camp, you realize the dream of baseball!
    There are many exclusive backyard, including the Meersburg in Boston to the Red Sox camp and Minnesota Shuangcheng team training camp in Tampa;
    the New York Yankees training camp in San Lucy harbor;
    New York Mets camp;
    and in the Bradenton Pirates of Pittsburgh training camp.
    Get help from seniors, and other weekend warriors in the team official spring training camp games.
    There are meals, accommodation, uniforms and other more projects.
    racing While driving 257 kilometers per hour in the real world may not be wise, but it will be very interesting for 1 or 2 days.
    (Daytona) To Daytona International Speedway racing experience real stimulation and Richard Patti's driving experience, or accept a few days of racing training at Sebring Skip Barber racing school.
    Florida sea on three sides, making it a paradise for water sports, from deep to snorkeling, from fishing to boating.
    In Florida Keys, visitors are often surprised to find just face stretched under the water will enter a out of the ordinary world. A lot of noise dissipates into a silence alone.
    The world seemed to disappear, his thoughts, body and soul into an unreal world, all the things here are different with the shore.
    Even above the waterline, and the island will take you to a completely out of the everyday world. Everything around the water everywhere.
    Thousands of square kilometers of underwater coral reefs and seagrass spread in the reefs surrounding the formation of a strange sight.
    As well as underwater sightseeing, fishing and boating experience, those in the United States is incomparable.
    Here hundreds of the Raiders, car, sightseeing boats and dive shops, can lead every desire to keep the exercise of tourists in the journey to explore this wonderful world of water.
    Snorkeling and diving Whether it is by snorkeling or scuba tube, there is a lifetime find endless diving resort, of course, the best American diving is located in Florida, Florida Keys.
    Florida Keys national marine protected areas, the protection of the world's third largest coral reef in the world, making it a large number of tourists preferred.
    Tens of thousands of fish, large size and large caribbean sea turtles, Moray crayfish in your side, overlooking the downward from the surface of the water they can dive into their world. John camp Piney coral Reef State Park (John Pennekamp coral Reef State Park) in nature into artificial elements, you can see a seat up to 3 meters of the statue of christ in the deep sea.
    The park is also home to 40 the Atlantic 52 coral species in the park to provide rich and deep Diving Snorkeling trip for tourists.
    Here is to provide a more interesting wreck diving divers.
    San Pedro underwater archaeological reserve State Park (San Pedro Underwater Archaeological Preserve State Park) sea lay a 1733 years after hurricane and sank in the Spanish ship wreckage is located 5.5 meters under water.
    In the Gulf of Florida Keys side, seaweed and mangrove habitats, here is another ecosystem.
    A large crayfish live here, each year during the period from August to March next year, attracting a large number of diving enthusiasts hunting.
    Tourists in the islands around here can be found for diving people living in the hotel, such as Kilago's Amy Slate 's Amoray dive resort.
    Sailing and rowing In Ailamo LADA (Islamorada) Robbie 's Marina's clearance after exercise can still enjoy the excitement.
    A large group of tarpon Ge on the deck outside the waters, greedily waiting for people to feed the sardines ($3 you can buy fish food).
    This is like a small town, street restaurants, crafts station, diving boat tour, fishing, tourism and natural / ecological kayaks and boats for hire.
    Ride here only a cruise ship to Lignumvitae Key National Park in the terminal plant.
    People can also rent a canoe to the nearby Indian Key State Park.
    In the United States, the southernmost tip of Key West, choose the best rowing than is the dry Tortugas National Park (Dry Tortugas National Park), the famous Jefferson Bo (Fort Jefferson) is located in time.
    Sunny Days' Fast cat line length 113 km lasted for 2 hours, the line around the Garden Key of the abandoned Island, including the fort, snorkeling, birdwatching and camping and other projects.
    Florida Keys most of the resort include marinas and tourism projects.
    For example, Kilago Hilton resort, here Florida Bay is located in the edge of the Everglades National Park is the travel dock, water sports and environmental protection of the caribbean is located, the journey will take you to find the birds, dolphins and the Everglades alligators unique experience.
    The resort also leased sailing and can teach you how to sail.
    Go fishing Elamo LADA is known as the "world fishing", so visitors can easily find the regulations without any restrictions on this aspect, from sharks to night fishing boats to the party, such as "miss Elamo LADA", each one all day long trip deep only $60. The islands (Lower Keys) the Big Pine Island (Big Pine Key) to provide the necessary goods and services for fishermen.
    For example, the Big Pine Key is located in the neighboring Fishing Lodge offers camping and Motel room.
    No matter is any time of day or night, on the quayside, have gathered a group of people to eat and talk about fishing experience.
    Don't need a boat, fishing can meet the impulse.
    The United States through the Florida Keys highway to provide a bridge for anglers, this unique fishing point, it is recommended as the bridge of Port Of Spain (Spanish Harbor Bridge), there is a good place to catch tarpon.
    The novelty of the water sports Everyone in Florida Keys knows, some water sports is very novel, try to dance with the dolphins, passengers in the boat from the water holding massage board holding, the boat will take you into a Dolphin Habitat, although you can not really swim with the dolphins, but the water in this group will be moving around you elegant animal the synchronous action for you.
    In addition to kite surfing and windsurfing is very famous, and stand up paddle surfing, use your super surfboard using small wave paddle feel where the surrounding islands.
    Snuba mixed deep diving and snorkeling experience, can breathe under water and without professional training, Snuba and other supplementary water sports equipment (with water motor, sailing, water skiing, wakeboarding), to ensure that everyone in the journey to Florida Keys water splash field.
    Recommended sports bar Watch sports events not accompanied by noise and beer, find the suitable sports bar is very important.
    cowgirl Kitchen Restaurant & Bar One of the South will go to the bar at the beach, when in the western style Address: 54 Main Street Rosemary Beach, FL 32461 Telephone: 850.213.0058 The Swamp Restaurant Here is the most famous University of Florida sports meal, characteristic is here to provide meals, drinks and a special offer TV program Address: 1642 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32603 Telephone: 352.377.9267 The Oceanview Pub Here you can watch the more than 20 HD TV can also enjoy the invincible beauty of the Gulf of Florida Address: MM, 84.5, Islamorada, FL, 33036 Telephone: 305.664.8052 Wrecker 's Sports Bar at Gaylord Palms This is not an ordinary hotel restaurant, there is a two-story giant video wall Address: 6000 West Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34746 Telephone: 407.586.1330 Hooters clearwater Beach This is a rooftop bar, from here you can look to the beautiful sea.
    Beauty and the game, to see what is good?
    Restaurant Address: 381 Mandalay Avenue, clearwater FL, 33767 Telephone: 727.443.7263
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