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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Duran University is a comprehensive private university in the United States.
It was founded in 1834. It is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the south of the United States.
It has a rigorous academic background, a long history and bright employment prospects.
It attracts countless foreign students to come to study.
However, the cost of studying abroad has always been the most troublesome problem for students.
The United States is also one of the most expensive countries in the worlD.The cost of studying abroad is also a matter of great concern to both students and parents.
So how expensive is tuition for graduate students studying in Duran University?
Next, let's take a look at it together, hoping to help you all.
Tuition and miscellaneous expenses:
Business School EMBA Tuition:
$37,500 Activity fee:
$120 Health Expense:
$320 Engineering College Tuition:
$23,465 Activity fee:
$120 Health Expense:
$320 Faculty of Arts Tuition:
$23,465 Activity fee:
$120 Health Expense:
$320 medical college Tuition:
$27,952 Activity fee:
$120 Health Expense:
$320 The American College and university tuition on: excellent

The excellent quality of university education is almost beyond doubt, in 2005 the "economist" magazine published a world university overview, to evaluate the National University, unequivocally put over American universities in European University.
So, how do you prove that American universities excellent? Measure of variety.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University of the world university rankings, the number is set up at the University, won the Nobel prize: evaluation based on the number of the authoritative academic journals, is a description of the research of hundred-percent "".
"The economist" also quoted.
With this standard, the Shanghai Jiaotong University from the world's top 20 universities and universities in the United States accounted for 17.
Only Cambridge (third), Oxford (eighth) and University of Tokyo (14).
In the top 50 universities in the United States accounted for 35 of the University.
That is to say, the United States is the top university, the greater the advantage.
In addition, the Nobel prize winner in the world, 70% is the University in the United States work.
According to the statistics of 2001, 30% in the world of science and engineering as well as the 44% of the most frequently cited papers from universities in the United states.
But with such a standard to measure college education level, is still one-sided, because the main mission of the university education, study is only one aspect.
For example, there are a large number of American Undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences (LiberalArtsColleges is College of Humanities), appeared in the forefront of impossible in Jiaotong University rankings.
In the famous "American news and World Report" of the national university rankings, the Undergraduate Liberal Arts Colleges and research universities are listed.
For example, in University of California at Berkeley, Shanghai Jiaotong University Rankings ranked fourth in the world, the nation's third.
However, from the 2005 "American news and World Report" data, Berkeley SAT (the undergraduate college admissions in the United States intelligence test) middle class achievements, only 1200-1450 points (out of 1600).
But in the undergraduate college of Arts and Sciences, students have more than a dozen institutions SAT results in the mid-range above this level, there are also ten or twenty and the equivalent level.
Even in the liberal arts college rankings and other school students tied for the 25 MacalesterCollege, mid-range SAT results for the 1260-1450, Berkeley and 55 are over; WheatonCollege with the addition of 6 school students mid-range SAT results are reached 1230-1420%, and Berkeley is just about the same.
If the "college entrance examination" on the level, Berkeley is just a second rate university.
Good reading of American high school students, often did not see Berkeley.
Therefore, the leakage of College of Arts and Sciences, they underestimate the American higher education.
Because of the College of Arts and Sciences, has become the United States characteristics, in other countries it is difficult to find the corresponding power.
These schools top ten, regardless of the quality of students and education quality, and ivy be roughly the same.
In addition to the elite education, assessment of the university system, but the social benefits.
In this regard, American university is better than others.
In the United States, about 1/3 of the school-age population in college.
In these people, and 1/3 will graduate degree, higher education popularization rate is very high.
In addition, the non traditional students, also is the proportion of older students, significantly higher than the corresponding proportion in most countries to.
There is no age limit in college in the United States, 40% students in 25 or 25 years old or above.
In addition, the elderly university rampant.
The Suffolk University, located in downtown Boston, residents over the age of 65 in Boston are free to attend, is a kind of service to the local community.
More importantly, the university provides more opportunities for the poor.
20% of the students from living in poverty or poverty, half of the students read the half day, 80% of the students rely on to support their work.
The school is to give students the opportunity to work with the school.
For example, in Suffolk University, school library, office staff, the postman helper, many are students.
Of course, the college tuition is too expensive.
In 2003-04, private university four-year average annual tuition is $18400, the State University of the average tuition of $5400.
At the same time, the average annual household income in the United States but on $50 thousand.
But the 0 year to students from nearly $81 billion 500 million, equivalent to a small GDP.
In addition, private donations are countless.
0, from the state to the university itself, to provide scholarships to students.
By mixed together, make a middle-class children average pay college tuition price 34%.
Like Harvard and other elite universities, simply avoid low-income students tuition.
Therefore, the college tuition looks scary, but scholarship enough, plus job opportunities, or the poor can afford.
This success, of course, and the wealth of the United states.
The organization for economic cooperation and development in western developed countries.
"(OECD), its members in 2001 investment of every college students on average $10 thousand, US $20 thousand, more than twice as high as in other developed countries.
In the United States, all university alumni, generous philanthropist.
No wonder Americans is crazy.
Once, I accompany the visiting brother at Yale, he looked at the undergraduate college, law school library, terrified.
Remember when he asked me: "now the United States is the world's richest man, cover these palatial school is not strange, but these are the old house.
So people cost to cover the school, is in the money before, or have the money?" This is really a very difficult question to answer.
These buildings, the United States has been the world's largest economy.
However, some of the most brilliant architectural building, is the product of the depression era.
You know, in such a young country, Harvard school period is 1636 years, more than half a century before the founding of the United States, only two years away from the pilgrims landed in new england.
The pilgrims landed just when unable to find food, or in a new land for unfamiliar crops, many people starved to death.
Obviously, people are still not full stomach began to build a university.
This respected university culture, nature will cultivate excellent university.
The American college education level above in Europe, there is no what strange.
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