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    ABOUT missouri local customs, tourist attractions

    Missouri is located in Central America, North and the Iowa adjacent, West from north to south, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma, south Arkansas. To the East, from the north to the South were in Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. Missouri is an inland state, its location is very close to the geographic center of the United States, the Mississippi River and the west coast of the large tributaries of the Missouri River confluence.
    Climate and area: 180533 square kilometers of state area, ranking twenty-first in the United States 50. The state has a mild climate, beautiful natural scenery, the north is plain and grassland, there are large tracts of forest in the southern mountains. The southeast side of the summer rainfall is 1190 mm, the northwest is 910 mm, the northwest side of the winter snowfall is 510 mm, the southeast side is 165 mm.

    City and population: the population of 601 (2011), ranking eighteenth in the United states. The whites accounted for 83.9% of the total population and 11.2% of the blacks. The city has 115 counties, the capital city of Jefferson (City Jefferson), a population of about 4 million. Is the most populous city in the Kansas City (Kansas City), 44 million people; main city and St. Louis, St. Louis City, and a population of 350000.
    History: the earliest is Indian life place, 1541 Spanish first set foot here, settled in 1682 French here to open up wasteland, in 1803 the United States government from the hands of the French bought Missouri, 1821 August 10, Missouri as the 24th state was incorporated into the federal.
    Economic survey
    Economic indicators: 2011 Missouri GDP $2495, twenty-second U.S. 50 states, accounting for 1.67% of the proportion of the United States GDP. GDP41513 per capita.
    Trade: 2011 Missouri's largest export market is Canada, achieved a total export amount of $43 billion, accounting for about 30% of total exports of Missouri; secondly exports are Mexico, $14 billion, 1.2 billion dollars in China, South Korea 6 billion Japanese 5.9 billion. Exports to China's main product is waste products, machinery and equipment, chemicals, mining, food, computer products, agricultural products and so on.
    Agriculture: main products are soy (soya bean oil, soy protein, soybean meal and other), maize (corn syrup and ethanol gasoline, feed), dairy products (whey, protein powder, raw dairy products, etc.), animal feed raw materials, additives, cotton (transgenic cotton output is high), grape wine, etc.
    Animal husbandry: pig, cattle, chicken, Turkey farming and meat processing.
    Biotechnology: Missouri is the world leader in animal health and Plant Sciences, and animal health industry occupies 32% of the world's market share. More than 5 people in the state are committed to biological sciences, Saint Louis city is the world's largest plant scientists work, live, research.
    New energy: wind power in the United States, and has a variety of new energy sources, including wind, solar, etc.. Photovoltaic industry professionals in Missouri ranked sixth in the United States, and each year there will be more than 4000 engineering graduates, thus ensuring the sustainable development of the industry.

    Missouri is the hometown of the famous American writer (Mark Twain 1835-1910,) and the story of (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
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