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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
To study in the United States from the application to study in the three stages of the list of study fees, I hope to help you all:
Upfront cost 1) Language examination registration fee:
TOEFL - 1761 yuan, IELTS - 1960 yuan, GRE - 1456 yuan, GMAT - 1725 yuan.
And the cost of this language exam is rising year by year.
Xiaobian feels that IELTS is about to break through 2000 oceans.
It's just the cost of an exam.
For those students who can't always brush their grades, more money will be spent.
2) Language examination training fees:
More and more applicants, especially those with unsatisfactory language proficiency, are keen to apply for various language tutoring classes.
These small classes, 1V1 teaching fees are not expensive, from 2W to 6W prices.
Therefore, Xiaobian here also advises students, in the registration of the examination counseling intermediary must wipe their eyes, choose the most suitable organization for you.
3) Achievement certification fees:
From the application situation in 2017, more and more American colleges and universities require certification of international students, especially Chinese students (possibly a little more Chinese students have falsified their grades).
Apart from the fact that East Asian cultural studies do not require performance certification, almost all other arts majors have individual schools that need performance certification.
Achievement certification includes both Chinese and American certification.
The total cost is about RMB 2000.
If additional order certification report is required, the fee of about 200 RMB will also be charged.
4) Mailing costs:
Many schools require students to send their transcripts, certificates of study, or diplomas to schools.
At this time, we need to pay for express delivery.
Basically, the international express fee of a school is about 200 RMB.
Take the applicants in Beijing for example, the small edition generally recommends DHL or FedEx, or EMS, which can be mailed to the United States in three to five days.
Medium-term cost 1) net application fee Few schools in the United States are exempt from application fees.
Common schools that don't require application fees are the University of Pennsylvania School of Education, which is free until March 14, and Carnegie Mellon University, Northeast University and Vanderbilt University, which do not require online application fees.
But in most cases, each school's online application fee ranges from 50 to 100 dollars, and individual schools have 125 dollars, such as UCLA.
Many art majors will submit their works to the Internet.
The online application fee is about 10 to 20 knives.
If you apply for 8 schools, the online application fee is actually a large number.
2) Distribution fee Sending points is an essential part of applying for graduate students in the United States.
TOEFL score is 134 RMB per school, GRE score is 27 RMB per school.
The fee will be waived for the first 5 shares of IELTS score in the validity period of 2 years.
Starting from the sixth share of the transcript, the handling fee is RMB 60 yuan per copy.
Candidates can also pay a surcharge of RMB 40 yuan per copy of the emergency service to enjoy the emergency service.
Later cost 1) I20 postage When students apply for I20, many schools will choose express or ordinary mail.
If they choose international express, they will pay a certain express fee, which is about $65. 2) visa fee After getting the I20, you have to pay 160 dollars for the visa to make an appointment.
3) SEVIS costs SEVIS fees are paid to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to ensure that students have a legal status to study in the United States.
After getting the I20, the students know that their SEVISID needs to pay the fee, a total of 200 knives.
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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions
    Bulannuo located in Texas, Texas, population ninth, is the world headquarters of many large companies, such as Ericsson, pizza hut.
    The city is considered to be one of the most livable city in the western United States, is also the richest city in the United states.
    2010 and 2011, Forbes magazine for two consecutive years will be listed as the most secure cloth Lannuo city in the United States has a population of more than 25 million in the city.
    Bulannuo has an area of 3700 acres of public parks, providing 40 miles recreational trails for visitors in addition, and 6 entertainment center, 3 81 is a public golf course, tennis courts, provides sports facilities for tourists and local residents.
    The city is also known as the "Texas hot air balloon festival once a year," the grand clinking, colorful balloons dress up the sky, to attract a lot of hot air balloon enthusiasts to participate.
    In addition to enjoy every kind of hot air balloon performances, activities will be held during the fireworks and other activities to bring more surprises for visitors.
    Plano is a shopping paradise, with more than 70 shopping centers, in addition, there are many boutique shops, a superb collection of beautiful things commodity dazzling, put it down.
    Reason: one of the most livable city in the western United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    Attractions: city of Plano [Plano]

    Houston children Museum As the name suggests, the Houston children's Museum is located in Texas, Houston, the first impression is the "big", the area of 7700 square meters.
    Since the Museum opened in 1992, has experienced a steady development, set up the early childhood education project, and many interactive innovation, inspire children lifelong learning and exploration enthusiasm.
    Houston children's Museum attracts more than about 75 million tourists come here to visit, making it become one of the most popular American young children's Museum.
    The suitable object of Houston children's Museum is 0 to 12 year old children, where children can create a sink, regatta in the stream, or play in the spacious spa area;
    also can apply for a "debit card" in the automatic teller machine to the store, and then complete the chef, police and artist to work "pay back the money".
    children under the age of two can choose "little paradise", there are simple stairs, ball, mirror, bells for kids to play in the first step, many children are here to take their life.
    Houston children's Museum is yearning and love of children, inside a variety of exhibits and activities with children in the play, but we can learn a lot of knowledge, every weekend or holidays are often overcrowded.
    children 's Museum of Houston
    Reason: the most popular American children's Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, state: Texas [Texas State]
    Houston city attractions: [Houston]

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