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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
About living expenses Tuition If you go to the United States to study, the biggest and most critical part of the cost is tuition.
For American business graduates, the average credit is about 1300 - 1700, and tuition fees vary according to different schools, or may exceed this range.
According to the one-year projects we often apply for, most of the credits are concentrated in 30-36 credits.
Knowing these two data, we can basically know the approximate cost of tuition.
At the same time, the tuition fees of public universities are generally lower than those of private universities.
In the case of financial schools we often apply for, the annual tuition fee at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is about $66,500, while that at Rochester University is about $77,000, while that at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is about $42,000.
Hotel expense For international students, accommodation is absolutely a big expense in the process of studying abroaD.This part of the cost varies greatly depending on location and accommodation, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Students'expenditure in this area will fluctuate considerably, which can be considered comprehensively according to personal preferences and family affordability.
Insurance cost Generally speaking, the school will insure the students.
The cost of one year's insurance is about $2,500.
This cost basically covers all basic medical care.
If you have other needs, such as dental insurance, then you need to calculate additional costs.
Catering expenses Generally speaking, schools provide meal plans, which students can eat in the school canteen after ordering.
But one thing to point out is that this meal plan is not compulsory, and students are free to choose whether to order or not.
Many schools will also have in-school restaurants, Subway, for example.
I strongly recommend that you study subway English ordering in advance.
Generally speaking, the cost of a meal is about $15-30.
At the same time, people can also buy their own food and cook, which is relatively much cheaper.
Car Purchase + Gasoline + Insurance Considering the reality of the United States, students will buy a car for themselves when they go to study abroad, and it is more convenient for them to get in and out.
Considering the short time of graduate students themselves, young monks can consider buying a used car.
Not only is it economical, but it's also easier to give up when you graduate.
The cost of buying a car is also very different.
Four, five, or even six figures depend on individual needs.
In addition, car insurance ranges from $150 to $300 a month.
To sum up, the above is about the three stages of studying in the United States from application to study, the list of expenses related to the introduction, I hope to give you students to study in the United States to point out the confusion.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    Starting from Beijing, Japan turn to the sunshine of california Santiago.
    Airport Garden Plants consisting of San Diego welcome here looks lovely words.
    come to an appointment at home, AIRBNB website has a very homestay for your choice, leave the bustling Santiago downtown, living in the vicinity of the University city residential area seems easier to integrate into local life, there is a benefit that is from the coast near.
    The typical American style villa is better than the hotel feel better?

    came to Santiago pack up the first thing is to the supermarket!
    Santiago has a lot of supermarket chain, VANS, WAL-MART, the first station to take the principle of proximity, choose WAL-MART.
    To eat, to the United States, came to california, must drink milk, yogurt Dakoutaikou, Dakoudakou drops to eat fruits, eat dried fruit, because there is no where here than milk, fresh fruit nutrition.
    In addition, the california almond nuts for having heard it many times will not miss!
    TIPS: buy cherry is genetically modified (the United States this point to do a very professional, all fruits are numbered, 4 is the beginning of genetically modified food, at the beginning of the 9 is organic, other sources can be found in the online number, genetically modified food, of course cheaper than organic, such as cherry, organic should be around $5.6 a pound, two GM for supermarket membership card to buy $1.98 a pound ~ ~ this is the difference, to eat is the same, many Americans buy GM eat) Just want to say that this figure is very cheap, L'OREAL is placed in the supermarket.
    [University of california at San Diego]

    UcSD (University of california at San Diego) is a young university, the school is all about modern atmosphere, but it did not conceal his strong academic atmosphere, whether it is in the library, or in the bus station, or even on the bus, you will see the students concentrate on their studies, the modernization of the rich the teaching resources are countless students yearning, and a beautiful campus, all kinds of delicious, study here is simple, you only need to prepare two things: money, to move the brain.
    A number of UcSD Library in the landmark building is the most beautiful, one of the ten largest library in the world the most peculiar.
    The movie inception of the viewfinder.
    His style is a tree, a tree of knowledge.
    Love is the tree ~ ~ like a broccoli Applied Physics and mathematics building, beautiful building center burger school price king, panda price, subway Balabala fast food, not one above.
    Here is a buffet ~~~~7.5 knife dining house / A [black beach]

    UcSD Black Beach (in the Northwest can walk ~ ~ but the best in UcSD bus station to do 101 to be better, to go so far, to the other side and to the bottom of the cliff to the beach) listen to the name to know where the beach sand is black, but most people did not come in order to his soft volcano like sandy beach, but because there is a nude beach.
    I believe that not intentionally shot up!
    But the funny thing is that American body mosaic is actually pink!
    [Sea World]

    The world's largest marine theme park, to perform here before I heard the killer whale last year, the death of one and 1 animal directly linked, came here, found in Santiago Ocean Park to protect the marine animal concept should be scientific, advanced and perfect and many more popular than domestic TIPS: buy online ticket is the cheapest way to about $50 (weekday tickets), weekend tickets will be expensive around $15. What the buffet can also buy on the website.
    Is still rude and delicious, you will find a good food and no area is much more expensive in the United states.
    "Sun" sea lion skin swarthy Want to grab the fish of the sea lions not only what species of seabirds Turtle.
    This is a treasure of the San Diego sea world!
    The size of a Mercedes SMART rare turtle?
    The white whale.
    Do not see the legend of the white whale spit bubbles.
    compared to the domestic marine Museum, San Diego Sea World Museum is a great advantage of Moby Dick arrogant, and buddy!
    The white whale Museum, wanted to run a lap chasing whale can get a little physical stamina.
    The only thing in the world is killer whale (cannibal whale, the performance of the local killer whales).
    Put sea world in animal protection propaganda film SD before opening.
    Not only the maintenance of marine animal park, around SD and even the protection and assistance to cA around the Pacific Ocean have contributed to the wild animal!.
    Here is not only the marine animal and entertainment facilities, there are many wonderful show can watch.
    Self driving buddy do not consider at the end of last night don't miss show, plus the advance in the door and showed good map and schedule, to arrange their travel!
    Look, this animal and man is equal, not only will the animal show, here's performance is also very good, [Old Town]

    Located in the centre of SD's old town is a fun historic city, early Spanish colony, now is a good place to eat authentic Mexican food in Santiago.
    There are many interesting shops and restaurants in old town, there are a lot of Museums, are interested in shopping all day long enough.
    Rough to eat, in a shop to buy Handmade cigar cigars.
    A cigar store name forgotten, but the old town should only have a so large have a sense of history of the cigar store.
    ~ ~ ~ Address: 2383 San Diego Avenue old town is a transportation hub, bus and trolley have docked here.
    [Midway carrier Museum + victory kiss + colorado coronade]

    tour suggestions Santiago is a military aircraft carrier of the United States, Midway Islands is a symbol of the United States navy.
    The military is not interested in the buddy outside visit is good.
    There is no need to visit.
    Have student tickets for about $15. ~ ~ ~ ~ Sit in a station near trolley.
    Seemingly every piece of no tickets are not the same, if you choose to visit ~ must take their own tickets and the corresponding plane a picture is interesting.
    Internal warships: Reproduction of American soldiers in a corner.
    From the aircraft carrier Museum, you can walk to the kiss of victory Victory kiss.
    This is a very romantic story.
    Then when Japan surrendered, a victory 1 held in New York's Times Square, a beautiful Miss American soldier excited kiss me, this scene was captured, a photographer Alfred Eisentaedt, commemorate the victory of World War II mark.
    After many years, the beautiful girl was found, but the excited boy is still a mystery.
    In addition, the aircraft carrier is overlooking the kiss coronado Island Super beautiful island, there are many beautiful hotels on the island, which is the most famous, hotel de coronado, there are also many touching stories, please Baidu.
    From the aircraft carrier Museum (ferry landing) to do direct ferry to the island of colorado, can be found on the Internet at the ferry.
    Take the ferry ship it is not recommended to buy a round.
    trip ticket, come back when you can do the bus on the island (go by bus if the time is not good to control, often because of traffic jam, the bus) can pass through the colorado bridge to downtown, great scenery along the way!
    The island of colorado every Sunday and free concert.
    Want to go to the hotel de coronado buddy please rent a bike, because it was really far away from the ferry terminal.
    The island can be seen everywhere exquisite dessert Don't see the big apple!
    By 10 Americans welcome a knife.
    Jolla cove&La Jolla [La shore]

    This is the two different places, in the La Jolla Shore can see the wild sea lions, good luck can also see the dolphins.
    In addition, the local people love from here to the beach near the sea diving in the cave to see young sharks.
    Imagination is always good, but when you really want to close it, one of the original wild will make you feel afraid, in addition, foul stench is not an ordinary person can tolerate.
    [Balboa Park]

    Balboa Park This is a famous collection of San Diego, Baroque style, Gothic architecture and cultural Park, the park without a ticket.
    The park also has some interesting magnificent Museums can be visited, of course some Museums are free of charge (the Museum exhibition information.
    [Mormon Temple]

    Mormon mormon: The church of Jesus christ of latter 1 (The church of Jesus christ of Latter-day (Saints) for the early translation of Jesus christ 1 church) is a branch of christian sects movement, but its content and different christian beliefs are different, but generally more often with folk Mormonism (Mormon) name of the informal.
    The English referred to as common LDS, namely "late 1" Latter Day Saints "English.
    The church is a late 1 sports development of the largest and most a sect known, and that the church is the restoration of primitive christianity Before the focus on Mormon is not much, just to attract Mormon white church Walk for half an hour around the temple to see the door, is actually Front Gate!
    Is this low-key luxury connotation?
    The biggest auto [outlets]

    Palm Springs shopping center in the western United States rice, magic is located in the hinterland of the desert, from the cool wet Santiago car arrived at dry hot Palm Springs shopping center 2 hours or so, the climate reversal did not affect a gas shopping desires!
    TIPS: the brand is full, discounts are also many activities, it is best to do your homework before you go, you can download the shopping area map on the official website, want to buy the brand plan well in advance.
    In addition, can be registered members on the Internet, SMS service center to receive coupons in poverty.
    The service center will launch for Mastercard, visa bank card consumption quota receive gifts activities, we must advance attention!
    Love you like Santiago?.
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