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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Among them, the preparatory courses of "Marco Polo" and "Turandot" projects of the Italian government have recently officially landed in China and attracted much attention from parents.
It is understood that with the scores of domestic specialists and above, we have entered the world-class universities in Italy to realize the "dream of world famous schools" of many salaried families.
The ability to master a foreign language and a small language is warming up quietly.
With the economic globalization, it will be difficult to win in the fierce competition for employment if only one foreign language is mastereD.Therefore, more and more Chinese students choose to study in small-language countries such as Italy and Spain.
Experts at http:
liuxue360.com/, the Italian Overseas Studies Network, said that if you want to learn pure Italian, you have to be willing to learn it.
Especially those who just graduated from high school, you can not only learn professional knowledge in the country's universities, but also master Italian proficiently and speak Spanish at the same time.
Italy, however, is attracting more and more Chinese students because of its low cost of studying abroad but its high quality of education.
According to reports, senior high school students who intend to study through the Marco Polo program only need to achieve college entrance exam results above the specialty line.
The Italian government arranges to enter the country's public universities and obtain A2 Italian level to obtain a desirable study visa.
The major of design and architecture is a strong point.
Many famous schools can offer scholarships.
Europe is one of the concentrated places of academic research and higher education in the worlD.Many countries have world-class famous schools.
The level of teaching in Italy is also first-class in Europe.
According to experts from the Italian Overseas Studies Network (http:
liuxue360.com/), since July 2005, Italy and the Ministry of Education of China signed an agreement on mutual recognition of academic qualifications, many domestic students have come to Italy to study.
It is understood that the Undergraduate System in Italy is three years, the master's degree is two years, and the doctor's degree is three years or more, which is basically similar to that in China.
Italy's most specialized majors include design, architecture, aesthetics and musiC.After graduation, students are often unemployeD.In terms of scholarships, the universities of Milan, Rome and Tranto offer scholarships to Chinese students.
In addition, the Italian Ministry of Health also offers scholarships to young Chinese scholars to study in excellent colleges in Italy.
At present, Chinese students studying in Italy are rarely refused visas.
As long as students decide on their professional orientation, which city to go to and which university to choose among 78 Italian public universities before going to Italian universities, they will be able to travel easily.
The cost of studying abroad is much lower than that in Britain and the United States, which does not constitute an economic burden on families.
Since the Italian government has taken education as a non-profit industry so far, the government has adopted a unified tuition-free policy for both domestic and international students.
The cost of studying in Italy is only about one third of the cost of going to Britain, the United States, Australia and Canada.
Students participating in the Marco Polo Program are free of tuition fees to study in Italy.
According to different policies of universities, students pay registration fees ranging from 500 to 1000 euros a year, and the annual cost of living, accommodation and other expenses is about 4000 euros, which translates into about 560,000 yuan, saving 2/3 of the cost of studying in English-speaking countries such as Britain and the United States.
Such a low cost is affordable to most families, and students can go out to work during the University period, the family basically has no financial burden.
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