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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
We know that Europe is one of the world's centres of academic research and higher education, and many countries have world-class prestigious schools.
Italy, with its unique climate, scenery and artistic cultural background, exudes endless charm of studying abroad, and gradually becomes one of the destinations that students yearn for and pay attention to.
The overall level of development of Italian universities is very balanced, and each has its own characteristics.
Rigorous style of study and high quality of teaching are the fundamental reasons why Italian education can go to the world.
The main advantages and costs of studying abroad in Italy are as follows:
One of the advantages is that the humanistic background has a long history.
As we all know, Italian universities are particularly important in European universities, because Italy is the pioneer of modern educational universities in Europe.
Italy's university education system has had a "world-class" impact on the university education system in Europe and the worlD.Like other European universities, Italian universities are very old but energetiC."Old bottles of new wine" can be said to be a true portrayal of Italian universities.
According to American. com, new majors and new colleges are rooted, sprouted and thrived in Italian universities.
The University of Bologna, the University of Rome and the Milan University of Technology in Italy are among the world's top universities.
Italian universities with a long-standing humanistic background are one of the main advantages for Chinese students to choose to study in Italy.
Second advantage:
free tuition in public schools So far, Italian universities have retained their traditions and do not view education as a profitable industry.
The annual registration fee for foreign students is RMB 0.
With this item alone, Chinese students studying in Italy can save $15-20,000 per person per year.
Over the past four years, they can save a total of $60,000-80,000 in tuition fees.
For ordinary Chinese families and Chinese students abroad, this is not an ordinary expenditure.
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