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What are the costs of studying in private boarding high schools in the United States?
Because of the different nature of schools, quite a number of church schools are relatively cheap; because of economic differences, generally speaking, the cost of living (boarding) in the Northeast and the West is relatively high, and the cost of schools in the Midwest will be relatively cheap.
Generally speaking, schools that spend about 40,000-45,000 a year are common.
Parents and friends must plan their children's study abroad in advance according to the cost of studying in the United States.
Tuition Fees for Studying at Private Boarding High Schools in the United States American high schools are divided into public and private ones.
Public high schools in the United States are funded by the government for local students at no coSt.American law stipulates that public high schools in the United States are only allowed to accept short-term foreign exchange students.
The statutory maximum time limit is one year, after which they must return home.
At present, some public high schools can also provide F1 visas for international students, but they can only stay in public high schools for one year and must transfer to private high schools after one year.
International students are required to pay tuition fees to attend public high schools, but the fees are very cheap.
The average tuition fee is tens of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.
Private high schools in the United States are subordinate to private institutions or religious groups and are funded by the private sector for local or foreign students.
International students applying for a private high school can study for a long time on a F1 visa until they graduate from high school and enter university.
Private high schools can be divided into church high schools and non-church high schools.
Church secondary schools, as its name implies, are funded by the Church, rather than by other social groups or private funded schools.
In terms of tuition fees, the tuition fees of ecclesiastical day schools are usually 60% of those of non-ecclesiastic schools.
For example, in the northeast, the tuition fees of non-ecclesiastic schools are between $25,000 and $35,000, while those of ecclesiastical schools are between $7,000 and $13,000 (tuition fees have risen in recent years, which is about $2,000 higher).
) Secondly, tuition and fees for studying abroad in private boarding high schools in the United States American high school miscellaneous expenses generally include book fees, medical insurance fees, extracurricular activities fees and so on.
According to different schools, the miscellaneous expenses are also different.
Generally speaking, medical insurance fees are between $500 and $1000; book fees are between $500 and $800; extracurricular activities fees are about $300 to $1000.
3. Living expenses for studying abroad in private boarding high schools in the United States American high school living expenses mainly include accommodation and other living expenses.
Because of their different accommodation conditions, private high schools in the United States are divided into boarding middle schools and day-to-day middle schools.
The accommodation and living expenses of boarding middle schools and day-to-day middle schools are slightly different.
Boarding school accommodation fees are usually included in tuition fees, and there is no specific quota, but generally boarding school accommodation fees will account for 20-30% of the total tuition fees, ranging from about $12,000 to $18,000 per school year.
The cost of boarding families in day-to-day secondary schools varies from $600 to $1300 per month depending on their geographical location and accommodation conditions.
The cost of accommodation in school year ranges from $5400 to $1170 (the definition of school year generally refers to nine months, during which school holidays require closure.
If students do not choose to return home, they also need to pay for meals and accommodation outside school during that period of vacation.
Generally speaking, we can find short-term accommodation families, or find students and teachers'families for short-term lodging.
If there are families around that need to learn Chinese, there may be free accommodation opportunities.
The cost of living for studying in the United States does not vary as much as the cost of accommodation.
Normally, the cost of food, clothing, housing and transportation for students does not vary greatly from state to state.
It's usually about $6,000 to $8,000 a year.
In big cities, like New York, Boston and San Francisco, the cost of living is also higher.
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